MOScout Daily Update: MO Seeks Pot Consultant - Fast-Track Movin Fast - Jami Gets SEIU - Net Tax Committee Formed and more...

State Seeks Pot Consultant

Missouri is looking to hire someone to provide medical marijuana consulting services.

From the RFP:  The contractor shall assist in establishing a regulatory organization for the Department of Health and Senior Services, Medical Marijuana Program… The contractor should have medical marijuana regulatory experience. Preference shall be given to bidders with medical marijuana experience.

The contractor must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet the project requirements of implementing Medical Marijuana Program in Missouri.

The contractor shall provide project management services to the Department.

The contractor shall establish and document processes for aspects of the medical marijuana program on an as requested basis, which may, include organizational design; business processes and analysis; functional requirements analysis; system analysis and design; workflow; information technology system needs and solutions; communication planning and implementation, alternative solutions; and project deployment planning.

The contractor shall advise the Department on strategies and opportunities for key areas of success. The contractor shall identify areas of risk based on their knowledge of implementing other medical marijuana programs….


Internet Taxation Subcommittee Created

Speaker Elijah Haahr created a subcommittee on Internet Taxation.  Rep. J. Eggleston will chair the new committee.  Haahr also appointed Reps. Phil Christofanelli and Jeffery Justus.  Minority Leader Crystal Quade hasn’t made her appointment yet.  It will report to Ways and Means (Rep. Chrissy Sommer, chair). 

Why It Matters

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Wayfair ruling many states, including Missouri, are considering applying sales tax to internet purchases.  But this new revenue stream is just one of many moving pieces in Missouri’s evolving budget situation; how it serves other priorities may be a good portion of the debate.  The subcommittee may sidestep this fight initially by creating stand alone legislation. 

Keep an eye on the Senate side though.  Sen. Bill Eigel has been a leader on the issue.  His bills pair an internet sales tax with reductions elsewhere in the state tax code to make the overall impact revenue neutral.  Others may want to earmark the new revenue for a specific need – or simply fortify general revenue at a time when it’s a bit wobblily from Trump tax cut.


Driving the Day

The press release: The newly-formed Special Committee on Government Oversight will hold its first hearing (Wednesday, Feb. 13) at noon, or upon morning recess/adjournment, in House Hearing Room 5. The committee is expected to examine issues at the Missouri Department of Revenue.

On the Committee: Rep. Robert Ross (chair), Reps. Nick Schroer, Kip Kendrick, Dirk Deaton, Dan Houx, Peter Merideth, and Rudy Veit.

What It Means

It looks like the tax withholding debacle will get a fresh look from this new committee. Rep. Ross was not timid in the Budget Committee when DOR presented their explanation for the snafu.  Now he has a gavel and a committee full of folks who enjoy asking probing and pointed questions.  We’ll see…


Fast-Track on the Fast-Track

Rep. Kathy Swan’s HB 225 was perfected yesterday.  This is part of Governor Mike Parson’s workforce agenda.  It creates the Fast-Track Workforce Incentive Grant.


Nasheed Gets SEIU

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed picked up the endorsement of SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council and SEIU Healthcare Missouri in her race for President of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen.  The contest is a three-way tug-of-war with some candidates hoping that the other two split an important constituency.  Incumbent Lewis Reed wants Nasheed and Alderwoman Megan Green to split the anti-incumbent vote, or the women vote.  Green needs Nasheed and Lewis to split the African American vote.

What It Means

SEIU won’t bring a lot of money to Nasheed’s campaign, but they can provide volunteers and pour some extra gas on a good ground game. 


Hoskins Introduces Sports Gaming on Senate Floor

Sen. Denny Hoskins introduced his bill to legalize sports wagering in Missouri, SB 44 on the Senate floor.  He spent yesterday’s floor time speaking to various senators about the proposal, as well as his other gaming bill SB 43 which would allow Video Lottery Gaming.

These are not simple issues.  Lots of folks have a lot of questions about the details.  But Hoskins seems to be pacing himself for the marathon, accepting questions and criticisms, knowing he’s in a good place to be on the floor already in February.


There’s been no indication of any hard No votes who would filibuster to kill the bills on principle.  There may be a thousand papercuts along the way, but so far, no huge obstacle to passage.



Governor Mike Parson appointed Larry W. Borts and Derek Poe to the Missouri Propane Safety Commission.

Speaker Elijah Haahr appointed Reps. Kathy Swan and Steven Roberts to the Missouri Arts Council Trust.

Minority Leader Crystal Quade appointed Rep. Chris Carter to the Standing Committee on Economic Development.


New Committees

Forward Kearney was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Andrew Palmer.


Lobbyists Registrations

Matthew Dennis Alsager added Cole County.        

Ron Berry added Jobs with Justice, and SEIU Healthcare Missouri.

Liesl Sheehan added Prolacta Bioscience Inc.

Dave Berry, Travis Brown, Tom Dempsey, Deanna Hemphill, and Tracy King added SRG Global.

Michael Grote added Missouri Scholl Boards’ Association.

Thomas Robbins and Steven Tilley added OPES Commercial Real Estate.

Elizabeth “Liza” Weiss added Missouri Appleseed.


$5K+ Contributions

theLOUpac - $50,000 from Anheuser Busch Companies.



Happy birthday to Jay Nixon, and Rep. Steve Roberts.