MOScout Daily Update: Top Political War-Chests - Parson Hits $4M, Schmitt at $1M - Lavender Takes Money Lead in Senate 15 and more...

Yesterday was the filing deadline for the July fundraising quarter. Here are the top twenty-five committees in terms of cash on hand…

Top 25 Cash on Hand

Uniting Missouri PAC - $2,885,364

Parson For Missouri - $1,149,893

Carpenters Help in the Political Process (CHIPP) – $1,079,745

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. PAC - $1,023,515

Eastern Missouri Laborers Educational & Benevolent Fund - $1,012,742

Committee to Protect the Rights of Victims of Rape & Incest - $95,6633

Greitens For Missouri - $704,394

Leadership For America - $702,871

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $608,350

Friends Of Gregory FX Daly - $593,894

MO National Education Assoc-PAC - $534,300

BUILD St. Louis PAC, Inc. - $515,014

Schmitt For Missouri - $511,026

Citizens For Jake Zimmerman - $501,741

Callahan for Missouri - $488,025

Missouri Realtors PAC, Inc - $446,530

Sanders For Jackson County - $404,122

Prospects For Missouri - $398,541

We Are Missouri - $397,861

Friends Of Eric Burlison - $395,245

HealthPAC - $374,359

Supporters of Health Research and Treatments - $374,117

Scott Sifton for Missouri - $316,858

Committee To Elect Jill Schupp - $271,696

MO Opportunity PAC - $269,712.

Cooperative Owners Political Action Committee (COPAC) - $263,408

What To Notice

·         Governor Mike Parson’s PAC is #1 on the list and his candidate committee is #2.  Meanwhile his Democratic opponent Nicole Galloway isn’t on the list, neither is her PAC.  This highlights the huge money gap between the two candidates as the gubernatorial race starts.  Team Galloway would note that she – for the second quarter in a row – raised basically the same amount as the sitting governor in their candidate accounts. She raised $115K; he raised $116K.  And she hasn’t officially announced yet.  But regardless there’s a canyon between Parson’s total COH ($4M-ish) and hers ($150K-ish).

·         As I wrote about earlier this week, Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s PAC has $400K in CDs in addition to its $269K cash horde.  Together with his $511K in his candidate committee, he’s in the million-dollar club with Parson.

·         The other GOP statewide put up solid quarters, but they don’t have the same moat-type level of cash that Schmitt has.  LG Mike Kehoe ($117K raised, with $221K on-hand), SOS Jay Ashcroft ($66K raised, with $254K on-hand), Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick ($55K raised, with $176K on-hand).

·         Labor still has a lot of monetary muscle in the political arena… Carpenters ($1M), Eastern Laborers ($1M) MNEA ($534K, We Are Missouri ($397K), Western Laborers ($193K), Plumbers ($152K), Operating Engineers ($148K), UAW ($146K), Midwest Laborers ($145K), and the list goes on….


Senate Races

Senate 1 - Rep. Doug Beck raised $29,005 and has $106,617K on-hand.  His Republican opponent hasn’t announced yet.

Senate 3 – Rep. Mike Henderson raised $6K and has $30K on-hand.

Senate 5 - Rep. Steven Roberts Jr. raised $73K and has $76K on-hand, with $72K in debt.  His primary opponent, Michelle Sherod, hasn’t started a campaign committee yet.

Senate 7 – Rep. Greg Razer raised $15K, and has $46K on-hand. No primary opponent has emerged yet.

Senate 13 – Rep. Tommie Pierson Jr. raised $2K and has $28K on-hand.

Senate 15 - Incumbent Sen. Andrew Koenig raised $7K and has $103K on-hand.  His Democratic opponent Rep. Deb Lavender raised $55K and has $117K on-hand.

Senate 17 – Incumbent Sen. Lauren Arthur raised $100K and has $195K on-hand.  No Republican opponent has emerged so far.

Senate 19 – Incumbent Sen. Caleb Rowden raised $8K and has $158K on-hand.  No Democratic opponent has emerged so far.

Senate 25Eddy Justice raised $13K and has $110K on-hand with $60K in debt.  His expected opponent, Rep. Jeff Shawan, raised $34K and has $143K on hand with $162K in debt.

Senate 27 – Rep. Holly Rehder raised $5K and has $180K on-hand.  Her primary opponent, Rep. Kathy Swan raised $13K and has $126K on-hand.

Senate 29 – Rep. Mike Moon raised $16K and has $19K on-hand. His primary opponent David Cole, raised $41K and has $41K on-hand.

Senate 31 – Rep. Jack Bondon raised $11K abd has $132K on-hand.

Senate 33 – Rep. Robert Ross raised $3K and has $87K on-hand.  His possible primary opponent, Van Kelly, raised $2,500 and has $849 on-hand.


Random Quarter Notes

·         Why does Eric Greitens keep his campaign account going?  Some think it’s because he’ll mount a comeback, my guess based on his filings, is as a source of cash for legal expenses.  Another $65K this quarter.  He’s been out of office for a year now, and he’s still paying lawyers…

·         Meanwhile, Chris Koster’s campaign committee received an infusion of cash… $99,944, a “Media Refund” from Canal Partners Media.


eMailbag on Rehder and PDMP

Holly Rehder receiving money from CL PAC isn’t surprising if you look beyond PDMP to core conservative issues like education reform and tax cuts.  Whether Holly joins the conservative caucus or not she’s more likely to be with them on those issues than Kathy Swan


Buttigieg in KC

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg comes to Kansas City today for a fundraiser.  See it here.


Then according to Michael Mahoney Wednesday morning “he’ll tour  KC’s Veterans Community Project with Jason Kander and Mayor Sly James.”  That’s Kander’s new gig.  See an article on that here.


Help Wanted

House Minority Floor Leader seeks Legislative Director.  “The duties of this position include extensive research and analysis of legislative issues as requested by House minority leadership or the minority caucus, preparation of reports on the impact of legislation, and facilitating the drafting of legislation and amendments. The selected candidate must be available to work extremely long hours during the legislative session from January through May.”  See it here.


New Committees

Jason Davidson formed a candidate committee (Davidson For Mo 48) to run in House 48 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Rep. Dave Muntzel, is termed.

Rusty Maclachlan formed a candidate committee (Friends For Rusty Maclachlan) to run for Greene County Associate Commissioner as a Republican.


Lobbyists Registrations

Stephen Roberts added Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Phillip Arnzen added Missouri Department of Economic Development.



The Madison PAC - $20,000 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield Kansas City.

No Bans on Choice - $7,500 from NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Catalyst PAC - $17,400 from Emerson Electric Co.

UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO) - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.



Happy birthdays to Jeanette Mott Oxford, and John Sondag.