MOScout Daily Update: Mosley to Senate 13 - Leara to MGC - Schmitt Embraces Parson's 1A Play - Dr. Groce and more...

Mosley for Senate

In the new committees (below) Angela Mosley has formed a candidate committee to run for Senate 13.  The current incumbent, Minority Leader Gina Walsh, is termed.  Mosley is the wife of Rep. Jay Mosley.  They’re related to the Walton family, powerbrokers in North St. Louis County.

This is a safe Democratic seat.


Leara to Gaming Commission

I must have missed this appointment earlier.  According to the Missouri Gaming Commission webpage, former Rep. Mike Leara is now the chairman of the MGC.  He was appointed – along with former Rep. Pat Conway – on August 14.  Conway’s term expires in 2020, while Leara’s goes until 2021.  See it here.

MGC, in addition to all the legacy games, now oversees the burgeoning industry of fantasy sports as well.


Schmitt Embraces 1A to Block Sunshine

KCStar’s Jason Hancock reports that “Attorney General Eric Schmitt has cited the First Amendment in an attempt to block release of certain records in a lawsuit against a state legislator in southeast Missouri.  Schmitt, whose office enforces the state’s Sunshine Law, made the argument in a brief last week. The attorney general has yet to rule on another matter involving this unusual invocation of the First Amendment: a request by Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway to determine whether Gov. Mike Parson illegally used it to withhold information from public records… ‘The attorney general’s office, which has said it hasn’t had time to respond to the auditor’s direct question, is now trying to employ the First Amendment as a discovery defense, which is absolutely ridiculous,’ said David Roland, director of litigation with the libertarian nonprofit Freedom Center of Missouri. ‘And if they are advancing this argument in an actual court case, it seems as though they’ve made up their mind.’

Schmitt’s use of the First Amendment stems from a lawsuit filed last year by former Scott City Mayor Ron Cummins that accuses Republican state Rep. Holly Rehder of defaming him while he was in office…”


Ghost of Greitens

Feeding the rumor mill comes this whisper from a usually very reliable source: [Eric] Greitens had some kind of meeting with a group of his supporters/possible supporters/advisors  Likely it was at Innsbruck but not certain of that. He likely has the desire to do this but there is not evidence that the financial backing is there.


Medicaid Enrollment Drop

Speaker Elijah Haahr said yesterday that he wasn’t troubled by the recent decline in Medicaid enrollment.  He said it’s attributable to previous administrations allowing people who were no longer qualified for benefits to remain on the rolls.  See it here.

Minority Leader Crystal Quade called of a legislative investigation.

What It Means

An effort to place Medicaid expansion on the 2020 ballot is gathering steam. Questions about whether Missourians are adequately covered will become even more charged. 


Groce Gets PhD

Jason Groce, chief of staff to Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, announces on social media… “I have successfully defended my dissertation, and I am officially Dr. Jason L. Groce!”


Cavey to Promo

Kaitlin Cavey, who recently announced for House 83 (the current incumbent, Rep. Gina Mitten is termed), shared news on social media that she’s joined PROMO as a statewide field organizer.


Demographics Are Destiny

As the current politics seems driven more and more by identity rather than issues, Governing Magazine looks at what demographic trends mean for partisanship at the state level.  See it here.  Missouri ranks 15th more favorable to Republicans.


Sample in House 44

Democrat Jacque Sample held a kick-off.  See it here.  She’s running against Republican incumbent Rep. Cheri Reisch who recently lost a First Amendment lawsuit for blocking a constituent on Twitter


Watch Your Step

Jefferson City pulls back a proposal to required residents to repair sidewalks.  See it here.

After several property owners spoke in opposition Monday evening, the Jefferson City Council held off voting on a controversial sidewalk bill.  The City Council placed a bill that would require adjoining property owners to repair sidewalks when a vertical displacement of a quarter of an inch exists within any sidewalk on the council's informal calendar… The change would allow the city to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, Jefferson City Public Works Director Matt Morasch said… Several property owners said the standard would be a burden, especially on lower-income individuals and property owners who recently sustained property damage during the May 22 tornado… While Ward 4 Councilman Ron Fitzwater said he appreciated city staff for presenting the proposed bill since it is an issue the council needs to address, he did not believe "the optics of it are right for our community right now."


New Committees

Angela Mosley formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Angela Mosley, Llc) to run for Senate 13 as a Democrat.

Rick Roeber formed a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Rick Roeber To The 34Th) to run for House 34 as a Republican.    


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Leadership Forum - $15,000 from T and N, Inc.

Missouri Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Sellenriek Construction, Inc.

Missouri Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Roden's Landscaping, Inc.

Ozark Gateway Leadership PAC - $10,000 from Missouri Amusement Machine Operators LLC.

Ozark Gateway Leadership PAC - $8,000 from MO Majority PAC.

Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action Committee - $15,000 from Kum & Go.

UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee (PAC) (MO) - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.


Lobbyist Registrations

Amy Blunt, Angie Schulte, and Andy Blunt added RS Partners LLC.      

Thomas Robbins, Steven Tilley and Jake Silverman added Titan Fish Partners, LLC    

Amy Healy added ACT Inc.

Noel Torpey added Columbia Care.

Kristy Nelson deleted Epic Strategies.



Happy birthdays to Rose Windmiller, Chuck Gross, Wayne Goode, Stacey Newman, and Trent Watson (who’s infanticipating child #3 any day now).          



For former Rep. Ellen Brandom.  I’m told she’s been hospitalized after suffering a fall over the weekend.