MOScout Daily Update: CMC NO on Kav - Sanders Sentenced - Franks Files Bankruptcy - Trucker Fix? and more...

McCaskill a NO on Kavanaugh

Claire McCaskill statement: “I have been thorough in examining Judge Kavanaugh’s record. And while the recent allegations against him are troubling and deserve a thorough and fair examination by the Senate Judiciary Committee, my decision is not based on those allegations but rather on his positions on several key issues, most importantly the avalanche of dark, anonymous money that is crushing our democracy. He has revealed his bias against limits on campaign donations which places him completely out of the mainstream of this nation…While I am also uncomfortable about his view on Presidential power as it relates to the rule of law, and his position that corporations are people, it is his allegiance to the position that unlimited donations and dark anonymous money, from even foreign interests, should be allowed to swamp the voices of individuals that has been the determining factor in my decision to vote no on his nomination.”

Josh Hawley statement: "Nobody is surprised. Claire McCaskill is now 0 for 6 on Supreme Court nominees since she started running for the Senate 12 long years ago.  She has sided with Chuck Schumer every single time – for liberals and against Missouri. Senator McCaskill has forgotten where she’s from and become just another Washington liberal."

What It Means

Everybody knew how this movie was going to end.  We’re in a base election model.  Fighting for swing voters, and wooing Independents is an out-of-favor method for winning elections.  Instead campaigns are doing their darnest to turnout every vote from their side.


The Kavanaugh situation did provoke this Tweet of the Day ™ from Republican operative John Hancock replying to Jack Danforth’s concern or Kavanaugh’s reputation.  See it here. Don’t worry, Jack. People of “marvelous reputation” can get their good name back even after being unfairly trashed. You taught me that lesson...


Sanders Gets Sentenced

KC Star reports: “A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced disgraced former Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders to 27 months in prison for his role in engineering an illegal kickback scheme with political campaign committees. Sanders also was ordered by Judge Rosann Ketchmark to forfeit $40,000 after pleading guilty earlier this year to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The sentence includes three years of supervised release after Sanders serves at least 23 months in prison. He must report to prison Nov. 5. Sanders admitted to laundering proceeds in political campaign committees that he controlled to pay his income taxes, take trips and build a wine cellar in the basement of his Independence home that he shares with his wife and two sons….”


Bruce Files for Bankruptcy

Post Dispatch reports: “High-profile activist and Missouri legislator Bruce Franks Jr. has filed for bankruptcy. On Monday, Franks submitted documents listing his assets and debts — about one month after he first filed for bankruptcy — to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in St. Louis. In the filing, Franks claims assets of about $20,000 and liabilities of more than $43,000, including a $5,000 student loan he received in July… The bankruptcy filing comes less than a week after Franks had to amend campaign finance reports to reflect thousands of dollars in donations his campaign failed to report in the past… As to the bankruptcy case, Franks claims his sole income is derived from being a state representative: $2,993 a month. Franks' take-home pay is about $1,636 a month, the filing states… Along with clothing and household items, assets that Franks included are a checking account ($947); seven bowling balls ($350) and a 9mm handgun with six boxes of ammunition ($350)…”


Parson Floats Truckers Fix

Kurt Erickson writes that “Gov. Mike Parson is considering changing a key way Missouri enforces the payment of child support in an attempt to address a nationwide shortage of truck drivers. Under state law, a person who hasn’t paid child support for three months can lose their driver’s license or other occupational licenses. But, with the trucking industry scrambling to fill driver jobs, Parson told the Post-Dispatch its time to look at alternatives… Parson did not outline what might replace the loss of a driver’s license as a way to punish child support scofflaws, but said it is something he will look into heading into the 2019 legislative session…”

What It Means

The replacement punishment will have to be pretty tough on the “scofflaws” to be politically palatable.


Remember classic free market devotees yawn at alarmists claiming “shortages.”  Just let the market work it out: wages will rise until the supply meets demand…



Canvassing with Claire McCaskill – 221 W. Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO – 2PM.

David Gregory Reception Tani Sushi Bistro, Clayton – 5:30PM.


New Committees

Citizens For Monetti For Governor was formed.  Its an exploratory committee.  Its treasurer is Adam Singer.

Jennifer Hays formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Jennifer Hays) to run Monroe County Clerk as an Independent.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends Of Jamilah Nasheed - $10,000 from Carpenters Help In the Political Process (CHIPP).

MO Architects PAC - $16,000 from American Institute of Architects of Missouri.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $22,500 from Friends of Phil Christofanelli.