Friday, May 12, 2017

As we enter the final day of the legislative session…


PQ Day?

There’s been little talk of a PQ this session in the Senate because the body has been consumed with its internal factions.  But the buzz about the majority using the legislative motion was building yesterday.  Variations of rumors were being passed along, but the most common was that they would PQ the minimum wage bill to overturn St. Louis City’s higher wage.

(Opponents of the higher minimum wage say that it will cause jobs to flee the city – presumably into their districts).

The Senate Republicans will caucus this morning, and plot out a course for the final day…

The Day’s Wild-Card

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal has promised this week that she would pick up some books on her desk and start reading if SB22 died in the House.  It’s been languishing over there, so watch to see what she does today.  That could throw a wrench in any plans the majority makes.


HCB3 Still Stuck

The Senate did a very rare bipartisan press conference yesterday to show their near-unanimous support for their fund-sweep legislation, a proposal which House Budget Chair Scott Fitzpatrick once again dismantled on the floor as unworkable.

This came after Democratic freshmen Peter Merideth and Crystal Quade were seen Senate-side earlier trying to work a compromise.

Head meet wall….


Rone: King Libla Heartless

Rep. Don Rone enjoyed a standing ovation from his House colleagues after a passionate speech, about his attempts to bring hundreds of new jobs to the bootheel.  Listen to his speech here.

Rone derided Sen. Doug Libla as “King Libla,” because he’s blocking the change to utility regulations that would accommodate these jobs.

He accused Libla, and Sens. Rob Schaaf and Gary Romine of being “heartless,” “selfish,” and “egotisical.”

During Senate debate on the issue (SB302), Sen. Ed Emery read a statement from Public Service Commissioner Daniel Hall (see it here), saying that it was consistent with the Commission’s recent report on utility reform.

eMailbag on Rone Speech

On Monday, House member standing up to question Sen. Gary Romine's integrity got castigated for it. Today, Don Rone literally got a standing ovation for it.


Greitens Priorities Pass, But…

Both the Blue Alert system legislation and the Real ID compromise were truly agreed and finally passed.  These were items of which Governor Eric Greitens had been vocally supportive.

But… everyone still assumes a special is coming sometime next month….

eMailbag on Real ID

Republican stalwart Eddy Justice: "Land of the free and the home of the brave?  Do we really know what that means? Or is it just platitudes? Something to think about."


Calzone Sues on SB638 (2016)

Non-registered lobbyist Ron Calzone has filed a lawsuit to overturn last session SB638.  It’s unclear which provision of the bill he finds offensive, but his suit is claiming a Hammerschimdt violation of containing more than a single subject. SB638 had a wide-range of educational provisions in it, including mandating the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, mandating CPR training for students as well as the Missouri Civic Initiative.

On That Theme

Scott Charton tweeted this “reminder” to the legislature: Remember '94 #SCOMO #Hammerschmidt ruling as #moleg heads to 6pm adjournment: "No bill shall contain more than one subject..." #OXmasTree


Miller For Floor Leader

Rep. Rocky Miller threw his hat in the ring for Floor Leader yesterday.  Here’s excerpts from his letter to caucus…

I would like to help keep moving Missouri forward and therefore, I am submitting my name to serve us all as the new Majority Floor Leader…

I have been a chairperson for past three years and prior to that, I was Vice-Chair of one the Appropriations Committees.  In my five years, I have proposed and supported a wide range of legislation through our process.  I run a very organized operation and strive to make sure that my fellow legislators are educated on the legislation and process…

I have been described as an open book.  I believe in keeping everyone up to date on what we are doing.  I want to lay out our destination and follow that to the best of my ability.  Our caucus should be aware of what is going to happen on the Floor.  To be successful, we must all be engaged.

I plan to help advance our cause by simply and completely explaining our position and aggressively defending that position with the Senate, Governor and Public.

I humbly ask for your support for the position of Majority Floor Leader.  Please contact me if you have any questions…



Conspiracy theory from the gallery… lobbyist gift bans went nowhere this session because lawmakers are excited about going to Mizzou basketball games again with the recruitment of Michael Porter….


$5K+ Contributions

Clean Water Healthy Communities PAC - $8,000 from Missouri American Water Company.

House Victory Committee - $9,648 from Missouri Democratic Party.



Happy birthdays to Peter Kinder and Leann Chilton.

Saturday: Former Rep. Beth Low, and Corey Jackson.


MOScout News

No Weekly Summary or Who Won the Week today.  Enjoy the last day folks, and I’ll do a Who Won the Session next week….