MOScout Weekender: Greitens Subpoenaed - Nasser Says Process Not Fair - Five Phones and more...

Greitens Subpoenaed

The House Investigative Committee has subpoenaed Governor Eric Greitens. Post-Dispatch reports “Barnes said the subpoena asks Greitens to testify on June 4, a Monday. One of Greitens' attorneys, Michelle Nasser, told the committee Friday afternoon that she did not know whether Greitens would testify.”

Why He’ll Fight It

I think it’s pretty obvious that Greitens won’t answer questions under oath.  At this point there are so many allegations for which he has to answer, there’s 0% chance he’d sit and Faughn his way through it.


What does Team Greitens do?  Call the committee “unfair.”  Undermine their credibility.  Then they’ll say that’s why the governor won’t answer questions.  Not because of the questions, but because of the questioners.  It’s a tough sell because not one member of this supermajority Republican special committee has ever been found guilty of an ethics violation like the governor, or had any such allegations leveled against them.  Still, you play the cards you’re dealt, and Greitens is not going to answer questions like these….


Questions Greitens Might Be Asked Under Oath

Witness 1 Related

Did you take the picture?  Why did you tell Witness 1 that you deleted the photo? Did you ever threaten Witness 1?  Did you ever slap her?  Have you ever slapped or shoved or restrained another woman? Did you call Witness 1 a “little whore?”  Why did she have to email you to implore you to stop coming into her salon? Did you approve of the way your attorneys treated Witness 1 during depositions? Have you had other extramarital affairs?


Donor List Related

Did you personally cultivate the relationships with all the donors on the Mission Continues donor list?  For what reason did you direct your assistant to send the donor list to campaign advisors? How did The NY Times reporter who donated to TMC end up on your campaign email list? Did you also direct your assistant to extract The Mission Continues’ email list?  Did you routinely use speaking appearances in front of other non-profit, such as Boys State, to harvest email addresses of attendees? If not, then how did former Boys State attendees who never supported your campaign end up on your campaign email list?


False MEC Statement Related

Why is Danny Laub listed as the contributor of the list?  How could he have possibly obtained it?  Your lawyer now defends you by saying, "you built the list. It was your list." If that's the case, how did Danny Laub give it as an in-kind contribution?


Confide Related

How long have you used Confide?  What would be an example of a text you’d want destroyed upon viewing?  How many phones do you use?  What is the purpose of multiple phones?  Did you ever use Confide to communicate KS?  Do you use still Confide to communicate with any members of your staff?


Concealing Donors Related

Do you know what business ELX83 is in?  Do you know anyone related to ELX83? How did ELX83 come to donate to the campaign? Do you know what business White Impala is in? Do you know anyone related to White Impala? How did White Impala come to donate to the campaign?  This line of questioning could extend to a dozen LLCs on Greitens campaign finance reports.  When did you first hear of Seals for Truth? Do you know anyone related to Seals for Truth?  Do you know anyone who contributed to Seals for Truth? How did Seals for Truth come to contribute to your campaign?  Do you thank them for their contribution?  Who did you thank?

Who is LG PAC? What was the genesis of that name? Were Nick Ayers or Austin Chambers involved in its formation or operation? Why was its treasurer making phone calls at a phone bank in your campaign office?

A New Missouri Related

What is the purpose of A New Missouri? Did you ever solicit contributions to A New Missouri?

What is the difference between New Missouri and A New Missouri?  Are you aware of any contributions for “New Missouri” ending up in the “A New Missouri” account? Was Austin Chambers authorized by you to coordinate between A New Missouri, Greitens campaign and state government?  Are you aware of any coordination between A New Missouri, your campaign and state government?  Did you ever promise or grant any donor – or someone in their family – anything in exchange for a 6 donation to A New Missouri?

Misuse of Grant Funds Related

For what reason was Danny Laub paid from John Templeton grant funds?


Late Night Drives Related

When have you recently traveled without your security detail?  Have you traveled out of state without your security detail?  Where have you gone?  Who have you met with?  Did you order them to not travel with you in these circumstances or did you leave without notice?  For what reason would you travel without your security detail?


Nasser Statement

“I was a federal prosecutor for 13 years. I’ve appeared before many judges and have engaged in countless matters with opposing counsel. I have never been treated in such an unprofessional manner as I was today by Chairman Jay Barnes during today’s Committee hearings. Chairman Barnes’s demeaning treatment of me was completely unsolicited and deeply disrespectful… [D]uring an open hearing, I was sitting silently in the audience, and Chairman Barnes yelled at me for several minutes with the cameras rolling.  Chairman Barnes apparently thought I was deserving of his tirade because the Committee was asked to consider exculpatory evidence.  This evidence was presumably included when Chairman Barnes received the Circuit Attorney's entire file, which Ms. Gardner provided in violation of Judge Burlison’s order.

Today's attack on me from the Chairman, his unwarranted accusations against my law partner, the secretive nature of the Chairman's work, and his questionable associations with material witnesses like Scott Faughn should concern us all. This is not a fair process designed to get at the truth.” Michelle Nasser, Legal Counsel to Gov. Eric Greitens


Barnes Moments

Dowd’s “cherry-picked” evidence can’t be trusted.  See it here.

Dowd lied Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  See it here.


Five Phones??

Post-Dispatch reports that “a police detective who examined Gov. Eric Greitens’ phone told a panel of lawmakers Friday there was no evidence of a photograph a woman claims the governor took of her at the start of their 2015 affair.”  See it here.

But the Whaaaaa? moment is here: “the committee determined Greitens had five phone numbers at that time, suggesting that he could have taken a picture with a different device than one examined by Koberna as part of a now-dropped invasion of privacy case against the governor.”

Does remind anyone else of the start of Nelly’s Country Gammar?  Give a listen here.


And Now…

See you Tuesday….