Thursday, August 31, 2017

Warren Love Lynching Post

On Facebook Rep. Warren Love made a post implying that people who has vandalized a confederate statue should be lynched.  (See it here). Fellow Republican Shamed Dogan immediately rebuked Love“hoping for people to be hung/lynched over it?? Way over the line!! What is wrong with us #moleg?”

Love explained to the Post-Dispatch that it wasn’t a racist post, it was just western talk.  “That's just a western term and I'm very much a western man. You know, I wear a coat. You know, I dress western. And, you know, I'm the cowboy of the Capitol.”

Rep. Jon Carpenter noted on Facebook that “This is the same Missouri Republican Representative who earlier this year called Abraham Lincoln ‘the greatest tyrant and despot in American history’ and linked to a blog wishing Lincoln had been assassinated four years sooner. Now, he advocates political violence -- a very specific, historically significant form of violence…”

Dem Party Chair Stephen Webber as well as House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty called for Love’s resignation.

The Bigger Story: So far no statements from Governor Eric Greitens, Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson, Speaker Todd Richardson, Senate leaders Ron Richard and Mike Kehoe and so on. This is an easy call.  Cut and paste your MCN statement with minor adjustments.

One Republican aghast at the lack of statements: Maybe [MCN] is right about race being a factor.

Another Republican: It’s a white man’s world.


Hawley’s No Show

One Republican marveled that Attorney General Josh Hawley wouldn’t get near the president who won the state by 19 points last year… “Literally the only GOP elected official or otherwise in the state of Missouri who was not in attendance at the President's visit was Josh Hawley.  Todd Richardson, Ron Richards, Mike Kehoe, all Republican members Congress, all statewides...except Josh Hawley… [feeds] into the narrative that Hawley isn't doing what it takes to run a complete campaign. He will need Trump people…”


First in MOScout: New MEC Opinions

Labor Orgs

MEC Opinion: A labor organization which serves as a connected organization may transfer membership dues from its treasury funds to its continuing committee/PAC. It may consider segregation of funds and must keep accurate records.  See it here.


MEC Opinion: A non-profit corporation that meets the requirements of Art. VIII, §23.3(3 )(b) may contribute to candidate committees, exploratory committees, and political party committees. Guidance is given on the 3 part-test of Art. VIII, §23.3(3 )(b).  See it here.

Clean Districts

MEC Opinion: A Clean Energy Development Board formed as a political subdivision under §67.2800 to §67.2835, RSMo is required to comply with personal financial disclosure requirements under §105.483(11), RSMo.  See it here.

By The Way

The players in this “clean energy district” space have plenty of lobbyists…

Rockwood Asset Management lobbyists: John Bardgett Jr, Jacqueline Bardgett, Sam Wiles, Andy Blunt, Angela Schulte, Jay Reichard, Chris Moody, Jeff Rainford, Scott Zajac, Ed Rhode, Megan Shackelford, Mike Gibbons, John Parris, Tricia Workman, Erika Leonard, Chris Roepe, Noel Torpey, Todd Velnosky, Brad Ketcher, Claude Brown, Jarrod Forbes, Zach Brunnert, Richard McIntosh, Franc Flotron, Bill Stouffer, David McCracken, and Kurt Spencer Wittenauer.

Renovate America lobbyists:  David Sweeney, John Maslowski, Cynthia Gamble, Michael Yaki, Julie Padilla, Brian Handshy, Theresa Garza, Kathryn Gamble, Tom Dempsey, Jeff Brooks, Jorgen Schlemeier, Bill Gamble, Sarah Topp, David Jackson, Deanna Hemphill, and Dave Berry.

Show Me PACE Clean Energy District lobbyists: Josh Campbell and Jan Schumacher.


Hawley Puts More Pharma Firms in Sights

The press release: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley continues to widen his investigation of opioid manufacturers, today announcing the issuance of civil investigative demands to seven major opioid manufacturers. These investigative demands require the manufacturers to provide documents and information relevant to the Attorney General Office’s ongoing investigation of the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing practices for opioids. 

The office issued investigative demands to Allergan, Depomed, Insys, Mallinckrodt, Mylan, Pfizer, and Teva Pharmaceuticals…..Today’s investigative demands seek documents and information related to the companies’ opioid marketing practices and their involvement with industry organizations that promoted opioids.


Dicamba Disaster?

Washington Post has an article on dicamba.  See it here.

Pull Quote: The damage here in northeast Arkansas and across the Midwest — sickly soybeans, trees and other crops — has become emblematic of a deepening crisis in American agriculture. Farmers are locked in an arms race between ever-stronger weeds and ever-stronger weed killers.

The dicamba system, approved for use for the first time this spring, was supposed to break the cycle and guarantee weed control in soybeans and cotton. The herbicide — used in combination with a genetically modified dicamba-resistant soybean — promises better control of unwanted plants such as pigweed, which has become resistant to common weed killers. The problem, farmers and weed scientists say, is that dicamba has drifted from the fields where it was sprayed, damaging millions of acres of unprotected soybeans and other crops in what some are calling a man-made disaster….


This has been an issue in Missouri.  See it here.  From July 13 St. Louis Public Radio: Farmers can resume using the herbicide dicamba, the Missouri Department of Agriculture announced Thursday.  The new restrictions come less than a week after the department issued a temporary ban on the sale and use of the controversial herbicide. Missouri has received more than 100 complaints this year of drifting herbicide, which had damaged crops. Farmers who want to use newer versions of dicamba can spray between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and only if winds are less than 10 mph, the agriculture department’s news release said. The ban on using or selling older forms of the herbicide remains in place.


Martin for House

David Martin announces his run for House 23 (vacated by Rep. Randy Dunn) See the website here“David is not a career politician. He's a first term Republican committeeman for the 15th ward of Jackson County. David is a father and truck driver that's concerned about his district's crime rate, parental rights and individual liberties.  David is an advocate for marijuana decriminalization since prohibition laws are driving consumers to source product from dealers selling other more dangerous substances, making it a gateway drug…”


eMailbag on MCN Situation

Censure-plus is a great option for Republicans - remove her from committees so that Dems are basically playing shorthanded, and mitigate any influence she could have, as no one will co-sponsor her bills, etc, but keep her around so you can campaign against the "McCaskill-Maria Democrat Party" for the next year…


Is there anything more indicative of MO Legislative Dems not getting it than the handling of the Maria Chappelle-Nadal issue?  The most important thing that they can do as a group is to help get Claire McCaskill re-elected… Each day that this issue lingers is a day that Senator Nadal is associated with the state party and Senator McCaskill.  Not good.


Help Wanted

Capital Enhancement, Inc seeks Republican Political Fundraising Account Manager.  “We are looking for energetic and passionate individuals who want to engage in Republican races for national and state elected offices and have firsthand interactions with Republican candidates and donors. Capital Enhancement, Inc. represents some of the largest campaigns in the state of Missouri as well as national profile races. If you want to learn about state and national politics from the ground up, this is the opportunity for you!.. Salary level: commensurate to experience… Desired Start Date: ASAP…”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

Reps. Morris-Messenger Golf – Fremont Hills Country Club – Nixa – lunch Noon, Tee at 1PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Jeffrey Brooks add Maxim Healthcare Services Inc; and deleted Missouri Motion Media Association.

David Jackson added Maxim Healthcare Services Inc.

Deanna Hemphill added American Concrete Paving Association.

Aaron Baker and Kristian Starner deleted Heavy-vehicle Electronic License Plate Inc. (HELP Inc.)


$5K+ Contributions

PWPAC - $20,000 from Penman & Winton Consulting.

STL Citizens for Responsible Government - $25,000 from Anheuser Busch.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $25,000 from Friends of Robert Cornejo.



Happy birthdays to Chris Koster, and Chris Carter Sr.