MOScout Daily Update: Morgan Out in CD-2? - $$$ Flowing into Galloway PAC - Anderson for County Commish - Dems Ding GOP on Diversity and more...

Morgan Out in 2-CD?

Rumors are that Becky Morgan has decided not to run against Congresswoman Ann Wagner in the Second Congressional District.

Morgan is a prominent volunteer leader of the Missouri Chapter of the pro-gun control group, Moms Demand Action.  

One good source says “it was confirmed to me that Morgan is not running.”  But two other sources are less emphatic, terming it as “cold feet” without a definitive answer.

Without Morgan, Dems will have to cast about for a candidate.  Two previously considered candidates – Sens. Jill Schupp and Scott Sifton – have vulnerabilities.

Sifton – like 2016’s unsuccessful Cort VanOstran – is a man, and many Dems think their best shot at ousting Wagner is with a woman candidate

Meanwhile, Schupp’s voting record might be too liberal for the Republican lean district.

As a result, this seems to put Dems in that district “in total disarray.”


$$$ Start to Flow into Galloway PAC

In the large contributions (below), there’s a spurt of big money heading into Keep Government Accountable.  That’s the PAC aligned with Auditor Nicole Galloway.

A little over $50,000 came in from unions and a law firm.  These are the stalwart Democratic constituencies.  But Galloway has a long way to go to close the money gap with the incumbent.

Keep Government Accountable reported about $21,000 cash on-hand earlier this month.  That as less than 1% of the cash reported by Governor Mike Parson’s PAC, Uniting Missouri.  It had $2,885,000 on-hand.

What It Means

Perception is going to be an important factor in this race.  If it looks like it could be close, there will be plenty of national money to come in.  Parson’s massive cash lead will become inconsequential in that scenario. 

But if Galloway doesn’t narrow the gap in the polls and show a spirited campaign; and if Missouri looks as red as it was four years ago, then national money may go to other priorities and Galloway will be out-gunned and in a long-shot race.


Dems Ding GOP on Lack of Diversity

Governor Mike Parson tweeted out pictures of a meeting with Senate and House leadership.  The visual wasn’t great, and Dems jumped on it.  See it here.

·         Rep. Cora Faith Walker tweeted, “Notice anything?”

·         Former Rep. Judy Baker tweeted “Zero, zilch, nada, zippo seats at the table for women or people of color? Think of the creativity and perspective you might be missing,  @GovParsonMO!”


Anderson for County Commish

Rep. Sonya Murray Anderson announced that she is running for Greene County Associate Commissioner District 1.

The press release: A no-nonsense conservative in the Missouri House of Representatives, Anderson now seeks to serve in county government to address the pressing needs of Greene County… She has been a tireless advocate for the property rights of Missourians, including advocating for local issues dealing with hazardous waste and against state and federal overreach on our farms and other properties… Sonya has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on her campaign.

What It Means

There’s a math problem going on here.  The Republican supermajorities are getting termed out and that means there are more talented (and ambitious) legislators than there are higher offices for them.  County commissions offer the benefits of being closer to home, with higher salaries, and keeping them in the game.  Expect to see more legislators look at serving on county commissions.


Another Mouth for Taxpayers to Feed?

Post Dispatch reports on Governor Mike Parson hiring a “director of operational excellence to oversee a business-style revamp of state government operations. Greg Robb, who had worked for Johnson & Johnson and Harley-Davidson, started as director on Jan. 28. His salary: $110,000 per year, which is more money than the treasurer, auditor and secretary of state earn in their elected positions…‘Since taking on the role, Greg Robb has started building an operational excellence network across the 16 executive departments, coordinated external training with two academic institutions (Ohio State University and Dartmouth College) for state team members, and coached state team members in operational excellence,’ [OA Spokeswoman Brittany] Ruess said in an email…”

MOCritic: “Bureaucracy for bureaucracy’s sake.”


Face Recon Tech

Governing Magazine reports on cities pushing back against the use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement.  See it here.

The Oakland City Council voted for the ban unanimously on the grounds that the software -- used by law enforcement elsewhere in the country -- is often inaccurate, especially when identifying people who aren’t white men. “Not only does the technology pose the risk that people will be misidentified as wanted criminals,” says Council President Rebecca Kaplan, “but it’s disproportionately black people and women who are misidentified.”

What It Means

This issue potentially pits two core Republican issues against each other: law and order versus personal privacy.


Lobbyists Registrations

Sheila Gay Tracy added Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce.


$5K+ Contributions

Keep Government Accountable - $18,350 from Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Political Education Account.           

HBS MO State PAC - $25,000 from Altria Client Services LLC.

Healthcare For Missouri - $7,500 from The Fairness Project.

Keep Government Accountable - $10,000 from United Steel Workers District 11 (Minneapolis, MN).

Keep Government Accountable - $25,000 from The Simon Law Firm PC.



Happy birthdays to Charlie Shields (the big 6-0), Jay Atkins, and Alderwoman Megan-Ellyia Green.