MOScout Daily Update: New Ads - Jolie Back In - Unions Sue to Keep Merit System and more...

New Hawley Ad: Gotcha!

The latest Josh Hawley commercial shows Senator Claire McCaskill, presumably at a volunteer gathering, remark that if she gets good turnout in St. Louis County, she can “give up a few votes in the bootheel.”   See it here.

Republicans were high-fiving the gaffe, saying it shows how little she regards the rural parts of Missouri.  I don’t see it as a killer hit.  But maybe I just don’t get it, sitting here in south St. Louis City…


New Ad: Prop D

Prop D – the gas tax – has released their first commercial.  See it here.  It shows a mother, fastening her child’s seat belt and talking to the camera about the great things it will fund: rumble strips, guard rails, highway dividers…

Tag line: Prop D’s a bargain to keep my family and yours safer.


Justus Jumps Back In

Former Sen. Jolie Justus’ announced that she’s back in the KC mayor’s race.  See the video here.

What It Means

She likely jumps to the top of the polling.


Weekender Preview

It’s Senate 22 this week.  That’s what the MOScout Poll will survey and what the Hallway Index will weigh in on…

For your prep, take a look at the 2016 Senate 22 map here.  Trump won Senate 22 by 35 points! Yowza.

And here’s a peek at messaging…

Robert Butler’s Facebook ads (see them here): he’s endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police; Wieland took the most gifts from lobbyists; proven champion for labor; and gets healthcare because wife Miriam is a nurse.

Paul Wieland’s Facebook ads (see them here): Bring Jobs Home Act; opioid crisis; anti-eminent domain; stood up to insurance companies; stood up to towing companies; stood up to 911 tax; record school funding; pro-Trump’s wall.


Unions Sue to Keep Merit System

Bob Watson reports that “three unions, representing a number of state employees, said in a lawsuit announced Wednesday that at least some parts of the new state law — that made major changes to the 70-year-old Merit System for state employees — violate provisions of the Missouri Constitution…  The new law put all state employees under the same, non-Merit regulations. This includes removing the testing requirements to qualify for a job, and canceling the appeals process for a Merit System employee who was disciplined or fired.  The lawsuit argued state officials and the heads of various departments or agencies ‘unilaterally imposed (new) policies’ when the new law went into effect, and those changes ‘purport to prohibit state employees from bargaining, through their union, for a requirement that discipline be imposed only 'for cause' — an essential term and condition of employment that Plaintiffs have negotiated for decades, and that is reflected in contracts between Plaintiffs and Defendants, and that protect employees from arbitrary termination for no reason or any reason.’  The lawsuit said collective bargaining rights are protected by at least two sections of Missouri's Constitution…”


Beware Mass Confusion!

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft cheers the attorney general’s office for appealing the recent ruling regarding Voter ID.  “We appreciate the quick work of the Attorney General’s Office, which filed an appeal of Judge Callahan’s decision on the Voter ID law last night and filed for an emergency stay to the ruling this morning. The judge’s decision has injected mass confusion into the voting process just weeks before an important election – an action the courts historically and purposely have not taken. To be clear, many of Missouri’s 116 local election authorities have already trained poll workers – as part of ID Option 2 – to require voters to sign a statement. The judge’s decision creates confusion for voters as well as local election authorities. Remember, if you’re registered to vote, you can vote!”


What It Means

Republicans watch too many legal rulings reversing their legislative work and they’ll take another run at the non-partisan court plan.  Just sayin….


Energy Bill Helped Land Expansion

Quaker Window Products announced a $65 million expansion in Eldon Missouri yesterday. One of the reasons they cited – in addition to a “quality workforce” – was a new economic development tool from SB 564 which offers a special rate on energy.  Quaker Windows is the first company to apply for the incentive, which allows for up to a 40% rate cut under certain criteria for up to five years. 



To Jessica Winschel Grove who starts at St. Louis Community College on Monday as Associate for Board Relations reporting to the chancellor.  She has been Vice President of Business Development at the Missouri Biotechnology Association.


eMailbag on Pre-K Objections

The “camel nose/voucher” argument for allowing a mixed delivery system that includes private and public educators for Pre-K is just plain wrong. Public funds already go to early care and education providers outside of traditional districts. Public/private collaboration is good policy that benefits children, families and local communities.


Help Wanted

The St. Louis Regional Chamber seeks Manager Government Affairs. “Represents the interests of the Regional Chamber with government officials, agencies and external audiences as the Chamber’s primary contact with government at the regional, state and federal levels. Influences the passage, defeat and modification of legislation and administrative actions as needed to achieve the Chamber’s public policy goals and objectives…”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Jeffrey Brooks, Bill Gamble, Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, David Jackson, Sarah Schlemeier and Sarah Topp added Swope Health Services.

Jeffrey Brooks, Cynthia Gamble, and Sarah Topp deleted Saint Louis Zoo Association.

Jeffrey Brooks, Cynthia Gamble, and Jorgen Schlemeier deleted Journey to New Life Inc.

Jeffrey Brooks deleted Criminal Justice Ministry, Luetkenhaus Properties, and Empower Missouri.

David Jackson deleted Missouri Association Of County Dev Disabilities Services.

Jason Klumb deleted McCarthy Buildings Company, Bannister Transformation and Development, and Kansas City Area Development  Council.


$5K+ Contributions

Vote For Your Library - $10,000 from John Sherman.

Vote For Your Library - $10,000 from Civic Council of Kansas City.

Majority Forward - $25,000 from WSCEW PAC.

Majority Forward - $10,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

SaferMO.Com - $10,000 from MFA Oil.

Missouri Insurance Political Action Committee - $7,500 from RGA Enterprise Services Company.

MO Insurance Coalition PAC - $7,500 from RGA Enterprise Services Company.

Humane Society Legislative Fund of Missouri PAC - $15,000 from Chuck Laue.

Major Brands Political Action Committee - $25,000 from Susan McCollum.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Jason Chipman and Rick Francis, Charles Schlottach, Bridget Halquist, Dave Chilenski, Mavis Busiek, Jeff Mazur, and Alexandria Zumsteg.

Saturday: Larry Pleus, Linda Black, and John Mayfield.

Sunday: Jeremy LaFaver and Casey Guersey.