MOScout Daily Update: Friday Bits

Dogan’s “CLEANer” Passes House

Rep. Shamed Dogan’s bill to apply the CLEAN Missouri reforms to local governments passed the House 103-47. 

Critics are aghast at the provision added by Rep. Nick Schroer to exempt any documents “received or prepared by or on behalf of a member of a public governmental body consisting of advice, opinions and recommendations in connection with the deliberative decision-making process of said body.” 


O’Laughlin Nervous on Platooning

On Facebook, Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin sounded skeptical about approving the technology for trucks platooning: “Today we heard a proposal to allow semis to travel tethered together electronically. There would be a driver in each truck with the heaviest truck in the front. They are connected via Bluetooth and the makers of the technology want the trucks to be able to travel from 40 to 80 feet apart. The current following distance is much further (although you often see people tailgating.) This is apparently already happening in other states but as I sat and listened to the presentation and those who were for it I couldn't imagine it being a safe situation….. No vote taken yet but it will take a lot for me to vote yes in committee.”

Why It Matters

The next decade is expected to bring rapid advances in the deployment of transportation technology.  Platooning trucks is the beachhead. But eventually it will be self-driving trucks on the highways.  The governor’s workforce leaders, for example, talk about this as coming relatively soon.

These transportation technologies will result in a huge reduction in the cost of moving goods.  But there needs to be a regulatory framework in place.  And businesses will migrate to those states which are accommodative.


Miller Consults on Ozarks Show

Rep. Rocky Miller on the Renew Missouri podcast (see it here) reveals an interesting tidbit at about the 23 minute mark… he’s a consultant for the TV show Ozarks!


Crouch Passes

John Crouch, treasurer of the pro-Mike Parson PAC Uniting Missouri, died on Wednesday.  See the obituary here.

“Crouch is being remembered in the community as a consummate gentleman, respected businessman and affable public servant who ably represented his hometown of Farmington both in politics and through his public persona until his death Wednesday at the age of 71. The founder 44 years ago of the CPA firm Crouch, Farley & Heuring, he grew the business to include five offices spread throughout southeast Missouri… Crouch entered politics for the first time when he ran for an open seat on the Farmington City Council in 2015 and won…”

Visitation will be at Cozean Funeral Home in Farmington on Tuesday, February 12 from 4PM to 8PM and on Wednesday from 7:30AM to 9:30AM.  The funeral service will be at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Wednesday February 12 at 10AM.   


Schatz Appts

Sens. Cindy O’Laughlin and Doug Libla swapped committee seats. O’Laughlin is leaving the Local Government Committee, and joining the Agriculture Committee, while Libla is leaving the Ag Committee and joining Local Government.


Haahr Appts

Speaker Elijah Haahr made the following appointments:

Reps. Chris Dinkins, Rudy Veit, and Louis Riggs to the Standing Committee on Economic Development

Rep. Jeff Shawan to the Standing Committee on General Laws

Rep. Ron Hicks to the Joint Committee on Capitol Security

Reps. Jared Taylor and Louis Riggs to the Joint Committee on Government Accountability.

Reps. Chrissy Sommer, J. Eggleston and Phil Christofanelli to the Joint Committee on Tax Policy.

Rep. Glen Klokmeyer to the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission

Rep. Jeff Shawan to the Missouri Emergency Response Commission

Rep. Cody Smith to the Missouri State Capitol Commission

Reps. Jeffery Justus and Richard Brown to Tourism Commission.

Reps. Cody Smith and Bruce Franks Jr. to the Children’s Trust Fund Board.

Reps. David Evans and Bruce DeGroot to the Court Automation Committee.

Rep. Sara Walsh to the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System.

Rep. Rusty Black to the Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System’s (MOSERS) Board of Trustees.



Minority Leader Crystal Quade appointed Rep. Richard Brown “as a temporary member of the Committee on Ethics for the sole purpose of considering Case Number 19-001.”


Weekender Preview

MOScout Weekly poll will look at the mayoral race in Columbia.  The Hallway will tell us their opinion of the St. Louis City-County merger proposal. And of course… Who Won the Week.


$5K+ Contributions

Laborers Union Local #42 Voluntary Political Fund - $10,000 from Laborers' Local No. 42.


Lobbyists Registrations

Lindsey Merridath Douglas deleted Union Pacific Railroad.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Terry Swinger, and Kathie Conway.

Saturday: Rep. Jered Taylor, and Ryann Summerford.

Sunday: Reps. Tom Hurst and LaDonna Appelbaum, and Brian Grace.