MOScout Daily Update: Steward Backs CL PAC w/ $700K+ Check - MNEA Preps IP - Ashcroft Hearts Parson and more....

Steward Joins Mega-Donor Ranks

David Steward, CEO of World Wide Technology Inc, sent $735,000 to CL PAC yesterday.  This comes on heels of a $100K contribution to the same PAC the day before.

Together with previous contributions of $150K to Bill PAC (associated with Sen. Bill Eigel) and $50K earlier in the summer to CL PAC, it puts Steward’s total giving to over $1 million.  He’s now a mega-donor.

·         But some observers nervously eyed the big check, fearing it signals an escalation in divisive Republican primaries next year.

·         Last cycle, CL PAC made expenditures to help Harry Roberts (he lost to Tony Luetkemeyer in Senate 34), and Cindy O’Laughlin (she won a four-way primary in Senate 18)

·         One Republican on the Senate side… “Looks like the conservative caucus is coming to take over leadership… they need all the primaries to go their way which is why it's gonna take a lot of money. And you never know what back room deals they can cut with members who may not like their chairmanships or want something they currently aren't getting…”

Conservative Caucus Mind-Meld

·         There’s unlikely to be any daylight between Steward and the CC as far as candidate selection.

·         This is a good reminder to the more junior Senate Republican moderates on why it’s a good idea to get along with the conservatives. The Conservative message is doing very well with donors and the St Louis region.

·         Look for major resources to be deployed in Republican primaries in 2020.  The Senate Conservative Caucus has spoken to candidates in every open primary…

The Open Republican Senate Seats

·         Senate 3 – Kent Scism

·         Senate 25 – Eddy Justice, Jeff Shawan

·         Senate 27 – Holly Rehder, Kathy Swan

·         Senate 29 – David Cole, Mike Moon

·         Senate 31 – Jack Bondon, Rick Brattin

·         Senate 33 – Van Kelly, Robert Ross


Now Comes An NEA IP?

In the new committees (below), a campaign committee was established yesterday named “Put Our Students First.”  According its Missouri Ethics Commission filing, its purpose is to “support a constitutional amendment.”  Its treasurer is Karen Struemph.  She’s Missouri NEA’s chief financial officer.

Among the talk…

·         MNEA will be submitting several initiative petitions to the secretary of state’s office with variations on a common proposal.

·         The general proposal will be to roll-back the phased-in income tax cuts from SB 509 (in 2014).

·         Additionally, it would take the revenues from the “roll-back” and direct the funds toward education.

·         If MNEA is serious, they have the muscle to make this happen.  As of the July quarter, MO National Education Assoc-PAC had a cash balance of $534,300.

What It Means

This follows the theme that progressives have been pursuing – taking their policy proposals directly to Missouri voters.


Ashcroft Hearts Parson

Team Parson announced that Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft will be a special guest at Governor Mike Parson’s re-election kick-off on September 8.

What It Means

It puts to rest the chatter of idle political minds who liked to imagine a Jay Ashcroft primary of Parson.


Medicaid Expansion Hires Fieldworks

Word is that the coalition to expand Medicaid has hired Fieldworks to collect their signatures.  See their website here.  Among those working progressive causes, they are considered one of the best firms – and most expensive.  They rarely – if ever – miss their targets to qualify for the ballot.


Black Caucus – Parson Meeting

Press release from Black Caucus: On Tuesday the Executive Board of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus met with Governor Michael Parson to address and discuss possible solutions to the violence which currently plagues the larger urban communities of Missouri.

Representative Ashley Bland Manlove, Vice-Chair of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, pushed for alternative solutions when the Governor made the decision not to add gun control reform as a topic for the upcoming Special Session…

Representative Richard Brown-Kansas City, emphasized that Governor Parson, as the chief elected officer of the state of Missouri, with a majority controlled Republican Legislature, should take action now to save lives.

Representative LaKeySha Bosley, suggested consideration also be given to alternate wrap around services, specifically addressing youth and the lack of access to healthier social outlets.

Among the several suggested deterrents to gun violence discussed were additional training to POST certify sheriff’s deputies and upgrading of technical law enforcement tools.

Chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, Representative Steve Roberts added, “The Missouri Legislative Black Caucus continues to strongly support firearm permit regulations for the counties of St. Louis City and Kansas City. Local law enforcement, elected public officials, and community leaders have the first-hand experience it takes to craft local laws which will work for their communities.”

Representative Roberts said the Governor has arranged to meet with 27 clergy and community leaders on Thursday, September 5th in St. Louis…


If you want a constant reminder of how many bad things happen with guns everyday, follow this twitter account.


Help Wanted

SSM Health seeks Director Advocacy Missouri. “Assists in the development of policies and leads advocacy efforts for SSM Health Care St. Louis and SSM Health Care Midwest.  This position is specifically responsible for intervention with the Missouri General Assembly, its members and staff, and federal, state and local agencies affecting operations in the state of Missouri.  Additionally, this position will coordinate with the Senior Advocacy Director – Illinois, Post-Acute Care and Regulatory in providing all necessary local, state and federal policy analysis and constructs internal and external communications concerning such endeavors in the state of Missouri…”  See it here.

Washington University seeks Social Media Coordinator - Public Affairs.  “This position is in the Office of Public Affairs… The social media coordinator assists with planning, implementation, monitoring and measurement in support of Washington University’s social media strategy, in order to increase brand awareness, build audience and drive engagement across university channels. Working at the direction of the Senior Director, New Media Strategy, this position will have daily responsibilities for generating ideas, creating content and providing general support to maintain a robust presence on university social media channels…” See it here.


New Committees

Tony PAC was formed.  This appears to be a third-party IE PAC for Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer. Its treasurer is   W Terrence Kilroy.

Edward Thurman formed a campaign committee (Edward S. Thurman Governor Race Candidate) to run for governor as a Democrat.

William Heisse formed a candidate committee (Citizens To Elect Bill Heisse) to run for house 92 as a Republican. The current incumbent, Democratic Rep. Doug Beck, is running for state senate.

Put Our Students First was formed. 


$5K+ Contributions

Vote 2020 - $10,000 from Missouri NEA.

Missouri First - $10,000 from QC Holdings Inc.

Missouri AG PAC - $5,500 from Phoenix Home Care.

CL PAC - $735,000 from David Steward.

Spirit of Missouri - $7,500 from Missouri Soybean Association.


Lobbyist Registrations

Craig Gordon added Invenergy.

Rodney Gray, Tami Holliday, Roxsen Koch, and Susan Henderson Moore added BlueScope Steel North America.

Doug Stone added Tim Ionno.

Andrew “Drew” Weber added Provence Development, LLC.

Jeff Pittman deleted St. Louis Community College.



Happy birthdays to John Danforth, Jenee Lowe, Rachel Storch, Fred Wessels and Kate Casas.