Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Special Session Road Map

The House introduced bills to answer Governor Eric Greitens’ call.  See them here. Since Rep. Don Rone was the champion of this issue during session, it’s assumed his bill will be the lead vehicle.  But there are others.  Rep. Rocky Miller’s bill hits the second part of the governor’s call.

The bills are expected to be heard in Miller’s Utilities Committee. And then up to Rep. Jay BarnesRules Committee.

Meanwhile the Senate also filed their bills. See them here.
Word is that Sen. Ryan Silvey’s Commerce Committee will be the venue for Senate work.  One source says that the governor’s office had wanted the bills to head to Sen. Jay Wasson’s Economic Development Committee.  Maybe they’re not fans of Silvey, but Silvey is probably the one you want to help craft a compromise.  And Commerce is the natural venue for utilities legislation.

Sen. Wayne Wallingford’s bill is considered to be the early consensus vehicle as it addresses the potential steel mill without a broader loosening of regulatory oversight.

Yesterday in the Senate, Sens. Jason Holsman and Rob Schaaf talked about the end of session, and the chaos that occurred during the majority’s previous question motion.

Holsman indicated that Democrats will not obstruct this special session based on the ill-treatment they received just over a week ago, however he warned that he was watching that the Senate rules are observed precisely in the future.


Greitens Defends Hiding Donors’ Identities

In an unexpected twist, Governor Eric Greitens has decided to defend his record of hiding donors’ identities as a principled stand.  On KMOX yesterday he said that calls for transparency about who is funding his political non-profit are “donor intimidation.”  Listen to it here, at the 15-minute mark.

Pull Quote: “[T]he people who support donor intimidation… they believe that the minute you make a political donation, you immediately need to turn over all of your information to the government, that you need to turn over your home address, your contact information… Look people go in and they vote, nobody calls that dark voting…”


Greitens Jobs Rally

From Missouri Republican Party organizing email blast…


This Tuesday May 23

3 pm

State Capital Jefferson City

Supporting Governor Greitens calling in Special Session and his agenda to bring back Jobs to Missouri!...


-          Will there be food served?

We will have snacks at our check in location. We will have a boxed dinner for you after the rally in the public gardens by the Governor’s Mansion.

-          What exactly are we doing at the capitol?

Rallying support for Bringing back JOBS to MO

 -          Are there restrooms on the bus?



Humphreys Mulls Moving Company Out of State

Joplin Globe reports that businessman and mega-donor David Humphreys is considering moving his business out of Missouri after losing a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court about alleged defective products.  Humphreys bankrolled Republican candidates during the past several years with millions of dollars to promote his political agenda of weakening organized labor and reducing legal expenses for businesses.

Pull Quote: Humphreys said in a statement that the decision means TAMKO "will need to reconsider our presence in Missouri versus other states where the rule of law outweighs the rule of trial lawyers.”  Humphreys would not elaborate further when the Globe sought more information about TAMKO's plans…

By denying TAMKO's petition for a writ of certiorari, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand rulings in the Jasper County Circuit Court and Missouri's Southern District Court of Appeals that found a class-action suit can be brought against the company despite its contention that an agreement printed on the packaging compelled any customer complaints to be handled through private arbitration.  The suit, filed in 2014 by a Texas County man, Lee Hobbs, and by Jonesburg United Methodist Church, located in Montgomery County, alleged TAMKO sold defective shingles that failed before their guaranteed 30-year warranty. The shingles, the suit said, began "warping, curling and beginning to fail," which then allegedly led to structural problems at the church and Hobbs’ house by allowing moisture to penetrate the roof.  In addition to contending the arbitration agreement required disputes to be resolved privately, TAMKO said the shingles became damaged due to normal weather damage and improper installation.


eMailbag: Why No If, Then

More likely if, thens: If Donald Trump vacates, it will be because of scandal. VP Mike Pence becomes President, and Grietens name is floated for VP.  Then the national Press, like NYT and WaPo descend upon Jefferson City Ethics violations, secret donors… They become national news stories and President Pence picks someone else...Status quo in Missouri


eMailbag: Also

There is no provision for the Gov to appoint a Lt. Gov.  Legislation has been introduced in the past, but I don't believe it has ever passed.


Help Wanted

Capital Enhancement seeks Fundraising Account Manager. “Capital Enhancement, Inc. is a Republican political fundraising firm that partners with campaigns to elect Republican candidates and retain Republican elected officials. We work directly with candidates and in conjunction with campaign managers and political consultants in the national arena, at the state level as well as local office holders.

We are looking for energetic and passionate individuals who want to engage in Republican races for national and state elected offices and have firsthand interactions with Republican candidates and donors. Capital Enhancement, Inc. represents some of the largest campaigns in the state of Missouri as well as national profile races. If you want to learn about state and national politics from the ground up, this is the opportunity for you!..”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Gary Dean Gross added Missouri Corrections Officers Association; and deleted Gary D. Gross.


$5K+ Contributions

Fight for Reform Missouri - $20,000 from Fight for Reform.

Find the Cures - $15,000 from Bradley Bradshaw.



Happy birthdays to Zach Monroe and Meredith Gibbons.