Friday, September 1, 2017

Warren Love Lynching Post Update

The political establishment – initially a little slow to react – came out yesterday condemning Rep. Warren Love’s lynching post.  Love issued an apology.  But many – including US Senator Claire McCaskill, Governor Eric Greitens, and Auditor Nicole Galloway – said he should resign.

Rep. Rob Vescovo tweeted “Calling for the murder of anyone is unacceptable.  Rep. Love's punishment should be equal to any imposed upon @MariaChappelleN #moleg”  But his rival for the floor leader position, Rep. Kirk Mathews, was silent after being out in front on demanding Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s resignation.


There are some Republicans fearful that there might be another shoe to drop in the Love saga if he doesn’t resign.  Love is a bit of loose cannon when he talks to the press, and there are rumors of other controversies from his past.


Rumorville: Panik to Chamber

Word is that Eric Schmitt’s trusted staffer Matt Panik will be headed to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.  If true, it’s a strong hire for the Chamber as they once again rejuvenate their hallway team.  Tracy King, who lead the Chamber’s government affairs team for a decade, left over the summer to join Pelopidas’ Gate Way Group lobbying firm.

For Schmitt, it doesn’t hurt either to have a top lieutenant in the thick of the business community’s political advocacy battles.


First in MOScout: Pistor Registers to Lobby

Former Post-Dispatch City Hall Reporter Nick Pistor registered to lobby for Macquarie Infrastructure And Real Assets Inc.  Macquarie is interested in running St. Louis Lambert Airport assuming that the plans for “privatization” go through.

Pistor – making the unusual leap from journalism to lobbying – joins the team of Dave Sweeney, Jeff Brooks, David Jackson and Jorgen Schlemeier trying to help Macquarie.


Tucker Caught in Page-Stenger Crossfire

It looks like former building denizen Mark Tucker is getting caught in the crossfire of the escalating feud between County Executive Steve Stenger and Councilman Sam Page. KMOV reports that Stenger thinks Tucker shouldn’t have his job, but only got it because he’s a Page ally.  It’s clearly a hit job, but it still doesn’t read well for Tucker (or Page).  See it here.

Pull Quote: St. Louis County Auditor Mark Tucker is being paid nearly $90,000 a year. But in the six months he's been on the job, he hasn't produced a single audit. “There’s no accounting experience, there's no auditing experience whatsoever,” said St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger… Tucker came recommended by Council Chairman Dr. Sam Page. A former lobbyist, News 4 confirmed Tucker was tied to Page’s campaign when page previously ran for lieutenant governor… Documents filed at the courthouse show Tucker owes more than $91,000 in federal back taxes… News 4 Investigates wanted to talk to Tucker. After an interview request that went unanswered, we caught up with him inside the county government building. He told us he was on the phone, although it appeared his ear buds were not connected to anything…


St. Louis Chamber Champions Early Childhood Education

Yesterday the St. Louis Regional Chamber held a forum to discuss the “business case” for early childhood education. Chamber topper Joe Reagan kicked of the event which included a presentation from former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Nancy Cambria on her award-winning work on trauma. She provided data that showed only 5,900 quality pre-K slots for 25,000 students in St. Louis.

Panelists included Dennis Hummel from Maritz, Torree Pederson from the Alliance for Childhood Education, Mike Scully from PNC Bank, and Nicole Hudson from the City of St. Louis.

Findings from the latest St. Louis Workforce Report point to the lack of soft skills in today’s job applicants. With the failure of Amendment 3 and new pre-K funding in the formula under attack, the prospects for funding quality are dim. Katie Rahn from the Regional Early Childhood Council announced plans to raise create a public-private fund to address quality.



The state is looking for a contractor to implement eWIC, modernizing the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC).  From the RFP…

Currently in Missouri, participants purchase food and infant formula from Retailers using Food Instruments (FI) in the form of paper checks provided by the LA.  The checks list the specific items and quantities authorized for purchase.  If a participant purchases fewer items (or lesser quantities) than those listed on the check, the unredeemed items are forfeited.  The cashier writes the purchase amount on the check before the checks are deposited in the retailer’s bank account and processed through the commercial banking system and the banking contractor for Missouri.  These purchases accounted for approximately $100 million in total food expenditures per Federal Fiscal Year (FFY).  In December 2010, the President of the United States signed into law the Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act of 2010 Public Law (P.L. 111-296) that includes the mandate that states have to implement WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) by October 1, 2020… The state agency anticipates piloting eWIC in nine (9) counties (with a total of ten (10) WIC clinics) in the mid-Missouri region.  The nine (9) counties to be used in the pilot are: Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Howard, Miller, Moniteau, and Osage. This will allow a good sample of Retailers across all peer groups (49 total stores); provide diversity in LA size and an average of 4,586 households monthly during FFY2015. These local agencies were identified as having a relatively stable participant base with minimal transfer out of participants per month. It is anticipated that the pilot will last three (3) months and will move to the statewide rollout after go/no go approval from FNS. The federal funding deadline for the statewide implementation phase is September 30, 2018 with a possible funding extension to September 30, 2019….


Court Panels

The Twenty-Second Circuit Judicial Commission announced the panel of three nominees to fill the circuit judge vacancy in the city of St. Louis created by the retirement of Judge Edward Sweeney…. Matthew J. Devoti, Katherine M. Fowler, and Annette Llewellyn.

They also announced the panel of three nominees to fill the associate circuit judge vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Theresa Counts Burke… Micah D. Hall, Lynne R. Perkins, and David A. Roither.


Clubb in House 144

Here’s a press release from Vinnie Clubb, running for House 144 as a Republican. (See his website here.) This is Rep. Paul Fitzwater’s seat. Expect a crowded and spirited Republican primary….

Serving as the new Vice President for the Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Clubb, a Christian conservative, vowed to be a true voice of the constituents of a district where businesses continue to close their doors and leave behind a wake of empty buildings… As a Life Member of the NRA, Clubb is a firm believer that the Second Amendment is a necessary and vital cornerstone of our society.   He supports the pro-life movement and believes in securing protections for the unborn beginning at their conception… Clubb, a Republican Committeeman for Wayne County, has been heavily involved in campaigns and conservative issues over the past two decades. He has assisted in the campaigns of U.S. Senators Kit Bond and Roy Blunt, Missouri Senator Rob Mayer, Missouri Representatives Rod Jetton, Shelley Keeney Taylor and Paul Fitzwater. 

Vinnie currently lives in Wayne County with his wife Rebekah and his two daughters, Aubrey and Savannah. He is a graduate of Clearwater High, Three Rivers College and holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Berean Bible College.  He is currently employed with Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions, previously McAllister Software Systems, where he has served in various capacities for the past 18 years. He and his family faithfully attend Victory Baptist Temple in Piedmont, Missouri…. 



Governor Eric Greitens continues to build his national network with a trip to Michigan.  See it here.


The Missouri Society of Governmental Consultants (the lobbyists) held its annual meeting this week at the Jefferson City Country Club.  The group heard a presentation from their lobbyist, Mike Reid, Ethics Commission Director James Klahr and Super-Lawyer Chuck Hatfield, on the state of campaign finance law. They then elected Shanon Hawk, director of legislative affairs at Armstrong Teasdale, as President.


New Committees

Jeff Coleman formed a candidate committee (Citizens for Jeff Coleman) to run for House 32 as a Republican.  This is termed Rep. Jeanie Lauer’s seat.


Doug Clemens started a candidate committee (Committee To Elect Doug Clemens) to run for House 72 as a Democrat.  This is Rep. Mary Nichol’s seat.  She’s termed.  Clemens lost to Eileen McGeoghegan in a 2010 primary (37% to 36.5% in a three-way in House 77), and lost to Courtney Curtis in a 2012 primary (54%-45% in House 73).


POL PAC was formed.  It’s a political action committee. The treasurer is Lauren Shipley.


eMailbag Reprise

Pretty prescient eMailbag from just over a week ago, August 22, thought I’d reprise it this morning….

Do Republicans really want to set the precedent that saying something stupid or vile means you should be removed from office? Isn't that the whole point of the social fight going on right now at Google, on college campuses and with the President? Free speech may have consequences, but actually removing someone from office for a Facebook post, no matter how appalling, would set a new standard that none of these politicians will want to live by. Let the voters deal with it and if they're embarrassed…


Today’s Events

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Saturday – Breakfast Fundraiser For Alan Gray and Jay Mosley - Celebrity Southern Soul Food, 103 N Harvey, Ferguson – 10:30AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Bill Gamble and Sarah Topp added Maxim Healthcare Services Inc

James Harris added Opportunity Solutions Project.

Loree Anne Paradise added Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

Nicolas JC Pistor added Macquarie Infrastructure And Real Assets Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $25,000 from Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 110 PAC Fund.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $25,000 from UAW V Cap.

A Better Missouri Political Action Committee - $13,000 from Anheuser-Busch.



Happy birthdays to Rachel Klarich.

Saturday: Rep. Phil Christofanelli and Amy Pridmore.

Sunday: Warren Wood.

Monday: former Sen. Jane Cunningham.


MOScout News

No MOScout on Monday (Labor Day).  See you all Tuesday….