Monday, July 24, 2017

O’Laughlin Leads in Senate 18

Cindy O’Laughlin did send a $100K check to herself over the weekend.  That propels her to the front-runner status  in the Senate 18 Republican primary.  She’s the only “outsider” with other state representatives running or thinking of running.  She has conservative credentials from her time as a party activist.  She will likely have Axiom Strategies running her campaign.  And now she has a huge cash on-hand advantage.


Rumorville: Solon Calls Roberts

MOScout tipster: Former Rep. Sheila Solon called Buchanan County Presiding Commissioner Harry Roberts asking who she needs to meet with to explore a Senate campaign...


First in MOScout: State Seeks Bids For FirstNet System

The state has issued an RFP for a “partner to build, operate, and maintain a statewide Public Safety Broadband Radio Access Network.”  The actual contract is contingent on Governor Eric Greitens’ decision to opt-out of FirstNet.

Last year the Atlantic wrote: The prize for the most wasteful post-9/11 initiative arguably should go to FirstNet—a whole new agency set up to provide a telecommunications system exclusively for firefighters, police, and other first responders. They would communicate on bandwidth worth billions of dollars in the commercial market but now reserved by the Federal Communications Commission for FirstNet... According to the GAO, estimates of its cost range from $12 billion to $47 billion, even as advances in digital technology seem to have eliminated the need to spend any of it.

State must decide to opt-in or opt-out.  StateScoop writes: The decision to opt out would place the burden on a given state of constructing an equivalent wireless data network that could be connected to the $46.5 billion national system being developed by AT&T.

From the RFP

[P]roposals will be considered by the State of Missouri when the Governor of the State of Missouri makes the decision to opt-in or opt-out of the federal government’s FirstNet deployment plans.  In the event the Governor decides to opt-out of the FirstNet deployment plans to proceed with establishing a Missouri PSB-RAN, the State of Missouri would need to obtain approvals from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), and possibly other entities to proceed. In the event required approvals were not obtained or if the Governor decides to opt-in to the FirstNet deployment plans, a contract would not be awarded by the State of Missouri as a result of this Request for Proposal (RFP)… The successful contractor will assist in supplementing and supporting the efforts of current staff of the Missouri DPS, as well as the Missouri Statewide Interoperability Network (MOSWIN), in the State of Missouri’s partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) to implement the state’s PSB-RAN within the NPSBN…


Lawsuit Challenges MJ IPs?

This director’s report of the Council for Drug Free Youth in Jefferson City appears to indicate that their state-funded agency is challenging “all but 2” of the marijuana initiative petitions with lawsuits, “appearances began July 17.” See it here.


Rumorville: McKinsey OHI Pro Bono?

One rumor making the round of state government is that the Organization Health Index survey (I wrote about last week) is being administered by McKinsey and Company pro bono.  The state’s “COO” Drew Erdmann was previously employed with McKinsey, so perhaps he could have cajoled them into giving their services for the survey.  Though one more cynical state worker wonders if McKinsey would do it for a foot in the door – thinking they could get a consulting contract down the road for “reorganizing,” “rightsizing,” “streamlining” etc state government.
We’ll see….


Arthur Enters Senate 30

Businessman Caleb Arthur declared his candidacy for Senate 30.  The current incumbent, Sen. Bob Dixon, is termed.  Rep. Kevin Austin has indicated he’s running for this seat too.

See Arthur’s website here.  And the announcement video here.  It appears Jon Ratliff and Scott Dieckhaus will be running Arthur’s campaign.

Press release: Caleb Arthur was born and raised in Southwest Missouri.  When he was younger, Caleb served as a police officer for five years and was injured in the line of duty during a raid on a meth lab.  Instead of being a victim or complaining about his injury, Caleb decided that it was time to be an entrepreneur and looked to the tech sector for encouragement.  Caleb worked day and night, going door to door to promote his new company and its products for years, ultimately growing it to become the second fastest growing company in Missouri and the ninth fastest energy company in the nation.  Now, Caleb employs more than 120 people with offices all across

the midwest.  Caleb headquartered his company in Springfield and decided that it was the perfect place to live with his wife, Rachel and their four young children, Deacon, Delaney, Eden and Ezra….


Akin Haunts MO GOP

Rebecca Berg writes that you won’t see a Josh Hawley-Eric Schmitt primary for fear that an Akin-type candidate could then end up winning the primary.  See the article here.

Pull Quote: Hawley and Schmitt are expected to decide whether to run in the next few weeks. But Republicans do not anticipate they would choose to face off in a primary — opening the door for another Todd Akin to walk through. For Missouri Republicans, those wounds are still fresh.



Sen. Ryan Silvey is the only Missouri legislator named on this list of “Most Effective.”  See it here.  Not bad considering he was mostly at war with both the governor and his chamber leader during the legislative session.


With less fanfare last week, Governor Eric Greitens announced a partnership with Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for 50,000 medication disposal pouches.  See it here.  The hope is that the pouches – which “deactivate” prescription drugs – will cut down on illegal opioid use.


Columbia Tribune reports that “Cooper County Clerk Darryl Kempf, 66, was arrested on suspicion of stealing a Toyota Tundra and charged with intent to defraud, theft, receiving stolen property and willfully failing to make a sales tax return. Kempf was released on $10,000 bond.”  MOScouter: The only countywide elected Democrat in the otherwise deep-red Cooper County Courthouse. Dumb-ass crook.


Press release: Brown & James, P.C. welcomes Missouri State Rep. Bruce DeGroot to the firm's St. Louis and Columbia, Mo., offices. Rep. DeGroot joins the firm's insurance law and general litigation practice groups, having previously worked for his own law firm after beginning his law career with Brown & James.


Press release: The Missouri Democratic Party today named Meira Bernstein as Communications Director, with a focus on re-electing Senator Claire McCaskill. Bernstein previously served as press secretary for Maggie Hassan, the New Hampshire Governor who successfully ousted Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte last year….


eMailbag: On Constitutionality of Greitens’ Foster Cut Reversal

Disagree with your reader re: constitutionality of Greitens's foster care move.

Assuming 11.235 is the section of HB 11 that is used to fund these payments (which I think it is), it serves a variety of purposes so those other services may well afford the ability to do the cost shift.  Not unconstitutional at all.  Just because a Governor says they are going to reduce payments does not mean they are required to unless the budget explicitly describes that scenario.

Also, worth noting several other sections in HB 11 speak to the foster care system in one way or another and at least one seems to allow authority to make payments, so that line item could also be tapped (11.305)…


Help Wanted

Smith & Wesson seeks Director, Digital Strategy.  “The Director of Digital Strategy is responsible for collaborating with cross-functional brand, marketing, business insights, finance, logistics and IT partners to lead innovation and process improvement initiatives. The desired candidate will be goal oriented, possess exceptional attention to detail, and have outstanding interpersonal skills…”


Lobbyists Registrations

Paul Sparks added Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Mark Rhoads deleted Steven R. Carroll, and Multistate Associates, Inc. On Behalf of United Rentals.



St. Louis Democratic Central Committee - $5,121 from Eventbrite Inc.

Pave The Way Independence - $10,000 from Superior Bowen Asphalt Co LLC.

Pave The Way Independence - $20,000 from Heavy Construction Association.

Missourians For O'Laughlin - $100,000 from Cindy OLaughlin.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Friends Of Elijah Haahr.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Missouri Realtors PAC Inc.



Happy birthdays to Senator Claire McCaskill, Rep. Jean Evans, Betsy AuBuchon, Kim Tuttle, Jim Lembke and Kevin Threlkeld.