MOScout Daily Update: Lucas, Ellington Win - Herzog $$$ - Steward Backs BILL PAC - New Roberts PAC? - Prewitt Backlash and more...

Lucas Wins KC Mayoral Race

Quinton Lucas defeated Jolie Justus to become Kansas City’s next mayor.  From the KCStar: [Lucas] emerged from the 11-way April primary in second place to Justus, 48, a former state senator and the council’s 4th District representative, trailing by five percentage points — 23% to 18%.  Over the next 11 weeks he was able to close that gap, expanding his support in the Northland, where he lost by better than 2-to-1 to Justus in April. On Tuesday, he trailed Justus in Clay and Platte counties by about three points. Lucas also grew his support south of the river, where he ran up a near 2-to-1 margin over Justus… While the race is non-partisan, both are Democrats with largely the same voting records on key issues…


One reader sent me these estimated numbers spent on voter contact, showing that Lucas was outspent.  Perhaps those Roe attack ads work better than people want to believe…

CHIPP - $72,207

City of Fountains - $108,469

Justus for KC - $538,957

JUSTUS TOTAL - $718,633

Taxpayers Unlimited - $184,689

Citizens for good Government - $10,000

Freedom Incorporated - $10,600

Lucas for KC - $161,897

LUCAS TOTAL - $367,186



Rep. Brandon Ellington won his City Council race.  Again from the KCStar: In the race for Mayor-elect Quinton Lucas’ vacated 3rd District at-large seat, Brandon Ellington, a state representative, won with 51.3%, squeaking by Wallace Hartsfield II, a pastor and community organizer. The contest generated controversy when a mailer was distributed with “race-baiting” imagery of Ellington, showing him with a gun superimposed over the Country Club Plaza. Ellington said he thought Hartsfield was behind it, which Hartsfield denied. Both candidates are black. The mailer was put out by a group called Concerned Citizens of Waldo, which failed to report its spending on the mailer. But on Tuesday, the group filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, showing that Freedom Inc., a black political group that endorsed Hartsfield, donated $12,500 to Concerned Citizens of Waldo.


Money Watch: Steward for BILL PAC

St. Louis businessman David Steward sent another $75,000 to the PAC aligned with Sen. Bill Eigel.  Remember, the expectation is that this PAC, BILL PAC, will be using its funds to support Republican primary candidates who would likely join the Conservative Caucus.


Republican businessman Stan Herzog has been relatively quiet since his health scare over a year ago.   In the large contributions (below) three of his companies each gave $50K to the American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC.  That PAC has ties to the Graves Garrett firm.  Its address appears to be the firm’s address.  Money from the PAC has been spent regularly on “legal fees” to the firm, and money has flowed from this PAC to the firm’s PAC.


Pushback on Parson Appointee

AP’s Summer Ballentine reports on Parson’s appointment of Judge Philip Prewitt to the Administrative Hearing Commission.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson appointed a former judge who has supported an anti-abortion pregnancy center — and been disciplined for publicly doing so — to an administrative panel that could handle a licensing dispute with the state’s only abortion clinic.

Macon Home Press had previously reported on this.  See it here.

In four counts, the Missouri Supreme Court and the Commission on Retirement, Removal, and Discipline, charged Macon County Associate Judge Philip Prewitt with acts of misconduct under Article 5, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Missouri in October of 2015…

In Count 1 the court/commission found Judge Prewitt in “violation of Canon 2-4.1(D) which requires that a judge not engage in any other political activity, was an impropriety or the appearance of impropriety in violation of Canon 2-1.2 and was misconduct under Article 5, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Missouri.” To warrant those conclusions, the Supreme Court laid out in a detailed memorandum/record that Judge Prewitt sent a threatening text message to Circuit Clerk Candidate, Kristy Lea, threatening her with his involvement in her race if she didn’t remove his (Judge Prewitt) opponent’s sign from her yard - “If you come out against me, I have to come out against you. You know you will not win if I do that,” stated Judge Prewitt in a text message in the summer of 2014.

In Count 2 the court/commission “concludes that such Facebook postings are in violation of Supreme Court Rule 2, Canon 2-1.3, which provides that a judge shall not abuse the prestige of office to advance the personal or economic interests of others, Canon 2-3.7(A)(1) that provides that a judge shall not personally participate in the solicitation of funds or other fundraising activities, Canon 2-3.7 (A)(5) that proves a judge shall not permit the prestige of office for fundraising or membership solicitation, and is misconduct under Article 5, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Missouri.” To warrant those conclusions, the Supreme Court laid out in a detailed memorandum/record eleven Facebook posts made by Judge Prewitt in which he was posting about his donation to local organizations/charities as well as, encouraging the public to do so as well. One example would be a Facebook post stating, “I am happy to be supporting Ray of Hope Pregnancy Center again at their fundraising dinner. Even if you didn’t attend, consider donating to this wonderful organization” - the post was accompanied by a picture. {Please see the memorandum in full, for all counts and verbiage}

In Count 3, the court/commission finds Judge Prewitt in “violation of Canon 2-1.2 in that respondent (Judge Prewitt) failed to promote public confidence in the judiciary, and Canon 1 in that respondent failed to uphold judicial integrity and thereby created impropriety and the appearance of impropriety, and was misconduct under Article V, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Missouri.” To warrant those conclusions, the Supreme Court laid out in a detailed memorandum/record that Judge Prewitt on or about September 3rd, 2014, posted on Facebook, “Unlike many judges, I am very open about decisions I make in cases because I am proud of the work I do.” The Commission stated that the Facebook Post was “unfairly critical of the integrity of other judges in the circuit.”

Finally, in Count 4, the court/commission finds Judge Prewitt in “violation of Canon 2-2.10 that prohibits a judge from making public comment on a pending or impending case that might reasonably be expected to affect the outcome or impair the fairness of the matter pending or impending in any court, and is misconduct under Article 5, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Missouri.” To warrant those conclusions, the Supreme Court laid out in a detailed memorandum/record that Judge Prewitt in open court during the case, State v Joseph Lewis, “questioned the prosecutor about the strength of the state’s case, stated that he did not want to hold up the defendant unnecessarily from playing high school football, and that he wanted the case disposed.” That statement was influential in the decision by the prosecutor, to file a change of judge motion.

What It Means

·         It could be that Team Parson didn’t do a very good job vetting this appointment.

·         The more likely conclusion is that they’re elevating pro-life as a priority of their political agenda, and this is one more effort to do that.


Next Public Health Battle?

San Francisco Chronicle reports on efforts to ban e-cigarette in that city.  See it here.

“We spent the ’90s battling Big Tobacco and now we see the new form in e-cigarettes,” said Supervisor Shamann Walton, who co-authored the bill with City Attorney Dennis Herrera. “I’m not going to put the profits of Big Tobacco over the health of young people.” Juul, the largest seller of e-cigarettes, agreed to sell a 35% stake in itself to tobacco company Altria in December.

Juul is collecting signatures for a ballot measure for the November election that would override the board’s e-cigarette ban and allow the sale of vaping products to continue in the city.


eMailbag on Lembke and Stanley

The Lembke haters will stop at nothing. His wife has worked for the Blues for many years. She is the recipient of these things and he's simply the spouse. These people need to get a life!


New Committees

St. Louis Progress was formed.  It’s a PAC.  Its treasurer is Mike Tiller.  It’s hard to say for certain, but this looks like a 3rd party PAC to support Rep. Steven Roberts’ state senate bid.


$5K+ Contributions

American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC - $50,000 from Herzog Contracting Corporation.

American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC - $50,000 from Herzog Technologies, Inc.

American Democracy Alliance - Ridgely PAC - $50,000 from Herzog Railroad Services, Inc.

Missouri Realtors PAC Inc - $25,970 from Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS.

Voters for Good Government - $10,000 from OCM Lease Corporation.

Concerned Citizens of Waldo - $12,500 from Freedom Incorporated.

Taxpayers Unlimited, Inc. - $10,000 from Missouri Leadership Committee.

Believe in Life and Liberty - BILL PAC - $75,000 from David Steward.


Lobbyists Registrations

Mike Gibbons and Tricia Workman deleted Rockwood Asset Management.



Happy birthdays to Angela Bingaman, former Sen. Brian Nieves, Jason Cohen, and Keith Kirk.