Thursday, September 6, 2018: Budget Hole Emerging?! - McDowell Says No Interviews? - Special Session Proclamation and more...

Budget Hole Emerging?

Ten weeks into the new fiscal year a disturbing trend is impacting state revenue.  Individual income tax receipts are lagging.  In August they declined 1.69% compared to August 2017.  As of the close of business Tuesday, individual income tax receipts were 6.5% lower than a year ago, $64 million less. 

This is surprising considering that the economy is at full employment.  One would expect to see gains in individual income tax receipts.  Furthermore, the stock market remains near highs, and capital gains can sometimes drive tax receipts as well.

And sales tax receipts are still showing growth – up 5.25% over last year at this time.

Perhaps there’s some anomaly to account for this.  But to seeing a hole this size, this early is concerning.


McDowell To Forgo Media Interviews During Campaign?

The News Press fact-checked Saundra McDowell’s claim that the CLEAN Missouri proposal would allow a district in St. Louis to be merged with a district in southwest Missouri.  See it here.  It included this curious passage: “The McDowell campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment, noting that she doesn't intend to take media interviews for approximately 60 days as of Aug. 27.”


McDowell then had this odd exchange with the first-rate Jason HancockSee it here.


Parson Officially Declares Special Session

Governor Mike Parson officially issued a proclamation for a special session to begin at Noon on Monday.  See the proclamation here.  It calls for the legislature to enact legislation requiring DESE to establish the STEM Career Awareness Program as well as developing a policy to allow computer science credits to count as a math credit toward graduation.  The call also asks the legislature to enact “comprehensive reforms to existing drug courts programs, including authorizing the establishment of treatment court divisions.”

Furthermore, the call says that the Senate should consider appointments.


The question on people’s minds if what will the two wildcards do.  Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Rob Schaaf at the end of their Senate tenures. They both love talking on the Senate floor.  Will they burn an hour?  Two hours?  Ten hours?


Small Time Corruption in Small Town Missouri

Auditor Nicole Galloway issued a report (see it here) outlining irregularities in the city of Winona.  “Auditors initially noticed financial discrepancies when reviewing money on hand at city hall and determined over $600 in cash was missing. Additional investigation went back as far as January 2015 and revealed at least $34,000 in cash that was received and documented, but not deposited. In order to prevent detection, unrecorded check payments would be substituted to cover up the missing cash. Additionally, more than $7,000 in utility check payments were recorded in the system, but not deposited. Shortly after missing money was detected by auditors, two large questionable cash deposits totaling $7,700 were made and payments were posted to mostly inactive city utility accounts. According to city officials, the accounts may be of friends and family of the city clerk. During the course of the audit, the State Auditor's Office notified the Missouri State Highway Patrol of the potential theft…”

Winona is represented by Sen. Doug Libla and Rep. Jeffrey Pogue.


No Do-Over in House 102

Post-Dispatch reports that “a St. Charles County judge said on Tuesday he would not order a new primary election in the 102nd Missouri House district, even though one district polling place was closed for 90 minutes on the morning of the August primary.

Republican Bryan Cooper of O'Fallon lost to former state Rep. Ron Hicks, R-Dardenne Prairie, by four votes on Aug. 7. One the Democratic side, Gary Wester lost to John Foster by 13 votes… [B]oth Cooper and Wester had requested a recount. Cooper said Wednesday he was evaluating his options for appeal…”


Kehoe Backs Kavanaugh

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe signed a letter with fellow Republican LGs backing the Supreme Court nomination of Brett KavanaughSee it here.



Congressman Billy Long “auctions” over a protester.  See it here.


Farm Bureau endorsed Tony Luetkemeyer in Senate 34.  See it here.


eMailbag on Unions November Surge / Senate 8

Don't you think that Senate 8 might be more in play as Mike Cierpot is a pro RtW incumbent?



Martin Rucker fundraiser at the home of Scott and Nikki Stern,St. Louis – 5:30PM.

Josh Hawley, featured speaker at the "Rally for Life" at National Safety Compliance, Springfield – 6PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Wm. Randolph Weber added United for Missouri.

Sherry Doctorian deleted Midwest Transport Network.

Ed Rhode deleted Rockwood Asset Management.

Jacob Otto deleted Otto Framing LLC, and Leo Frederick & Associates LLC.

Heath Clarkston, Harry Gallagher, Doug Nelson, and Kurt Schaefer deleted Ciox Health.

Kurt Schaefer, Heath Clarkston, Doug Nelson deleted Avenue Development.


New Committees

HNTB Missouri PAC – Federal Committee was formed.  Its treasurer is Bryan Lambkin.

Express Scripts Inc. Missouri Pac - Federal Committee was formed.  Its treasurer is Timothy Smith.

Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. Political Action Committee (Federal Committee) was formed.  Its treasurer is Gregory Tappana.

Ameren Federal Political Action Committee (Ameren Fedpac) was formed. Its treasurer is Mark Siedband.                      

Missourians For Effective Leadership PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Terry Brady.  Its deputy treasurer is Kim Akin.


$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Citizens for Bruce DeGroot.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $8,000 from Enterprise Holdings Inc PAC. Committee For A Healthy Community - $6,000 from American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

MBA RIVER HERITAGE REGION PAC - $7,376 from Southern Bank.

Find the Cures - $25,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.

MO Opportunity PAC - $10,000 from Anheuser Busch Companies.

Vote For Your Library - $10,000 from Friends of the KC Public Library.



Happy birthdays to Sam Murphey, and Alderwoman Sarah Wood Martin.