Friday, July 21, 2017

Constitutional Argument Against Foster Cut Reversal

Governor Eric Greitens reversed the 1.5% cut they’d made to foster parents.  See the Post-Dispatch article here“The buck stops with me. A mistake was made, and we're going to fix it.”

The response was entirely positive.  But one MOScout reader does raise the small issue of the constitutionality of his reversal…

I'm all for foster kids, we don't do nearly enough to support foster families… however the governor couldn't stand the heat of a little pressure, so he made his most dictatorial move thus far. His budget move today is contrary to HB11 and not lawful.

He recommended a 3% reduction in January and with his veto of HCB3, he ultimately got his 3% reduction. Either the Legislature has the power to appropriate or it doesn't. The constitution doesn't give him the authority to increase appropriations, he only has the power to decrease, and only under certain circumstances.

He can't stand behind the constitution to veto bills claiming Hammerschmidt violations and then just days later ignore constitutionally appropriated funding decisions that aren't within his power to make.


O’Laughlin $$$ Rumor

The rumor is that Cindy O’Laughlin will be dropping a six-figure self-funding check into her Senate 18 bank account this weekend.  If true, she will immediately leapfrog her would-be opponents in the cash on-race.  Rep. Lindell Shumake had $3,392 on-hand; Rep. Nate Walker had $1,120 on-hand; and Rep. Craig Redmon had $28,258 on-hand


Rumorville: Solon Snifing Around Senate 34

Word is that former Rep. Sheila Solon – now a resident of Senate 34 – is starting to assess the lay of the land, and considering running next year.  She still has a campaign account of nearly $50K, and her independent (maverick?) streak would fit the mold of the current senator – Sen. Rob Schaaf.

Her pro-labor positions would make her a strong Republican candidate in the general election of what was once a swing senate district.  But can she find a path to win the primary against “outsider” Tony Luetkemeyer, and constitutional conservative Rep. Nick Marshall?


Senate 16: Jane Says

In an article about her resignation from the Monarch Fire District, former Sen. Jane Cunningham doesn’t say No to the question of whether she might run for Senate under the right circumstances in her new district… Senate 16.   “I have never been asked about running for that seat, although I know Dan has said he would like for his son to take his place,” she observed. “So it’s a long shot for me. But then politics change every day, so you never know."


Once More With Feeling

Post-Dispatch reports that “four ex-U.S. senators from Missouri released a letter today urging Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to seek the Republican nomination to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., in next year's election…” See it here.

This is a variation on a similar letter written by Sam Fox a few months ago.  Seems like every few months we get some public letter begging Hawley to run.


Rep. Paul Curtman writes on Facebook: I was just asked not to consider running for US Senate. Come to my exploratory kick-off and I'll tell you all the reasons why I said no. I am really looking forward this. At the end of the day, it isn't about me, it's about making Claire McCaskill a private citizen, and if I can be a part of making that happen- then I will do whatever I can.


The Missouri Democratic Party has started trying out messages against Hawley with a pair of web ads.  Hawley has no voting record, and only six months in office.  The first one (see it here) uses his campaign ad from a year ago to attack him for “using one office to run for another.”  The second contrasts the tough budget cuts that have taken effect with an increase in pay for folks working in the AG’s office under Hawley. See it here.


McCaherty for JeffCo County Exec

Sorry I’m late on this one... Jefferson County Executive Ken Waller opting not to run for re-election and Rep. John McCaherty’s announcing that he’s jumping in…

From the press release: “I’ll bring the same bipartisan conservative leadership to Jefferson County that I’ve fought for in Jefferson City,” McCaherty said. “The common sense people of Jefferson County deserve common sense leaders in our county government. As county executive, I will fight for our jobs and our communities.”


Correction: No Kander for Finneran

Rich Finneran – rumored to be considering a primary against St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch – writes to say that the MOScout tipster who claimed that Jason Kander was supporting his campaign was full of hot air and cold pickle juice.  “I do not have Mr. Kander's support for that office or any other, and I have never claimed that I do. I have never even spoken to Mr. Kander about supporting me for any public office…”


Help Wanted

The Association of Health Care Journalists (at University of Missouri) seeks Director of Engagement. “This includes editorial strategy, outreach efforts and staff management. The crucial member of the management team will help us maintain our standards of excellence while helping set a course for new achievements… Specifically, the Director of Engagement will work with the Executive Director and the organization’s Right to Know Committee to maintain and promote First Amendment and public access advocacy efforts; work with the membership coordinator and website staff to improve and integrate membership data with our website for consistent member experience, better tracking of member status and quicker analysis of member metrics; work with the website staff and financial officer to improve online interaction with members, potential members, event registrants and vendors… Salary: $62,000 - $96,600…”

See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

MLBCF Summer Conference – KC Marriott CC Plaza – Kansas City.


Lobbyists Registrations

Jeffrey Altmann added The City Of Ellisville Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Republican Party - $10,000 from House Republican Campaign Committee.



Happy birthdays to Sally Faith, and Christian Morgan.

Saturday: Rep. Rick Brattin, and former Reps. Jason Brown and Eileen McGeoghegan.

Sunday: Comcast’s Tom Krewson, Darrell Pollock, and Bob Quinn.