MOScout Daily Update: Beck Gets Head Start - Osmack Postpones Kick-off - CL PAC Hearts CC and more...

Beck Gets Head Start in Senate 1

In Senate 1, Rep. Doug Beck has started his campaign in earnest.  Senate 1 (Scott Sifton termed) is a district Dems need to defend in 2020, so Beck’s early start is helpful to them.  Meanwhile Republicans haven’t settled on a candidate yet.  Former Rep. Marsha Haefner’s name is mentioned, but there’s no movement to that campaign yet.  Beck’s moves…

·         There’s a new PAC, DougPAC (see below).  This is standard operating procedure now.  An independent PAC is formed, sometimes with a reference to candidate in its name, which can accept contributions above the limit for candidates.  Although the candidate can’t control how the money is spent, assuming someone they trust is running it, the PAC acts like a second campaign committee.

·         And one lobbyist reports that Beck is dialing for dollars…


Osmack Postpones Kick-off in Senate 15

Mark Osmack, facing a primary challenge from Rep. Deb Lavender in Senate 15, is postponing tonight’s kick-off on account of the Blues game.

Friends, we have to postpone our campaign kickoff June 6. When I scheduled it, the Stanley Cup was a dream...and without dates. Gloria has been singing and the city is so beautifully consumed with a team that came from nowhere and is now on the cusp of achieving what it has worked so hard for...waited so long for.  I hope you don't mind waiting just a bit more as we reschedule and celebrate where we can go and what the Blues will do.


Who is CL PAC?

Yesterday in the large contribution listings, World Wide Technology’s David Steward gave $50,000 to CL PAC. CL PAC played in some Republican Senate primaries last cycle, supporting Cindy O’Laughlin, Harry Roberts and Bill White.

Their April filing showed close ties to the Conservative Caucus with money going to BILL PAC, Citizens for Hoskins, Eigel for Missouri, Freedoms Promise PAC, and Old Drum Conservative PAC.

And also there are some payments to Jim Lembke’s Liberty Ink LLC.


Herschel’s Registration

A few folks were perplexed by Henry Herschel registering for May Scheve Reardon yesterday.  But as you’ll see below, he deleted that and instead now is registered for the Missouri Gaming Commission, of which she is executive director.

One MOScouter’s brief history of Herschel: “An attorney, Republican, long history including top aide to former AG Bill Webster, also Matt Blunt’s general counsel.”



·         Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against former Rep. Joe Aull that during his time as city administrator he spent public resources advocating for a new water system ballot initiative.  See it here.

·         Governor Mike Parson appointed attorney Philip Prewitt to the Administrative Hearing Commission.

·         NYTimes looks at how Trump tariffs on Mexico will impact different states. See it here.  Missouri has $3.6 billion of Mexican imports each year.

·         Eapen Thampy plead not guilty yesterday.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.

·         Sparks are flying, flames are throwing as KC enters the final stretch of their mayoral race.  See it here.  Election Day is June 18.


eMailbag: Why Ag’s #1

Folks say that [Ag is Missouri’s biggest industry] because everyone eats. The cycle of commerce starts in a corn field and doesn't end until you drink a soda with corn sugar in it. You can say that's stretching the definition way too far, but that's where it's coming from.


New Committees

DougPAC was formed.  It’s appears to be a third-party PAC to support Rep. Doug Beck in Senate 1.  The treasurer is Thomas Madden.

Darryl Gray formed a candidate committee (Darryl Gray For Missouri) to run for House 77 as a Democrat.  The current incumbent, Rep. Steve Roberts, is running for Senate. 


Lobbyists Registrations

Heath Clarkston, Doug Nelson, and Kurt Schaefer added Independence Health Retreat LLC and North Kansas City Health Retreat LLC.

Henry Thomas Herschel deleted May Scheve Reardon, and added Missouri Lottery Commission.

David Reiner added Quest Diagnostics.

Tricia Workman deleted Monsanto Company.

Thomas Robbins deleted Sixteen Thirty Fund.



Happy birthdays to Ann Brand, and Connie Cierpiot.