Moon Takes Aim at ELMS

CCJ Digital reports that “legislators in at least four states have introduced proposals in recent weeks to stymie enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate, either by suspending funds for enforcement within their state’s borders or by asking the federal government to reconsider the mandate, enforcement for which began in December. The bills mostly cite concerns of small business truckers as the reasons to repeal the mandate or suspend its enforcement, as well as the potential for the mandate to drive up prices of goods for consumers. Legislators in South Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee and Idaho have introduced resolutions taking aim at the mandate…”

In Missouri, Rep. Mike Moon has filed HB 2437 which “prohibits the state and its agencies or political subdivisions or any employees of these entities from enforcing, or keeping records to show compliance with, the federal electronic logging device mandates under 32301(b) of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act of 2012.  Individuals and businesses are free to cooperate with federal requests involving electronic logging devices.”

It hasn’t been referred to committee yet.

Originally in February 26 MOScout.