MOScout Daily Update: Roberts Luetky Make Peace - Schaefer Hearts Hawley? - Greiten-ites Meet Up? - New CMC Ad and more....

GOP Mending Fences: Roberts Endorses Luetkemeyer

In Senate 34, Republicans are uniting ahead of next month’s election.  After a divisive primary Harry Roberts has endorsed Tony LuetkemeyerSee a picture of a handshake from an event over the weekend.

The statement: “Since the primary, Tony and I have had several productive discussions about the 34th Senate District,” Roberts said, “Tony is a common-sense conservative who will be a great leader in the state senate, and we need to do everything we can to ensure he wins in November.”


GOP Mending Fences II: Schaefer for Hawley

Former Sen. Kurt Schaefer showed up at a fundraiser for Josh Hawley last week.  The two had a bitter primary battle for attorney general in 2016.  Schaefer accused Hawley of being cozy with terrorists, and Hawley said Schaefer was in the pockets of the Chinese.


Former Senator Kit Bond gets a lot of credit, says one MOScouter.  Bond hosted the event and he’s “still playing the role of a senior leader in the GOP. He invited Kurt Schaefer… and Schaefer obliged, as a team player.”


CMC’s New Ad

US Senator Claire McCaskill’s new ad doubles down on the issue of pre-existing conditions.  See the article here.

Pull Quote: Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill got personal in a recent ad, talking about something that she’s never addressed in a political spot before: cancer — specifically, her own diagnosis.

“Two years ago, I beat breast cancer,” the two-term Democrat says to camera. “Like thousands of other women in Missouri, I don’t talk about it much.”

For Democrats trying to make the midterms about health care, it’s a way to capitalize on the recent popularity of the 2010 health care law and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions…

What It Means

I still expect turnout for this election to be driven by devotion to or distain for Donald Trump.  However you can’t run an anti-Trump ad without stirring a turnout reaction.  Plus his normal Trumping around probably does all the mobilizing your base needs.

Instead an ad like this – talking about breast cancer and pre-existing conditions – helps McCaskill accentuate a message to a Republican demographic weakness: college-educated women.


Jami May Block Herschend in January

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed signaled that she may give Peter Herschend trouble when his appointment comes up in January.  Herschend’s appointment to the State Board of Education was pulled by the governor last month when Nasheed resisted.  But Governor Mike Parson quickly made a recess appointment afterward.

From her statement: “Just like Greitens, Gov. Parson is using a legal loophole to manipulate the State Board of Education to the detriment of St. Louis schools,” Sen. Nasheed said. “I also have grave concerns about Mr. Herschend’s values and judgement after he stepped forward as a character witness for a convicted pedophile. If that’s the kind of sick criminal Mr. Herschend thinks is a good person, how can we trust who he’ll pick for Education Commissioner?”

Earlier this year, it was reported by the Springfield News-Leader that Herschend spoke in support of William M. Walker, after Walker admitted downloading 174,000 images and 4,800 videos of child pornography. Walker’s crimes were so heinous that Assistant U.S. Attorney Randy Eggert described them as “repulsive and vile.”


Greitenites Gathering?

Tipster texted me Friday to say with 100% confidence that Eric Greitens is having a bonfire/gathering tonight at his Innsbrook place for former staff/supporters. Very weird. Will be interesting to see who shows up.”

I called around and confirmed that indeed there was a gathering for former staffers/supporters, but was unable to ascertain what the purpose was.  One source told me that they didn’t believe any building staffers were in attendance; perhaps only campaign side folks.  But there were no good details.


There was this curious social media posting – since taken down – of Tim Seidenstricker, who apparently made the shindig, with Greitens.

What It Means

After recent talk that Greitens was reaching out to donors, this fuels speculation that the disgraced governor would like to mount a comeback.  


Jaco Tries to get Lamping Fired?

Media personality Charles Jaco says that he complained to former Sen. John Lamping’s employer about a tweet concerning the Kavanaugh hearings.  See it here.

From the tweets: John Lamping is an ex-MO GOP State Sen who tried to suspend state licenses of any ins co. that took ACA subsidies. He tweeted me this pm when Jesuits w/drew their Kavanaugh endorsement. Text: "Jesuits don't get a vote."

He peddles stocks for Wells Fargo. I'll call them tomorrow.

Update: Wells Fargo responded quickly, and says Lamping's comments have been forwarded to his supervisors at Wells Fargo Advisors for disciplinary review.


Parson Appts

Governor Mike Parson made appointments late last week.

Dr. Maynard Bill Jones, of Versailles, was reappointed to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board.

Andrew Moore, of Poplar Bluff, was appointed to the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

Phillip Slinkard, of Neosho, was reappointed to the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.

Dr. Linda Scorse, of Joplin, was appointed to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board.

Joseph Smith, of St. Charles, was appointed to the St. Charles County Convention and Sports Facilities Authority.

Robert Whelan, of Poplar Bluff, was appointed to the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Leadership Forum - $10,000 from The Larson Group, Inc.

Raise Up Missouri - $100,000 from The Fairness Project (Washington DC).

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Rucker for Missouri.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $20,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.



Happy birthdays to Tom Irwin, Sen. Sandy Crawford, Matthew Potter, Steve Kraske, and Andy Arnold.