MOScout Daily Update: Ernst to Team Parson - Ag Hearts Parson - Jami to Elections Board? - New MNEA IPs and more...

Driving the Day

10AM this morning in downtown St. Louis Attorney General Eric Schmitt will hold a press conference to release his report regarding allegations of clergy abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

Leading the investigation was First Assistant to the Attorney General Tom Albus.


Ag Hearts Parson

Press release: In an event at Means Family Farm near Fulton, the Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Pork Association, and Missouri Soybean Association all endorsed Governor Mike Parson saying he is the leader they want in the governor’s office to stand up for Missouri agriculture.

What It Means

·         Another big enthusiastic crowd for Parson, and, as one MOScouter noted, “Farm Bureau has never endorsed this early.” This is a demonstration that the agriculture community is excited to have “one of their own.”

·         Parson isn’t a typical put-on-some-boots-to-dress-the-part politician.

·         “I'm sure all the ag trade publications will have write ups on it.”


Ernst to Team Parson

Dallas Ernst is leaving the office of Sen. Dave Schatz.  He’ll be joining the team that Steele Shippy is assembling on the Parson campaign.



DeeAnn Aull filed two new versions of the MNEA initiative petitions.  Earlier in the week, they’d filed four.  Like the first batch, one of these (2020-122) involves early childhood education, and one doesn’t (2020-121).


Jami To Board of Elections?

Could Sen. Jamilah Nasheed be headed to the St. Louis City Board of Elections?  There’s an opening for a Deputy Democratic Director.  See it here.

And on tipster says that former Rep. Michael Butler – now Recorder of Deeds and Chairman of the St. Louis Democratic Committee – has recommended Nasheed for the job.  There are reasons the idea might appeal to Nasheed.

·         She has one year left before term limits end her legislative career.

·         It’s close to home.

·         And the salary ($85K) is more than double a senator’s pay….

Why It Matters

If Nasheed takes the job, she’ll resign her seat early.  Assuming the governor didn’t leave it vacant, it would throw the race to replace Nasheed into a whole different ballpark.  Instead of raising money and primary campaign – it’d be wooing the committeepeople who choose the nominee.


Gardner Gets Primary

Post-Dispatch reports that Mary Pat Carl announced she’ll challenge St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim GardnerSee it here.

Carl ran against Gardner and two other opponents during the Democratic primary in 2016, after Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce announced she wouldn't run for a fifth term. Carl came in second, with 24 percent of the vote to Gardner's 47 percent.

What It Means

·         Gardner’s best chances are for a free-for-all primary where her name ID and base can beat a divided field.

·         If it’s one-on-one, it’s more likely to be a referendum on Gardner.  That’s more problematic for the incumbent as investigations swirl in her orbit.



Missouri is once again represented on WellRegulatedMilitia

·         A 3-year old finds gun in St. Louis, with tragic consequences (see it here).

·         And a fight over a cigarette in Springfield (see it here).


eMailbag PBMs and Profits

PBMs claim manufacturers profit margin is 28% while theirs is 2.9%. The 2.9% is still 23 billion and the 28% is 323 billion that is 346 billion in profit and we still haven’t seen what profit from the insurance companies and the pharmacies. It's not like these businesses are in the auto industries where a senior citizen can find other means of travel than driving a car, if they don't get their insulin they die….


New Committees

Lisa Thomas formed a candidate committee (Citizens 4 Dr. Lisa Thomas) to run for House 124 as a Republican.  The current incumbent, Republican Rep. Rocky Miller, is termed.

Life, Liberty, And Property PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is James C Thomas III.

Todd Boland formed a candidate committee (Citizens For Todd Boland) to run for Associate Commissioner of Franklin County as a Republican.

Mary Pat Carl formed a candidate committee (Friends For Mary Pat Carl) to run for Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis as a Democrat.


$5K+ Contributions

American Dream PAC - $5,001 from Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 PAC.

BHA PAC - $5,001 from Hemphill and Associates Inc.

Physician Led Anesthesia Care PAC - $25,000 from Western Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from MHA PAC.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Hallmark Card Inc.

Majority Forward - $7,500 from HCA Missouri Good Government Fund.


Lobbyist Registrations

Sharon Brigner added Pharmaceutical Research And Manufacturers of America.

James Harris added New Florence Wood Products, and deleted Powell Gardens.



Happy birthdays to Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Sam Lee, and Hillary Shields.

Saturday: Don Hinkle, Gene McNary, and Jon Dalton.

Sunday: Rep. Holly Rehder.