MOScout Weekly Poll: KC Mayoral Race

It’s an abbreviated Weekender today as I’m traveling.  Just the poll.  More on Monday…


MOScout Poll: Senate Pre-Files

The MOScout Weekly Poll looks at Kansas City.  Survey conducted March 27 through March 28, 2019. 497 likely 2019 Municipal Election voters participated in the survey. Margin of Error is +/-4.4%.

See the full results here.

Q: What should be the top priority for Kansas City?

Reducing crime: 44%

Improving education: 16%

Increasing economic development: 10%

Expanding public transportation: 7%

Something else: 23%

Q: Do you think Kansas City has used tax incentives responsibly or has the city overused them?

Responsibly: 22%

Overused: 53%

Not sure: 25%

Q: Shall the City of Kansas City impose a sales tax authorized by Section 67.1305 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri for a period of 10 years at a rate of 3/8% to be used for economic development purposes through funding Pre-K instruction for four and five years olds the year before they enter kindergarten, funding improvements to early childhood centers, and investing in the City’s early childhood workforce?

Yes: 34%

No: 51%

Undecided: 15%

Q: Possible candidates in the 2019 election for Mayor of Kansas City are Alissia Canady, Phil Glynn, Jolie Justus, Quinton Lucas, Steve Miller, Jermaine Reed, Scott Taylor, Scott Wagner, Clay Chastain, Roi Chinn, and Henry Klein. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?

Alissia Canady: 14%

Phil Glynn: 10%

Jolie Justus: 18%

Quinton Lucas: 12%

Steve Miller: 15%

Jermaine Reed: 5%

Scott Taylor: 6%

Scott Wagner: 5%

Someone else: 1%

Undecided: 14%