Thursday, July 13, 2017

Curtman In

Look for Rep. Paul Curtman to make his announcement this morning.  He’ll be forming an exploratory committee to run for US Senate.

Curtman (see his House bio here) is serving his final term.  He has been a consistent advocate for limited government is chair of the House Conservative Caucus.

While it’s hard for a state representative to make a leap into a statewide race – particularly one with a national spotlight on it – Curtman is not without a path.  He needs a crowded field where his grassroots base and rock-solid conservative credentials can carve out a winning plurality over candidates who will likely have bigger bank accounts.


Dark Money Non-Profit Starting Pro-Greitens TV Ads

KC Star’s Jason Hancock reported yesterday that the governor’s political non-profit is putting $500K of TV ads on the air supporting his handling of the budget.  This obviously shows that Governor Greitens’ team has been very successful in raising money for the “dark money” operations.

The ad – see it here – focuses on how Greitens closed the budget gap without raising taxes – though it doesn’t mention the tax cuts soon to be implemented.


Speaking of the budget cuts, many are still waiting for the details.  The budget sheet that the Office of Administration released when the governor announced withholds (see it here) is pretty vague.

For example, $30M in withholds from the Department of Social Services is explained with two sentences: DSS is identifying efficiencies in their department. They are committed to doing more for the people of Missouri, with less tax dollars.

Perhaps this is the first fruit of Drew Erdmann’s COO-ship which promised “hundreds of millions of dollars” in savings?  Another explanation is found in the MOHealthNet Caseload Count Report which showed an uncharacteristic drop of 10,000 enrollees during the last month.  But this is all speculation without more details.


eMailbag on Non-Profit Commercial

“At the exact part the commercial is bashing corrupt career politicians, I see Reps. Anderson, Andrews, Eggleston, Lichtenegger, and Reisch.  That’s either a little ironic or a statement of absurdity…”  See screenshot here.


Follow-Up on Bernsy Fundy

Word is the total raised in Rep. Mike Bernskoetter’s fundraiser at Sen. Mike Kehoe’s house was around $32K…


Greitens Attacks Red Tape

Governor Eric Greitens has set-up a website No MO Red Tape (see it here) asking for suggestions of which regulations to cuts.  This follows a theme for Greitens.  He started his term with a six-week freeze on new regulations that didn’t affects health, safety, or welfare, or were otherwise time sensitive or required by law.

In an email blast, Greitens explained: “Earlier this year, a small business owner from Bolivar commented on our Facebook page. He told us about a crazy Missouri regulation that required his business to have a landline phone. It cost him $1,500 a year.  A small business shouldn't be forced by the government to pay for outdated technology… [B]ased on his suggestion on Facebook, we directed the Department of Revenue to kill the requirement the very next day… Things are changing. We have assembled a team to aggressively cut red tape. Their mission: eliminate unnecessary regulations throughout government. And they're doing it by listening to you. We welcome you to work with us. We are launching a website,, to make it easy for you to let us know where government is getting in the way…”



The Judicial Commission announced the panel for the circuit judge vacancy in the city of St. Louis created by the retirement of Judge Julian Bush. Those nominated were: Calea Stovall-Reid, Jason M. Sengheiser, and Teneil L. Kellerman“The commission reports the final votes received by each nominee were: Stovall-Reid received five votes, Sengheiser received five votes, and Kellerman received five votes…”


Rex to RGA… Politico’s Morning Score reports that “The Republican Governors Association announced raising $36 million in the first half of the year. Six donors gave $500,000 or more, according to the group's filing, led by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer's $1.25 million donation. Kenneth Griffin, Robert Hale Jr., Bernard Marcus, Rex Sinquefeld and the Karen Buchwald Wright Revocable Trust gave a half-million each…


Help Wanted

City of St. Louis seeks Director of Human Services. “The Director of Human Services is responsible for the successful leadership and hands-on management, with direction and guidance of the Office of the Mayor, of the Department of Human Services and its operating divisions, including Homeless Services, St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, Family and Children’s Services, Veterans Affairs, and Office on the Disabled… Salary: $102,726 - $161,356…”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Bob Wilson and Elizabeth Althoff added Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System.


$5K+ Contributions

We Are Missouri - $75,000 from United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

We Are Missouri - $34,605 from IUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee.

MO Insurance Coalition PAC - $10,000 from FEAPAC of Missouri.

Give Missourians A Raise - $114,276 from The Fairness Project.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $8,000 from Missouri Soybean Association.



Happy birthdays to former Reps. Brent Lasater, and Tim Meadows, Jeff Craver, Gary Marshall, Cory McMahon and Jeff Howell.