MOScout Daily Update: Conservative Caucus Preps Anti-Bonding Proposal - Candidate PACs - Endowment Tax? - Cable vs Streamers and more...

First in MOScout: Jami Hits Reed

In a new TV ad (see it here) Sen. Jamilah Nasheed calls crime her “#1 priority.” The ad features the incumbent, Lewis Reed, saying that crime is not his responsibility, making him look ineffectual on a top issue for city voters. The election is one week from today.


8-Day COH numbers…

Reed: not filed yet.

Nasheed: $129,718

Megan Green: $13,114


Conservative Caucus to Offer Alternative to Bonding

It looks like the governor’s bonding plan will face some resistance in the Senate…

·         Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin writes on Facebook… “This week our Conservative Caucus in the Senate will offer details of a road funding plan that does not involve borrowing money. The plan will provide funding without a tax increase or borrowing. We feel if this can be implemented it will be more beneficial to the state and will avoid the potential $100 million in interest charges from bonding. We hope the Governor and his staff will seriously consider the plan and we commit to working together for the benefit of all Missourians…”

·         In addition to fiscal conservatives who would prefer not to add debt, there will likely be other senators questioning the project list, and whether their districts will benefit from the plan.


Cable- - Streaming Battle

Cable companies are taking aim at streaming services which they feel are piggybacking on their infrastructure.  Sen. Ed Emery and Rep. Jack Bondon have filed SB 273 and HB 759. From the bill summary: On and after January 1, 2021, every video service provider and competitive video service provider shall pay a fee to the Department of Revenue of no more than 3% of gross revenues from video service or competitive video service provided to subscribers in the state.

The Senate bill has a hearing on Wednesday in the Commerce Committee.


Apparently Sarah Schlemeier is the lead lobbyist representing Netflix in the cable franchise battle. An impressive client and big win for the up and coming lobbyist. 



I’ve tried to compile a list of PACs which were established to (independently) support candidates.  Probably missing some, may have a few wrong, but here’s my first stab….

Committee Name                                                      Candidate

Uniting Missouri PAC                                                Mike Parson

American Dream PAC                                               Mike Kehoe

MO Opportunity PAC                                                 Eric Schmitt

Keep Government Accountable                                 Nicole Galloway

Missourians for a Responsible Budget                       Scott Fitzpatrick

Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PAC                   Bill Eigel

Lincoln PAC                                                               Lincoln Hough

Citizens for a Prosperous 34th Senate District           Tony Luetkemeyer

Show Me Leadership PAC                                         Scott Sifton

JeffCo Now PAC                                                        Paul Wieland

Next Gen GOP PAC                                                   Shamed Dogan

Show Me Growth PAC                                              David Gregory

Accountability PAC                                                   Hannah Kelley

Crystal PAC                                                                Crystal Quade

Team Robert PAC                                                      Robert Ross

Holly PAC                                                                  Holly Rehder

Brush Fires PAC                                                         Cody Smith

Young Guns PAC                                                       Rob Vescovo

Justice for All PAC                                                    Eddy Justice

Lyda Krewson Leadership PAC                                 Lyda Krewson


Follow-Up on Dark Money STL and Krewson

I wrote a bit yesterday about a new PAC, Voters Organized Through Education StL (aka Vote-StL PAC), which is using a new non-profit to hide its donors.

The treasurer for Vote-STL PAC is Kathryn Jayne Drennen.  She’s also the treasurer for pro-Lyda Krewson PAC, Lyda Krewson Leadership PAC.


Eigel Floats Endowment Tax

Sen. Bill Eigel’s SB 188 has a hearing this morning in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  The proposal would take 1.9% of an endowment held by a nonpublic institution of higher education and deposit it in the state’s general revenue fund – and further decrease the state’s income tax rate.

Washington University’s endowment is around $7.5 billion.  1.9% would net the state a little over $140 million.


Cuts Have Consequences

Tipster: An email was sent out earlier today from the St. Louis Regional Office [of the Division of Developmental Disabilities] to providers that sent shockwaves to families of people with developmental disabilities the St. Louis region.  The email was a desperate attempt to identify providers that could help serve 17 people after they were stranded by their provider that terminated its contract with moments of notice due to extremely low reimbursement rates…The state has a workforce crisis on its hands.  It’s a national trend that is hitting Missouri and could become a living nightmare if the General Assembly doesn’t support increased funding for developmental disability services.

Providers have worked tirelessly to educate their legislators on the need to standardize the rates and increase funding to address the growing crisis.  The low rates are not sufficient to pay the salaries of the DSPs whose job it is to supervise, teach, pass medications to, and transport throughout the day; every day of the week.  The growing crisis has been presented to the Missouri Legislature for a number of legislative sessions as a Rate Rebasing budget item…


Follow-Up on Floor Leader

Talking with one lobbyist about the floor leader race, he observed that the worst floor leaders have been “Yes” men.  That is, folks who raise prodigious amounts of money by telling folks what they want to hear.  The position demands that they say No to some people, and they can find that hard change.  His example was John Diehl.  Lobbyists found Diehl difficult to pin down because he was always working several angles.  That’s part of why when his scandal came, the building turned quite quickly on him. The alternative models are Rob Vescovo’s – this is who I am, where I stand, love it or hate it; and Todd Richardson’s – everyone gets a fair shake, let the process play out.


State Seeks Polygrapher

From the RFP: Historically, approximately two-hundred (200) polygraph examinations are required in each region annually. This number may be affected by recent reductions in the states operating budget. The State of Missouri adheres to the American Polygraph Association (APA) Model Policy for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) regarding current polygraph models…  With input from the contractor and community treatment providers, the state agency shall develop a Sexual History Questionnaire form… The purpose of the Sexual History Questionnaire is to identify, review, and organize sexual behaviors of the offender prior to the date of conviction of the sexual offense…



·         Dr. Gina aka Gina Loudon, wife of former Sen. John Loudon, is coming to St. Louis. The first [event], a private reception, requires tickets (here or at the door) and will provide a rare opportunity to visit one-on-one with Dr. Gina. A backdrop will be available for your personal photo op. This is a catered event; wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served. The subsequent book signing does not require tickets and is open to the public.  See it here.

·         Inside Philanthropy reports on Rex Sinquefield’s huge $50 million gift to St. Louis University. The gift originally stipulated that Rex would have a role in selecting the director of the new Sinquefield Center for Applied Economic Research, prompting an outcry from faculty members who argued that donors shouldn’t be involved in hiring and funding decisions, and that the arrangement would inflict irreparable harm to the university’s reputation.

·         Brian Hauswirth tweeted a MissouriNet story (see it here) about Shopko closing “five stores across rural northern Missouri. Albany, Carrollton, Gallatin, Memphis and Trenton all have large elderly populations.” 


Help Wanted

Missouri Health Care for All seeks Jefferson County Grassroots Organizer.  “Missouri Health Care for All, a non-partisan, faith and community-based grassroots movement committed to securing access to affordable, high-quality health care for all Missourians is seeking a full-time Jefferson County Grassroots Organizer. The Jefferson County Organizer will work… to build, develop and engage a broad base of Missourians in support of increased access to health care. This organizer will focus on Jefferson County, with some work in Southeast Missouri, in addition to assisting with statewide work. This person will work from their home in Jefferson County, Missouri. There will be frequent regional travel and periodic statewide travel… Salary of $38,000 per year. Benefits include generous health, dental and vision insurance; generous vacation and sick leave; and paid holidays. Intangible benefits include great coworkers, a growing and thriving organization, and an opportunity to make a difference…” See the ad here.


New Committees

Michael Berg formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Michael Berg) to run for St. Louis City Alderman in Ward 24 as an Independent.


$5K+ Contributions

Wood For Commissioner - $10,000 from Eric Wood.

Citizens To Elect Laura Baer - $10,000 from Laura Baer.


Lobbyists Registrations

Aaron Baker and Hannah Beers added EDF Renewables.

Jeffrey Brooks, Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, Bill Gamble, Jorgen Schlemeier, Sarah Topp and Olivia Wilson added Rx Outreach.

Jeffrey Brooks, Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, Bill Gamble, Sarah Topp and Olivia Wilson added Paul Callicoat.

Jeffrey Brooks, Kathryn Gamble, Bill Gamble, Jorgen Schlemeier, Sarah Schlemeier, Sarah Topp and Olivia Wilson added Essentials In Education.

Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, Bill Gamble, Sarah Schlemeier, Sarah Topp and Olivia Wilson added Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc. 

Samantha Dickey added Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Charles Pierce added Capital Sand Company Inc.



Happy birthday Committeewoman Marie Ceselski, Brad Thielemier, and Brad Green.