MOScout Daily Update: Clay Contra CLEAN - Schatz Gives $100K to GOP Senate Committee - Parson Flutter - New Gov Hires and more...


The mighty Jason Rosenbaum dropped a few CLEAN scoops yesterday….

First, this clip from Congressman Lacy Clay, saying that he was opposing Amendment 1.  See it here.  It’s safe to say that African American political leaders are split on this issue, with some concerned about its potential to dilute black voting blocs, and others reassured that the proposal’s language protects minority representation.


Also CLEAN released their first TV ad.  See it here.  It’s a clear, straightforward ad.


Finally the big question right now: where’s David Humphreys?  Word was that that anti-CLEAN folks were looking for a million-dollar lift from him.  No money = no opposition = CLEAN coasting to victory in three weeks. 

And remember even the rich have to deal with liquidity issues from time to time.  Coming up with seven-figures on short notice when your munis aren’t coming due until December, that sort of thing….


Parson Flutter, All Fine

Post Dispatch reports (see it here) that “Gov. Mike Parson went to a hospital in recent weeks after feeling something wrong in his chest.  But, after a series of tests, including an MRI, the 63-year-old Republican told the Post-Dispatch Tuesday he was released without being admitted….”


Schatz Gives $100K

Sen. Dave Schatz sent over a big check from his campaign committee to the Missouri Senate Campaign Committee, which operates as the Senate Republicans’ campaign vehicle.  The $100,000 show of generosity was magnified by a check the same day from colleague Sen. Mike Cunningham of “only” $10,000. 

Both senators are running for the top leadership position in the Senate.  And while Senate leadership races tend to be less fundraising-driven than House leadership races, that doesn’t mean they’re completely unimportant.  Senators took note of Schatz’ contribution.  One insider tells me “[Schatz] is hustling more than any Pro Tem candidate at the moment and the combination of [that plus the check] might be moving some [votes].”

We’ll see…


Chester Preps Rematch?

Chester Victory Committee was formed.  It’s a candidate committee for Mik Chester to run for House 9 as a Republican in 2020.  Chester ran and lost this year, placing second in a four-way primary to Shelia Solon.


Stauffer to MO Health Care

Ryan Stauffer, formerly Director of Legislative Affairs at Missouri Chamber of Commerce, has moved to Missouri Health Care Association where he’s working on their government affairs team.


Follow-Up on October Quarters

There was some discrepancy in the total raised figures I cited yesterday.  It seems some candidates correctly reset their totals after the primary election, and others don’t.  


eMailbag: Can’t Buy a Ticket Out of a Wave

I think we are all overestimating the role of money. Reps in suburban seats with only slight or no Republican lean (Kidd, Corlew, Shields, etc) are likely to lose just due to the electorate being a bit more Democratic.  That’s the point of a wave- it sweeps in people who otherwise have no chance- see Higdon, Galen.

Recent 2nd Floor Hires

Hannah Ankenbauer – “Constituent Services Liaison”

Francesca Haass – “Director of Mgmt Initatives”

John Shikles – “Policy Counsel”


Labor Hearts Prop D?

In the large contributions today, the Eastern MO Laborers’ District Council sent four big ones ($400K) to the SaferMO.Com committee.  That’s the campaign committee for Prop D, the transportation tax.  It’s a demonstration of labor support for the infrastructure program and the expectation that it will produce more economic activity and jobs in the future


Like so many groups which appear monolithic from the outside, labor isn’t 100% united on this issue.  One tipster tells me that some of the building trades unions have yet to sign on.  It’s unclear if their reluctance is because they don’t see the economic return on the investment or if it’s collateral damage from some other friction with the Parson administration.


Luetky $$$?

Senate 34 candidate Tony Leutkemeyer continues to show fundraising surprises to the upside.  His ability to put up yet another $100K+ quarter is remarkable for a few reasons. 

First, it’s just not easy with the post-Amendment 2 limits.  You really have to work at it.  It’s requires a methodical determination. 

Second, we’re late in the cycle.  The easiest asks happened a year ago when it was all friends and family.  At this point you’re raising money from folks who believe in you as a candidate, not as their childhood friend.

Tonight, Luetky has a fundraiser headlined by Governor Mike Parson which should bolster his final totals.


NYTimes on MO Dems’ Dilemma

NYTimes reports on Missouri electoral landscape, using abortion politics as the prism.  See it here.  Quoted…

“The energy of these progressive folks is a small part of the entire electoral picture,” said Jay Nixon, the Democratic former governor of Missouri. “I understand it’s easier to see and analyze and write about, but I do not see it controlling this election or future elections here in Missouri.”

[Joan Barry] recalled a cocktail party conversation with a woman who asked why she was not seeking help from Naral during her run for State Senate in 2008. When she explained that she opposed abortion, the woman “looked at me like I had the plague. She had this horrible look on her face of just disgust and she walked away from me.”

“I don’t understand Democrats who quote Truman and F.D.R. and then act like they are terrified to run as an actual Democrat,” said [Pamela] Merritt, 45, who lives in St. Louis. “You have to believe in something in order for somebody to believe in you. You can’t be such a watered-down thing.”

“They operate in this fantasy,” [Chris Kelly] said, “that we’re going to have a political renaissance or enlightenment, where everyone is going to decide that their ideas — the ideas of the lefties — are now their ideas… You will not win seats, because even though people might agree with you on some of the issues, you will scare them away. You will seem alien to them.”


Uber’s Uber Valuation

Wall Street Journal reports: “Uber Technologies recently received proposals from Wall Street banks valuing the ride-hailing company at as much as $120 billion in an initial public offering that could take place early next year…”

Uber is represented in Missouri by Catalyst.


“Ride-hailing firm Lyft recently selected underwriters for an initial public offering that is expected in the first half of 2019… Lyft’s valuation is expected to top the $15.1 billion it was valued at earlier this year…”

Lyft is represented in Missouri by Nexus Group.


Public Safety Appts

Press release:  Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten today announced the appointment of two veteran Missouri public safety leaders to top positions in the Department of Public Safety.  Kenny Jones has been named Deputy Director of the Department of Public Safety. He began working at the department today.  Ron Walker began serving as Director of the State Emergency Management Agency, a division of the Department of Public Safety, on Oct. 9….


Press Contract

The state has issued a new RFP for “newspaper advertisement placement services.”  From the RFP: The current contract for newspaper advertisement placement services had approximately $2,000,000 per Fiscal Year… There has not been, nor is there a set schedule or pattern for when a state agency may need to place advertisements in newspapers.  The advertising needs vary from year to year and from state agency to state agency.

Missouri Press Services Inc held the contract – worth $16,332 – last year.



Senate 34 Republican candidate Tony Luetkemeyer fundraiser with special guest Mike Parson at the home of Al and Annie Purcell – Easton, MO – 6PM.


Lobbyist Registrations

Elizabeth Lauber added St. Louis Youthbuild.

Jim Cooper deleted The Adoption Exchange, and Jefferson County.

Heath Clarkston, Doug Nelson and Kurt Schaefer deleted Navigant Consulting, Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

The Madison PAC - $20,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Lincoln PAC - $10,000 from the Madison PAC.

Safer Families for Missouri - $7,200 from Edelman and Thompson LLC.

Safer Families for Missouri - $10,200 from Langdon & Emison LLC.

SaferMO.Com - $20,000 from Clayco.

SaferMO.Com - $25,000 from International Union of Operating Engineers Local 513.

SaferMO.Com - $400,000 from Eastern MO Laborers’ District Council.

Missouri Insurance Political Action Committee - $10,000 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $100,000 from Citizens for Schatz.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Friends of Mike Cunningham.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Express Scripts.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, Commissioner Scott Rupp, and Ray Hefner.