MOScout Weekender: More Title IX Fallout? - Poll on Stenger - Hallway on Endgame - WWTW and more...

Title IX Fallout Continues

I heard from a number of folks who raised an eyebrow at a line deep in Summer Ballentine’s article (see it here)McIntosh’s emails also indicate that his wife played a role in the legislative effort. He suggested in November that House staff add the “AHC language that I sent you from Audrey yesterday.”

Here’s an example of the question being raised… “As an AHC commissioner and officer of the court, how does Audrey McIntosh not have a conflict of interest in helping to write legislation that would put cases in front of her and potentially put her son’s case in front of her????”


MOScout Weekly Poll: St. Louis County Poll

Survey conducted May 1 through May 2, 2019. 1,031 likely 2020 General Election voters participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2020 General Election. Margin of Error is +/-3.05%. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding.  See the full results here.

Q1: How closely have you been following the news regarding the indictment of Steve Stenger?

Very closely: 37%

Somewhat closely: 42%

Not closely at all: 22%

Q2: What do you think about political corruption in St. Louis County?

It is very bad and in need of reform: 50%

It is about the same as other counties: 34%

It is not that bad: 7%

Not sure: 10%

Q3: Based on what you’ve heard in the news regarding Steve Stenger, are you more likely or less likely to support a City-County merger?

More likely: 13%

Less likely: 61%

No difference: 27%

Q4: Which do you think is more corrupt: local government or state government?

Local government is more corrupt: 34%

State government is more corrupt: 29%

Not sure: 36%


MOScout’s Hallway Index: Senate Endgame

This week I asked my hallway focus group if they thought the Senate would untangle or not in these final two weeks.  24 replies…

1. Most GOP priorities stall in the Senate, caught between GOP factions and Dem filibusters… 8.3%     

2. GOP factions construct a grand compromise and GOP passes most priorities… 25%

3. Mostly impasse, with a small compromise… 66.7%

Sample of comments

·         I think there will be some fireworks on a couple of PQs and maybe some small victories between now and then, but mostly leadership will be stuck trying to figure out how to celebrate a session that only resulted in a constitutionally required balanced budget, pig *^%# for neighbors, and an unconstitutional abortion bill

·         Leadership in both chambers still getting along.

·         It is bad and worse than most realize. Eigel and Onder are making a habit of rejecting fair compromises.

·         Senate leadership and will probably find some small areas to compromise, but doubt they’ll want to reward the conservative caucus’s practice of holding bills hostage with any major wins. Only encourages similar behavior in the future.                

·         I think there is a small chance of a grand compromise.  However, it is going to depend on whether the Conservatives are willing to give on some key areas to get something.  We will see if folks have figured out that governing is important.  If anyone can get this done it is Senator Rowden and of course members of the Conservative Caucus working together.


Who Won the Week?

Sam Page – Page led the resistance on the County Council to Steve Stenger.  If folks thought he looked personal and petty while he did it, he’s been totally vindicated.  He’s now the county executive enjoying a honeymoon.

Mike Bernskoetter – Unflappable on the floor for hours and hours, ultimately prevailing on his SB 391 to preempt local jurisdictions from regulating CAFOs.

Dean Plocher – Passed the "Cleaner" bill, satisfying the Republican caucus, and also anti-merger HJR 54, satisfying his St. Louis County base, all within a week. That's pretty remarkable.

House Ethics Committee – The bipartisan committee displays firm resolve in dealing with sexual harassment.

Find a downloadable version here.


eMailbag on GM

Surely the senior and junior senators from St. Charles will maintain their conservative resolve in the face of any proposed GM incentives package, secure in the knowledge that Missouri's attractive tax structure will be more than  sufficient to attract GM's investment and the investments of countless other businesses, without resorting to gimmicks tailored to special interests that result in government picking winners and losers.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Jackson added American Prison Data Systems.

Bill Luetkenhaus added Bill Luetkenhaus.


$5K+ Contributions

American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account - $9,459 from American Property Casualty Insurance Association.

Committee To Elect Reed - $7,500 from Nexus PAC.