MOScout Daily Update: GOP Eyes Ballot Questions - Rex Hearts Trent - Roberts Commissioned - Ross Quarter Preview and more...

GOP To Do List

When the legislature returns this January, near the top of the Republican majority’s agenda will be prepping for the 2020 elections.

·         First, the very top of their wish list will be a new CLEANer ballot question.  This will likely include a total lobbyist gift ban while revising the redistricting process to revert its previous process.

·         But… they will also be looking to pass other ballot issues.  They will not cede the bottom of the ballot to progressive groups which has become astute at using the initiative process to push their agenda – and turnout.

·         Republicans don’t need to spend millions to collect signatures.  Their majorities can place constitutionals amendments on the ballot through legislation.

·         Under discussion are items which are very popular among Republicans (90%+), and largely popular among Missourians (65%) but opposed by many elected Democrats – or make them seem out-of-touch.

·         This is akin to the anti-flag burning amendments from decades past: issues that are common-sense for most Americans, but Democrats’ ACLU brains can’t compute how to support.

·         One likely target: non-citizens.  Look for proposals which would prohibit specific public resources to be spent for the benefit of non-citizens. 


Rex Hearts Trent

Mega-GOP donor Rex Sinquefield will be hosting a fundraiser for Rep. Curtis Trent.  The event will be at Sinquefield’s home later this month, and includes special guests Minority Leader Rob Vescovo and Budget Chair Cody Smith.

See the invite here.

What It Means

·         Since Sinquefield’s first engagement in the political process education reform has been one of his top priorities. Trent is in a tight race with Rep. Dean Plocher for Floor Leader.  Trent is seen as being more aggressive on education. 

·         In House leadership races, fundraising is important.  One observer notes that “this event will solidify Trent’s status as one of the most prolific fundraisers in the caucus.”


Ross: Solid Quarter Coming

In Senate 33, Rep. Robert Ross will report a solid quarter with over $60,000 raised.  One observer actually called it a “monster” quarter because “$50,000 is the new $100,000” given current campaign contribution limits.

Meanwhile look for money also to be on the rise in Team Ross PAC’s account.  That’s the independent expenditure PAC allied with Ross.

Ross is facing Rep. Karla Eslinger and former Rep. Van Kelly in a Republican primary.


Roberts Commissioned

The press release: State Rep. Steve Roberts, Jr., 77th District, was commissioned as a

Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and will continue to serve as a member of the Missouri Air National Guard.  Roberts recently completed Total Force Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. “I am honored for the opportunity the Air National Guard has given me to serve our country and state, in addition to my duties as State Representative,” said Roberts. He has served as a member of the Missouri Air National Guard since January 2018….



·         KCP&L lobbyists are changing their registrations to Evergy.  That’s the name of the new company since they merged with Westar.

·         Former Democratic fundraiser Matt Lieberman has charges dropped against him.  See it here.

·         Reggie Harris is leaving the US Attorney’s office and headed to the private side.  Harris was one of the attorneys prosecuting Steve Stenger.  Does this signal that the investigation is now largely wrapped up?


eMailbag on Faleti

Don't forget about Yinka Faleti's past work with United Way. Likely an incredibly significant set of relationships with high dollar donors that don't always play in politics.


eMailbag: on Term Limits

Perhaps this is a good time to re-mention how much term limits suck. We’re re-educating lawmakers about basic stuff that has been around since the 1800s. Not sure it will ever get fixed, but it sure does make in-depth policy discussions difficult.


New Committees

The Democratic Club Of Queeny And Lafayette Townships was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is John Judy Jr.

Comfort ! was formed.  It’s a candidate committee for Mark Comfort who’s running as a write-in candidate for the House 78 special election next month.

Jean Pretto formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Jean Pretto) to run for House 94 as a Democrat.  Pretto lost to the current incumbent, Rep. Jim Murphy, 51%-49% last year.


Lobbyist Registrations

Rodney Boyd, Kate Casas, Brian Grace and Kelvin Simmons added STL Aviation Group LLC.

Zach Brunnert, Franc Flotron, David McCracken, and Richard McIntosh added United For Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri SMART TD PAC - $13,000 from SMART TD PAC (Ohio).

Missourians for Research and Innovation - $17,900 from James McDonnell.

Mednax Inc PAC Missouri - Federal Committee - $40,000 from Mednax Inc Federal Political Action Committee.



Happy birthdays to Emily Wright, and Pat Conway.