Monday, May 22, 2017

Multiple Special Sessions Changes PQ Math?

Missourinet reports that the governor’s office is looking at multiple special sessions.  While that has been the rumor for months, I think this is the first reporting of it.  See it here.

This could change the “game theory” of the Senate, and broaden the number of Republican senators who are reluctant to PQ fellow caucus members in a special.

One MOScouter explains: The governor’s office is now acknowledging publicly that there may be multiple special sessions. And PDMP is rumored to be on the list. If you are Will Kraus why would you PQ the utility bill in this special session knowing that a special may be coming on PDMP? Or why Dave Schatz PQ the utility bill in this special session knowing that a special session may be coming on the gift ban? Or why would Wayne Wallingford PQ the utility in this special session knowing that a special may be coming on prevailing wage or paycheck protection? It goes on.


New Department Heads

Governor Eric Greitens announced that Steve Corsi, current Director of the Wyoming Department of Family Services, will be appointed as Missouri's new Acting Director of Social Services (DSS).  Corsi has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Prior to public service, Corsi worked in the private sector as CEO of High Country Behavioral Health and worked as

a Clinical Director in many other roles. Corsi is an officer in the Army National

Guard and spent nearly a decade in active Air Force service…


And Governor Greitens announced Lee Keith will be appointed Acting Director for the Division of Financial Institutions.  Keith has a storied career in turning around troubled Missouri banks in towns such as Sullivan, Columbia and Springfield. Lee has been adept at saving banks to ensure small-town communities are able to continue creating jobs. Keith is the former President of Gold Bank in St. Joseph Missouri, former President of First State Community Bank in Sullivan, former President of Mid-Missouri Bank in Springfield, former Executive Vice-President of Providence Bank in Columbia, and recently finished his final turnaround for Mercantile Bank in Quincy, Illinois…


The previous acting director of Financial Institutions was Debbie Hardman (still listed there as of this morning). She has been with the Division since 1984 and has risen through various positions under administrations of both parties. One tipster says that she was fired last week and told “there was no position for her at all. Seems he might have been waiting for the legislative session to end so that he can make an appointment without having to worry about Senate confirmation until January…”


MEC: No Contribution Cap for Party-Designated Campaign Committees


The holes keep coming in Missouri’s new campaign contribution limits… The Missouri Ethics Commission issued a new advisory opinion about Amendment 2 campaign finance laws.  This one (see it here) says that “the state house and state senate committees for each political party designated by the respective majority or minority floor leaders are not subject to the $25,000 per election aggregate party contribution limit.


Cornejo to Donate Special Session Pay

The press release: Representative Robert Cornejo (R-64) has announced that he intends to donate his per diem from the upcoming special session to the St. Peters Senior Center and the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging.

“I look forward to returning to the Capitol to work on more legislation that will

help the people of Missouri.  However, I want the people of our state to know that I

will not be profiting from this special session and will instead be giving my per

diem back to the community.  The House worked hard to properly fund senior care programs, but I am concerned about the constitutionality of the Senate version of HCB3 and I am afraid that thousands of seniors across the state could find it more difficult to receive the assistance they need.  As a result, I will be contributing my entire per diem from the upcoming special session to the St. Peters Senior Center and the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging.  They do fantastic work for seniors in the region, and I am proud to support them,” said Rep. Cornejo.


eMailbag: If, Thens

As some Missouri Republicans sense potential Trump administration jobs stalling or even slipping away in the current chaos, other state GOP players stand to benefit bigly, especially if Donald Trump exits and Vice President Mike Pence ascends to the presidency. Here’s a Missouri GOP dream scenario:

  1. President Pence picks Missouri Governor Eric Greitens for VP.
  2. Lt. Governor Mike Parson ascends to governor.
  3. Governor Parson by appointment elevates a fellow Republican to lieutenant governor; if it’s a current statewide officeholder, Parson gets to also pick their replacement. Twofers are nice.
  4. Parson is suddenly the most consequential politician in the Missouri Capitol – and the always-was-D.C.-bound Greitens is out of Jeff City, where he will not be missed by disgruntled permanent interests and senators.
  5. Parson, a man of the Senate, crushes a 2018 legislative program by uniting the statehouse majorities and leads the re-energized GOP into the November elections, shoring up the Missouri base even with the Trump aftermath.

This scenario would likely please Parson's pal and patron Forrest Lucas, multimillionaire oil executive and Missouri rancher/speedway owner who hails from President Pence's home state of Indiana. Lucas Oil Speedway and the oil baron’s cattle ranch are both in Parson’s former Senate district. As the Springfield News-Leader’s Will Schmitt reported after the November election, Lucas and his wife Charlotte have together donated at least $85,000 to Pence’s Indiana campaign

committee since 2012, and the Lucases have spent even more to boost Parson’s campaigns since 2012, donating at least $175,000. Lucas personally campaigned for Parson last year, and the oilman and Share The Harvest founder was received like a celebrity in rural Missouri.

So: who would be Parson’s pick for lieutenant governor? Let the speculation begin…


Help Wanted

Missouri Department of Natural Resources seeks Assistant Director - Governor's Mansion. “The Assistant Director helps to oversee all Mansion related issues. This individual has experience in all things related to management and administrative duties. The mission for the Assistant Director is to aid the Director, however needed, in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of operations at the Governor’s Mansion. The position collaborates with diverse groups daily and requires a high level of communication, flexibility, and organizational skills…”

See the ad here.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Jackson added Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

CLEAN Missouri - $6,000 from Fight for Reform Missouri.

Jackson County Democratic Committee - $7,500 from Sanders for Jackson County.

New Approach Missouri - $50,000 from Larry Malashock.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Travis Fitzwater.