Monday, June 4, 2018: Willard, Alferman, Aubuchon to Join New Admin? - Special Session on LG? - SBOE Appts Coming? and more...

Rumorville: Willard to be Parson COS

I haven’t seen official word, but there’s no doubt in the talk that Aaron Willard will be Governor Mike Parson’s chief of staff.  One source explained that Willard was interviewing other potential administration staffers last week.

Willard currently works at the Public Service Commission, staffing Commissioner Ryan Silvey, and also works on the pro-Josh Hawley SuperPAC Missouri Rising Action.

Before that, he was in DC at the Department of Commerce, after helping run the Trump campaign in Missouri.

Willard also was chief of staff to Steve Tilley during his tenure as House Speaker.  Tilley is said to have the ear of Governor Parson due to their long relationship going back to serving together in the House.


Alferman to Join Parson Staff

Word is circulating that Rep. Justin Alferman will be resigning soon to take a position in the Parson Administration. Alferman is expected to become Parson’s legislative director.

It’s a bit of a surprise because Alferman is vice-chair of the House Budget Committee.  He’d be in line to take over the gavel of that powerful committee after Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick reaches his term-limit.

However it makes sense in that Alferman is well-liked and has proven himself as much as nerdy policy wonk as there is in building.  So the job looks to be a good fit.


Kyle Aubuchon will join Alferman on Parson’s legislative staff.  Aubuchon is currently a staffer for Congressman Jason Smith.  Before that Aubuchon was Sen. Doug Libla’s chief of staff.


Erdman to Stay On

I am told that Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann will be staying on in the Parson Administration.

This is a shocker because Erdmann – through no fault of his own – came to symbolize the downside of an “outsider” governor.  His appointment made Greitens look like a governor so disinterested in governing that he turned over “running” the state to this newly created position.  Then the Greitens press secretary ludicrously promised Erdmann would be saving the state “hundreds of millions of dollars.

However I am told that legislative leaders found Erdmann’s work promising and went to bat for him, telling Parson that he should let Erdmann finish the various projects he’s started.


Parson to Move FAST on SBOE and Ethics Boards

Looks for Governor Parson to make appointment announcements sooner than you might expect on some high-profile boards like the State Board of Education and the Missouri Ethics Commission.

One source says that groups have already submitted names to his office of the Education Board.  Another mentioned the possibility of appointing folks who were previously well-vetted.  With the possibility that the Board may move its June meeting back to the end of the month, the guess now is that Parson will appoint a working majority by that meeting.


One source says that Parson is hoping to quickly get a most of his staffing figured out, as well as these important appointments, so that he can pivot this summer to helping Missouri Republicans in the mid-term elections.


Barky Takes Reins of Re-elect Campaign

David Barklage will be the general consultant for Governor Mike Parson’s re-election campaign.  Scott Dieckhaus will also be assisting.

These are two big names in Missouri Republican politics and it punctures the rumor that Parson will simply finish the term and ride off into the sunset.


Rumorville: Special Session for LG Fix?

The current raging debate about whether governor Mike Parson has the ability to appoint a lieutenant governor, has given birth to a rumor: that Paron is considering calling the legislature in for a special session to dispel any confusion.  He’d ask the legislature to writing a law explaining how the LG vacancy is to be resolved.

The rumor is that this would happen concurrent with veto session so as to accommodate everyone’s pre-existing scheduled, and minimize the costs.


Mike Wolff writes on the situation here: Article 4, sec. 11(a) of the Missouri Constitution provides for an order of succession when there is a vacancy in the office of governor. If there is no lieutenant governor, the order of succession skips to the president pro tempore of the senate, the speaker of the house, the secretary of state, the state auditor, the state treasurer and the attorney general, respectively.

The meaning of this provision seems to be that it is not essential to have a lieutenant governor. The governor, in whom the constitution vests the state’s executive power, presumably can assign the lieutenant governor’s executive duties to others in the executive branch. As for the lieutenant governor’s legislative role as presiding officer of the senate, the senate can, and often does, function without the lieutenant governor as its presiding officer, although there would be no tie-breaking vote.

But given that a lieutenant governor on occasion becomes governor, should the law provide for the people to elect a successor?


About Greitens’ Campaign Committee

One MOScouter tells me that he believes that the $2.5 million Greitens had in the bank on his April report has been greatly diminished.  “The next number will be drastically less… between paying Jeff Roe and Austin Chambers retainer plus the media buys that there is a lot less money left than anyone anticipates… makes me wonder if part of the timing of the resignation was that the money was drying up…”


Honeymoon or Knives

There’s every reason to expect that Governor Parson will enjoy a honeymoon period.  Jefferson City seemed to release a collective exhale of relief that the months-long saga of the continuing investigations is finally wrapping up.  Additionally, the change in style – from macho Seal to humble farmer, from self-righteous lectures to ‘aw schucks’isms – will come as palate-cleansing cold drink of water.

But there’s also been rumors along the way that Team Greitens compiled opposition files on various folks.  And if it’s true, naturally one of them would have been on their possible replacement, Parson.

If such a file exists, will it find its way into the public domain through a series of slow leaks designed to hobble the new governor?  Or would it be held in reserve as the former in-crowd regroups and rallies behind a 2020 primary challenger to Parson?


Help Wanted

Missouri Chiropractic Physicians Association (MCPA) is seeking proposals from qualified organizations/individuals to provide Legislative Lobbyist Services on behalf of the association. In accordance with the Request for Proposals (RFP) the services will include to advocate for and protect current and future rights of Chiropractic Physicians and their patients in the state of Missouri. This goal is built on the rights of all patients to seek care from the physician of their choice, and that each physician may utilize the appropriate method of care that they see fit in accordance with our scope of practice.  See it here.


New Committees

Lloyd Nolan formed a candidate committee (Nolan For State Representative) to run for House

Matthew Heltz formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Matt Heltz) to run for House 121 as a Democrat.

Brenda Jarrett formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Brenda Jarrett Texas County Clerk) to run for Texas County Clerk as a Republican.

Paul Wrabec formed a candidate committee (Paul Wrabec For Jackson County) to run for Jackson County Council as a Democrat.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Patient Care - $25,000 from First Rule.

Fagras for Judge - $25,000 from Michael Fagras.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $5,001 from Friends of Sandy Crawford.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $70,000 from Kansas City Missouri Republican Senate PAC.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $95,000 from Eastern Missouri Senate PAC.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Friends of Mike Cunningham.

Laborers Union Local #42 Voluntary Political Fund - $15,000 from Laborers’ Local No.42.

Advance Missouri - $50,000 from Fair Lines America Inc.

We Are Missouri - $150,000 from United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, AFL-CIO

We Are Missouri - $34,660 from Committee to Protect MO Families.

We Are Missouri - $11,955 from American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.


Lobbyists Registrations

James Gary Sage deleted Economic Development Corp of Kansas City MO.

Becky Dunn deleted State Technical College of Missouri, and Missouri Food Bank Association.

James Harris deleted Delta South Properties LLC, Four Corners Development LLC, Missourians for Quality Health Care Choices, and Historic Revitalization for Missouri.

Joseph Thompson deleted Seiler Instrumental and Manufacturing Co Inc., Arnold & Associates, Hub Inc., J&J Ventures of Missouri LLC, and Redbird Carriers Inc.

Kristi Wyatt deleted Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Edward Watkins deleted Trail’s End.

Edward Greim deleted Office of the Governor, and EDG Legal Inc.

Brad Green deleted Office of The Governor.

Reid Forrester deleted Missouri Department of Labor.

Aaron Baker deleted Dowd Bennett LLP, and Eric Greitens.



Happy birthdays to Ryan Johnson and Melissa Boyd.