Wednesday April 25 - Barnes Committee's Full Pipeline, Eigel Scorched Senate Floor, GOP Moves in House 11

Full Pipeline for Barnes Committee

The House Investigative Committee is expected to issue a report on The Mission Continues donor list next week.

They had started taking evidence concerning the alleged crime weeks ago.  Their evidence was augmented greatly last week by Attorney General Josh Hawley sharing his office’s evidence.

But this won’t be the end for the Committee.

They have a number of additional questionable activities to investigate. One building denizen describes the never-ending bag of sketchiness as matryoshka dolls.  After the Committee opens one, they find another.  For example, with their report outlining how the Greitens campaign came to possess TMC donor list will comes questions of the accuracy of the governor’s MEC guilty plea.

Meanwhile, the Confide app usage and potential destruction of the public records has resurfaced again as a potential line of inquiry, as well as whether any official resources were used on the governor’s personal behalf in dealing with the scandals.

And according to one knowledgeable source, a new nugget – that the governor’s Innsbrook home was paid for by an LLC – is also raising eyebrows.

What It Means

The scandal-plagued situation is the new normal.  Greitens won’t resign, and there’s no end in sight to the investigations.

We have a governor who can’t face the press because he can’t answer questions about the various investigations swirling around him.  Is a virtual governor – operating exclusively via Facebook, Twitter, and undisclosed photo-ops – a sustainable enterprise?  The answer appears to be: Yes.  But it’s not an executive branch that impacts the agenda at all.  It’s an organization running at 10-20% capacity with low morale, and little purpose beyond the chief executive’s political survival.


For those keeping score at home.  There are still more calls for resignations trickling in now, even months into this mess.  I recently added Reps. Cora Faith Walker and Sue Meredith to the list I’ve been keeping.  And the House Republican signatures for a special session is now over 90.


About That Money…

If Governor Eric Greitens is impeached, one lobbyist wonder what would become of the $2.5+ million in his campaign war-chest.  “Hey here’s a thought: perhaps an ethics law the MOLeg could pass is that if you are impeached you must refund the money rather then send to a dark money non-profit…”


House Drama

Rep. Peter Merideth writes angrily on his Facebook: [Rep. Bruce Franks] had an amendment… [Rep. Shane] Roden then raised his hand and offered an amendment to the amendment, which he repeatedly claimed just “changed the word ‘may’ to ‘shall’” in the naming of the title of the Act. He flat out lied about the amendment when he offered it, and responded to Rep Sarah Unsicker’s questioning to say it’s really just a “technical amendment” — trying to sneak by the fact that it actually deleted Bruce’s amendment entirely. I then inquired and asked, “Am I correct in reading that your amendment actually deletes the underlying amendment entirely?” He responded with a smirk, “Oh, is that what it does? Hm...”

One lobbyist sums it up: “It was a cluster.  Rep. Nick Marshall came running into the chamber and called Roden a liar. The Roden amendment passed on a roll call… Franks closed on his amendment (which no longer had his language in it) by saying Roden lied on the floor and the body rewarded that behavior by voting based on how the Speaker voted without reading the bill or even being aware of the situation…  I've been at this for more than 15 years. I've only seen one other time when someone lied about the content of an amendment.”


Eigel on a Warpath

Hell hath no fury like a tax reformer scorned.  Sen. Bill Eigel upset the normal course of Senate business yesterday as he – along with Sens. Denny Hoskins and Rob Schaaf – exacted some revenge on members of the Senate’s Fiscal Oversight Committee in retaliation for killing his tax reform bill.  He killed an amendment from Sen. Jay Wasson, and a bill from Sen. Mike Cunningham.  “This is not how I prefer to do business,” Eigel intoned on the Floor.

Meanwhile, lobbyists were busy speculating how the disruption could impact Senate leadership races in November.

What It Means

There’s the holy grail of a “functioning Senate,” and the accompanying hand-wringing when things go askew.  But it seems to me – after ten plus years of watching it – this is how the Senate functions.  Mini-eruptions followed by tough conversations.


Eigel’s “filibuster book” at the ready is “Wealth of States” co-authored by Rex Sinquefield and Travis Brown.


House 11 GOP Consolidating

The House 11 HRCC-recruited candidate Jeff Penland withdrew Monday and is throwing his support behind Brenda Shields.  The current (term-limited) Rep, Galen Higdon, is Shields’ treasurer.

Shields still faces two Republican opponents, but it signals the start of a Republican coalescing behind Shields.  She’s considered their strongest and best chance to hold this Dem-leaning district in a tough election year.


Razer’s New Bagman

Matt Dameron, the treasurer for the KC mayor’s committees and other big civic PACs, is now the treasurer for Rep. Greg Razer’s committee also.

This is a subtle indication that the business folks are supportive of whatever comes next for Razer.  What’s next? Maybe a state senate run in his future….


Zahnd Before the High Court

The Supreme Court of Missouri has scheduled one docket of cases for oral argument next week.

Included on the May 1 docket, the Court is scheduled to hear SC96939, In re: Eric G. Zahnd, a disciplinary case involving a Platte County attorney.


Vicker’s Memorial Service

Civil rights lawyer Eric Vicker’s Memorial Service will be this Saturday at Brittany Woods Middle School, 8125 Groby Road, University City 63130, from 1:00PM – 3PM.


New Committees

Khalil Mumin formed a candidate committee (Khalil Abdul Mumin For Mo Hd 66) to run for House 66 as a Democrat.

Floyd Blackwell formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Floyd Blackwell State Rep 73Rd District) to run for House 73 as a Democrat.

Paula Brown formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Paula Brown) to run for House 70 as a Democrat.


Today’s Events

Health Care for All Lobby Day at the Capitol.

MO Electric Cooperatives Fish Fry – South Lawn Capitol – Noon.

Happy Hour Fund Raiser for Mark Osmack (Dem, CD-2) at Naked Vine, Chesterfield MO – 5:30PM.

Meet & Greet with Mike Walter (Dem, House 95) at Oakville Sportspub – 5PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Willis added National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Jason Zamkus added Lathrop Gage Consulting LLC, and Association of Missouri Electrical Cooperatives.

Salvatore Panettiere added Extenet Systems, Inc.

Charles Ballard deleted Agape Boarding School.


$5K+ Contributions

Conservatives United for Missouri PAC - $20,000 from Magruder Paving, LLC.

Find The Cures - $27,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.

Missourians for Patient Care - $125,000 from Missourians for Patient Care.



Happy birthday to Rep. Ingrid Burnett, and Lauren Gepford.