MOScout Daily Update: So Long Honeymoon - Kelly Hits Treece - Thomas to Star and more...

So Long Honeymoon

The governor’s honeymoon with the legislature is over.

It’s not that they’re fighting, but we’re in that first year of marriage where you each find a little space of your own, and realize not everything the other person does is supercute after all.

·         House Budget Chair Cody Smith maimed the governor’s bonding proposal by floating a debt-free alternative.  The day after his announcement, Smith was backed members of his own caucus and by some Republican senators.  While Smith’s plan won’t sail through unmarked, it has generated considerable support.

·         The governor’s priority “Fast Track Grant” legislation – which has stalled in the Senate – passed out of the House this week.  But a very sizable chunk of the House Republican Caucus voted No. Scanning through the 49 voting against, I saw only two Dem names.  That’s a lot of GOPers voting against their party’s governor.


Missourian: Parson’s Right on Roads

The Columbia Missourian did a fact check of Governor Mike Parson’s claim that despite having on the largest highway systems in the country, Missouri has one of the lowest funding expenditures to maintain it.  See it here.

The key term here is “revenue per mile.” When you divide the average funding by the miles of roads maintained, Missouri ranks near the bottom. According to the Citizen’s Guide on Transportation, “Missouri’s revenue per mile is $50,882, while the national average is $238,076.”  Revenue per mile is the best measure to evaluate highway funding, taking into account the amount of roads in a state in addition to the number of dollars spent. With Missouri ranking 48th in highway revenue per mile, it is accurate to say Missouri has one of the lowest levels of highway funding.  We rank this statement True.


National Review Defends Hawley

The National Review jumped to the defense of Senator Josh Hawley’s questioning of a Trump judicial appointee.  See it here. The Wall Street Journal had punched Hawley for his inquiries.

Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.), a member of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, set off a vigorous debate last week when he dared to raise the question of a federal appeals-court nominee’s legal philosophy on the right to life. Though considered by some to be controversial or improper, Hawley’s inquiry was measured, thoughtful, and needed.


Kelly Hits Treece

Former Rep. Chris Kelly is going on the offensive against incumbent mayor Brian Treece in their race.  Form yesterday’s press release: In the spirit of openness and transparency, voters should be aware of the ongoing federal investigation involving Brian Treece, candidate for Columbia Mayor, and his lobbying firm TreecePhillips LLC. The investigation, ongoing for more than five years, centers on a Springfield, Missouri– based charity, Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH).

And: Kelly has put up a webpage detailing his attack (here).


Rumorville: Brown to Take Leave

Word is that Jared Brown, staffer to Sen. Justin Brown, will take a leave of absence following an incident in downtown Jefferson City this week. 


Thomas to Star

Crystal Thomas tweets that she’ll be “heading back to Missouri to cover #moleg for The Kansas City Star later this month.”  See it here.


$5K+ Contributions

American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account - $135,559 from American Property Casualty Insurance Association.

Friends Of SJSD - $10,000 from Pete and Staci Gray.


Lobbyists Registrations

Zach Brunnert, Janet Hirschman, Jason Zamkus, Bill Stouffer, Kyna Iman, David McCracken, Cheryl Lynn Dozier, Kathryn Harness, James Harris and Franc Flotron added Kingdom Principles Inc.

Zach Brunnert, Bill Stouffer, David McCracken, Richard McIntosh and Franc Flotron added InVivo Reclamation BioServices Inc,

Mary Byrne added Cooper Governmental Services.

Nancy Giddens and Shannon Cooper added Municipal League of Metro St. Louis.

Jonathan Dalton added Castle Partners.

Charles Pierce added Missouri Transportation & Development Council.



Happy birthdays to David Steelman.

Saturday: Nathan Beard and Dave Monaghan.

Sunday: Treasurer Tishaura Jones, Luke Scavuzzo, Eddy Justice, and Matt Jessee.