MOScout Weekender: MOScout Poll - Who Won The Week - MMJ Industry Trade Group Hires Tilley and more...

MMJ Industry Starts Trade Group

With the passage of Amendment 2, medical marijuana, a trade association has started up.  See the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association website here.   

This is a natural step to help professionalize the emerging industry and bring it quickly into mainstream business practices.

See the executive and advisory boards here

And as another big move to protect the interests of the new industry the group has hired top tier lobbyists – Steven Tilley and Thomas Robbins – to represent them in Jefferson City. 


MOScout Poll: Baseline Fav Ratings for 2020 Statewides

With the elections in the rearview mirror we’re starting over.  Here are baseline fav/unfavs for the Republican statewides.  The Ashcroft name gives Jay Ashcroft the highest favs (and unfavs).  And healthcare is top of mind to the voters of Missouri.

Survey conducted November 15 through November 16, 2018. 1,460 likely 2020 General Election voters participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2020 General Election. Margin of Error is +/-2.6%.

Q: What is your opinion of Mike Parson?

Favorable: 35%

Unfavorable: 13%

No opinion: 52%

Q: What is your opinion of Eric Schmitt?

Favorable: 16%

Unfavorable: 14%

No opinion: 70%

Q: What is your opinion of Jay Ashcroft?

Favorable: 38%

Unfavorable: 28%

No opinion: 34%

Q: What should be the top priority for state government?

Economic development: 17%

Education: 16%

Public safety: 11%

Healthcare: 34%

Something else: 6%

Not sure: 16%

See the full results here.


MOScout’s Hallway Index: Who Should Dems Run in 2020?

I asked… Who should Dems run for governor in 2020?  23 responses.

Russ Carnahan: 8.7%

Nicole Galloway: 43.5%

Scott Sifton: 8.7%

Someone else: 31.1%

Sample of Comments

Someone completely new and relatable. Preferably a self-made businessperson.


Chris Koster.


It’s really whoever they can afford to sacrifice.  I would save Galloway for an open seat situation.


Nicole should be the pick if she wants it.  Also should be considered: Jean Peters Baker


[Galloway] is the best bet and has now won a statewide; however, they gotta get some fresh faces.


Treasurer Sweepstakes

One reader writes: I am a little surprised that Former Senator Dave Pearce's name hasn't been mentioned. Former banker, 6 years in the House, 8 years in the Senate, served with the Governor, and almost 2 years as Deputy Treasurer.

The answer is that Team Parson has pretty much decided that they’re not going to appoint another white male to their statewide ticket.  So Pearce, despite political and financial experience, isn’t on the list.


I’m told that former Treasurer Sarah Steelman is not interested in returning to her former office.  She’s apparently has the “been there, done that” t-shirt.


McDowell Eyes 2020?

In a tweet yesterday, Saundra McDowell appears to cast her aspirations toward 2020.  See it here.  My entire campaign for Auditor was based on ambition, determination, hard work, and persistence. We need to continue the movement by calling others into action! As a veteran, wife, mother, attorney and public servant, I know what it is to serve. The fight for 2020 begins NOW!

Reminder: Republicans currently hold all the statewide offices up for election in 2020, and no one is termed.


Rumorville: Luetky to File PDMP

We’re still two weeks away from pre-filing, but word is that Sen-elect Tony Luetkemeyer will file a bill creating a prescription drug monitoring program.  The senator he’s replacing, Sen. Rob Schaaf, obstructed the passage of any such bill for years.  His opposition has based on privacy concerns.  But it appears that it’s a new day in Senate 34….


Who Won the Week?

Eric Schmitt – Gets the nod from Governor Mike Parson to take over as attorney general.  It’ll rescue him from drudgery of trying to make linked deposits sound exciting.  And it brings him a higher national profile and an expanded donor pool.

Brenda Talent – It’s unclear who will ultimately be appointed to fill Schmitt’s vacant treasurer’s office, but Talent’s name is being mentioned in glowing terms.

Shamed Dogan – Also appears to be in the mix in the treasurer sweepstakes.

Jean Peters Baker – Accolades for leadership on the issue of marijuana prosecution + Dems in search of a winning 2020 slate = bright political future.

Get a downloadable version here.


Help Wanted

Missouri Family Health Council Inc seeks Director of Finance.  “The Director of Finance is a member of MFHC’s leadership team with prime responsibility for developing the agency budget, ensuring fiscal compliance and oversight of operations, establishing and maintaining fiscal policy and procedures, and staff liaison to the Finance Committee of the MFHC Board of Directors.  The Director of Finance reports directly to the Executive Director and supervises accounting staff.”  See the ad here.


Lobbyist Registrations

Thomas Robbins and Steven Tilley added Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from Kansas City Power & Light.

Middle Class Missouri PAC - $75,000 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.