MOScout Daily Update: Thampy Indicted - Brower Promoted - MEC Issues Opinions and more....

Driving the Day: MMJ Applications

Springfield News Leader reports“On Tuesday, the state is due to post application forms for patients who want medical marijuana ID cards. On the same day, application forms for would-be marijuana businesses — dispensaries, grow operations and others — are due to be available for the first time. Patients may file applications beginning July 4; businesses, Aug. 3.  For patients who want to access medical cannabis for treatment, it's important to have proper medical documentation ready…”

Look for the forms to be posted here.


Thampy Indicted

ABC News reports that cannabis advocate Eapen Thampy was indicted.  See it here“A federal grand jury in Missouri added three people to a marijuana distribution operation spanning at least two states. The indictment unsealed Monday adds Craig D. Smith Jr., Michael Ricketts and Eapen Thampy to the case that started in early 2018. The three are accused of working with at least four others to sell marijuana in Columbia…”


Brower Promoted

Erin Brower was promoted to Hallmark’s Government & Community Affairs Director.  She’s now responsible for developing and implementing the vision and strategy for Hallmark’s external touch points, including:  federal, state and local government relations; community relations and involvement; corporate philanthropy; and management of the company’s attractions – Hallmark Visitors Center and Kaleidoscope.


Follow-Up on CAFO Blurb

On building denizen says that Rep. Mike Haffner had one more thing going for him when he handled the CAFO Freedom bill… Haffner also didn’t have big legislation that could have been held hostage by Dems in the senate or any other priorities. That’s why the Ag groups picked a freshman...


Roberts Kick-off

From last week’s Senate 5 Steven Roberts kick-off…  “[A] packed house at the corporate offices of Developers Amy and Amrit leaders, lobbyists, a bunch of elected officials from St. Louis city and County. Including Lewis Reed and Sheriff Vernon Betts were present.  Also news columnist Bill McCellan and Evening Whirl Publisher Antony Sanders were busy shaking hands and taking notes…”


New MEC Opinions

The Missouri Ethics Commission issued three opinions concerning the implementation of 2018’s CLEAN Missouri.  Read them here.

·         Former general assembly members may lobby in other states.  See it here.

·         Use common sense when dealing with meal and gifts.  If it’s more than $5 and isn’t incidental to your performing an official function of your office, say No.  See it here.

·         And more, use common sense.  See it here.


City of Fountains

In the large contributions, City of Fountains Committee has recorded as few checks lately.  It’s a pro-Jolie Justus committee.  See the website here.

In the current mayoral contest, Jolie Justus is the next level leader that Kansas City needs.

The City of Fountains Committee supports Jolie Justus for Mayor. She’s got the fortitude  to keep Jefferson City politicians at bay thanks to her service in the Senate and her work on the City Council. She’s demonstrated her commitment to good government by supporting greater accountability and transparency at City Hall.


eMailbag on Senate’s Interim Committees

Sen. Schatz has put a lot of power in the hands of Sen Cindy O’Laughlin who seems to be the most trusted and appreciated member of the conservative caucus…


New Committees

Amy Poelker formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Amy Poelker) to run for St. Louis County Council, District 2, as a Republican.

Tracy Baldwin formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Tracy Baldwin) to run for Clay County Assessor.

Vote 2020 was formed.  It’s a campaign committee to support “Article VIII: Suffrage And Elections.”  Its treasurer is Mary Anne Sedey, and its deputy treasurer is Mike Pridmore.


$5K+ Contributions

City of Fountains Committee - $10,000 from LGBTQ Victory Fund Federal Committee – Missouri.

Uniting Missouri PAC - $10,000 from Ameren Missouri.


Lobbyists Registrations

Mike Gibbons and Tricia Workman deleted Missouri Gaming Association.



Happy birthdays to Ryan Johnson and Melissa Boyd.