Haahr on Priorities

Speaker-elect Elijah Haahr on Forbes.com previews legislative priorities.  See it here.

On Tax Reform

First, we need to simplify the code. Remove the countless loopholes and reduce the credits that only benefit a select few while cluttering up the code with so many rules and regulations that most Missourians needs an accountant to prepare their return. Second, eliminate the lowest levels of tax rates by shrinking the current brackets from ten down to three, while increasing the income level at which the maximum rate applies, so our tax system does not unfairly penalize the lowest earners. Third, lower the overall rates on both families and businesses to spur further investment in our economy and allowing taxpayers to keep and spend more of their earnings.

On Other Priorities

We will work to eliminate occupational licensing restrictions on those workers willing and able to enter the workforce and to eradicate antiquated barriers on individuals wishing to use their cars to provide transportation or their homes for lodging.

The state of Missouri also stands at the crossroads of the nation. With the 7th most miles of any state funded road system, we need to find a long term solution to repairing and repaving those miles so our farmers and truckers can move their product to market. And we must find a 21st century solution to our state’s aging utility grid.

Finally, Missouri needs to prioritize our human capital. We must produce a generation of workers with the highest level of educational skills rivaling any state in the nation…

Originally in December 21 MOScout.