Thurday, May 11, 2017

MCN Vs Lobbyists

In a tweet Sen. Maria Chapelle-Nadal put up a picture of four lobbyists (see it here) who she says are trying to kill her SB22, which creates the Missouri Contaminated Home Acquisition Program.

On the floor yesterday she questioned whether their lobbyist registrations accurately reflect who they’re working for.  “[I’m] not sure who they are representing... for example does Lathrop and Gage actually represent Exelon? Does Lathrop and Gage actually represent Bridgeton Landfill?...”

This is a 1994 opinion from the Missouri Ethics Commission (see it here) which says that lobbyist must show “in whose interest he appears or works.”


This morning, again on Twitter, Sen. Chappelle-Nadal asked why Molly Teichman isn’t a registered lobbyist.


Domain: Stenger for Gov

There’s no indication that Edward Domain has any idea what he’s talking about, but….

Here’s his tweet saying that “County Exec Steve Stenger privately telling ppl he's running for Governor against @EricGreitens….”


Senate Works

In the morning, the Senate spent a few belabored hours on a seemingly non-controversial House resolution to create a “task force” to look at transportation issues in Missouri.

Then it spent several more hours on a couple of high priority bills which have such entrenched opposition it was clear they were not going to get to a vote:  HB 460 which is part of the tort reform agenda would narrow venue choice, and HB 1194 which would prevent municipalities from raising the minimum wage .

One lobbyist explained that the Senate had to show "what they can't" before moving on to what they can.

Some have talked about a possible PQ on minimum wage, but the consensus (famous last words) is that there’s no PQ in the offering this session.


HCB3 Outlook

The Senate appears dug in on not conferencing.  The Senate view is that the budget that the House insisted on keeps nearly $200 million for a supplemental budget later in the fiscal year.  From the Senate perspective, that money can be used for senior programs.  Then the commissioner of OA can use the sweep if they want to replenish the fund balance.

But the Senate is intent on not kicking people off the circuit-breaker when there’s that much money sitting there.


SB313 Dead, But Not ESA?

Sen. Andrew Koenig’s SB313 looks like it’s dead.  It was voted Do Pass in Rep. Shawn Rhoads’ Rule Committee, but he hasn’t turn it in yet.  It’s still sitting there.

So some say that advocates are looking to amend the educational savings language onto another bill.

With each passing hour the path narrows a bit more. But one plan looks like using SB93 as the vehicle. Here’s the amendment. And then see if they can use it to finesse a deal with the Senate on circuit-breaker/sweep.

We’ll see….


Cornejo Formally Announces for Speaker

Rep. Robert Cornejo’s statement formally entering the race for speaker.  Reps. Elijah Haahr and Holly Rehder are the others running.

“The Missouri House has made monumental steps forward this legislative session, passing Right to Work, fully funding the education foundation formula, and making real progress on a variety of conservative issues.  During the coming years, we have the opportunity to do even more to reduce the size of government, protect Missourians’ fundamental rights, and help our state’s economy thrive.  We will have to work hard and make some tough choices over the next few years to accomplish these goals, but by doing so we can make a lasting difference for future generations.  I would be honored to lead the House as we discuss these important issues.”


Where’s Ann’s Announcement?

Weeks ago folks were abuzz anticipating an announcement from Congresswoman Ann Wagner that she would be challenging US Senator Claire McCaskill.  But weeks have passed and it’s been quiet.

Attorney General Josh Hawley meanwhile has also been mum after the letter from supporters was circulated.

One theory has the two camps in détente, seeing if they can work something out.  A Trump judicial appointment for Hawley, for example.

Others think Republicans are slowing down in the face of 2018 uncertainties.  While everyone has assumed that McCaskill will be vulnerable in the reddening state of Missouri, the erractic and bumpy Trump presidency could make for tough mid-terms for Republicans.


One rumor has Governor Eric Greitens not beyond a late jump into the Senate race.  Observers think that things aren’t going to get better for him here so it makes sense to look for the next thing.

First, this is probably a high-water legislative session with right to work, tort reform, and fully funding the foundation formula.

Second, there’s no indication that the budget will get easier in the coming years, and looking west to Kansas he can see it’s no fun to govern with constant budget holes to fill.

And finally, it’s a “free pass” cycle since he’s not up for re-election until 2020.


Colona Makes Panel

Former Rep. Mike Colona made a judicial panel.  The press release: “The Twenty-Second Circuit Judicial Commission announced the panel of three nominees to be submitted to Governor Eric Greitens to fill the associate circuit judge vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Thom C. Clark II to the circuit court in the city of St. Louis. Those nominated by the commission are: Michael J. Colona, Joan K. Miller, and Scott A. Millikan…”



What I would have given for a video with Jay Nixon in a star trek uniform… oh well, at least we have Eric Greitens… …. See it here.


Help Wanted

Missouri Department of Natural Resources seeks Director - Division of Administrative Support. “The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is seeking an energetic, self-motivated individual to serve in the role of Director for the Division of Administrative Support, headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri.

The mission of the Division of Administrative Support is to provide expert and respectful services through collaboration ensuring efficient and effective operations in fulfillment of the department’s mission, vision and values.

The Director for the Division of Administrative Support will oversee all administrative functions for the department, including but not limited to budget development and financial resource allocations, internal audit, accounting, human resources, procurement, grants management and general services…”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Andy Arnold added Mike’s Wine and Spirits.

Heath Clarkston added Americans for Prosperity – Missouri; and deleted CarFax Inc.

Bo Moore added ConnectSouth, International Game Technology, Community Education Centers, and CorrectLife.

David Sweeney added Verizon Communications.

Pamela Henrickson deleted University of Missouri System.

Harry Gallagher deleted CarfaxInc.

David Linton deleted Eastern Missouri Landowners Alliance Dba Show Me Concerned Landowners.

Christopher Mitton deleted American Forest & Paper Association.

Michael Monetta and Joshua Aciz deleted WOLF-PAC.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $10,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Citizens for Responsible Government - $25,000 from Phil Klein.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Greg Razer, Abram Messer, and Jerryl Christmas.



To Rep. Shane Roden on the birth of Josephine Rose Roden.  From Facebook: Well someone couldn't wait another month to enter this world. Very thankful I was able to make it to the hospital in time from Jefferson City... Last night at 8:49 pm Josephine Rose Roden made her appearance 4 lbs 7oz 16 in long. She will get to spend a little more time in the nicu, but is doing good and mom is healing up after a long night.