Friday, July 14, 2017

Rumorville: Big Check to Hit in Senate 18?

The rumor is that Republican activist Cindy O’Laughlin will kick-off her Senate 18 bid next week with a big self-funding check.  “Look for six-figures.”

Other expected to run in the Republican primary to replace termed Sen. Brian Munzlinger are Reps. Nate Walker, Lindell Shumake and Craig Redmon.  As of their April quarters – we’ll be getting new “July” numbers in a few days, Walker and Shumake each had less than $5K on-hand, while Redmon had a bit over $30K.

In the era of campaign contribution limits, self-funding is a big advantage.


US Senate Talk

Rep. Paul Curtman announced his exploratory committee. The official kick-off will be later this month.  See it here.

Treasurer Eric Schmitt was in DC pushing more momentum behind a possible bid.  See it here.

And…. Ed Martin appears to be prepping an entry.  GOP operative Roger Stone tweeted his support for a Martin bid. And Martin sent his second sharply worded anti-McCaskill email this week.  “Let's make a deal: we'll reserve judgment on your corruption if you do this: Immediately release all of your taxes and disclose all the contents of your LLCs.  You might even have money invested in ... Russia ... for all we know…”

Reminder: Martin would be McCaskill’s dream opponent.  He’s not just from Planet Akin; he’s like the Grand Poobah of the place.


Senator Claire McCaskill has named David Kirby as her campaign manager for her 2018 reelection campaign.  Kirby previously worked for Ken Salazar's successful Colorado Senate campaign in 2004, before joining McCaskill's 2006 Senate campaign. He earned his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Kirby served as an Assistant Attorney General with the Missouri Attorney General's office. Most recently, Kirby practiced law with Lewis Rice in the firm's St. Louis and Jefferson City offices.


DSS Efficiency = Foster Parent Aid Cut?

On Facebook foster parent Craig Stevenson writes… This budget cuts foster care lines, by name, saying DSS doesn't need it. By cutting funds to foster parents, it sure sounds like they need it.

This looks like the Governor is balancing the budget on the backs of foster parents. Those of us who are fostering sure don't do it for the money, for which Missouri ranks near the bottom of.

Gov. Eric Greitens has taken lots of photo ops with foster children, and this sure feels like a kick in the mouth, a sense that foster children and families are good for photo ops but when needed, they are the first to cut funding for, noting our real importance.



Former alderman and mayoral candidate Antonio French has another bill-collector to deal with.  The St. Louis Business Journal reports that his former campaign manager is threatening to sue for unpaid work… See it hereMonica Murphy of Winding Creek Group wrote French June 10, “At some point continuing to chase you down for money you owe and have agreed to pay becomes cost ineffective for us. Adjudicating this matter in the court may be easier for all parties where a garnishment would alleviate the need for Mr. French to keep a payment schedule.”

French responded that day, “No need to ‘chase’ as you say because it doesn’t speed anything up. In fact, don’t contact me again...”


On Facebook, Jan Brunner, wife for John Brunner, shares this tale… Crazy things that happen when your spouse runs for receive a letter from a state rep that says he had to support the other candidate outwardly because of a favor but in his heart he really supported you and thought you were the best candidate. Then the state rep goes on to explain how he and his wife are having marital problems and asks if you be willing to give him $5,000 for a marriage counseling retreat.


eMailbag on Greitens Ads

Running $500K of TV statewide won’t move the needle in any meaningful way. Any gains will erode before Labor D.  Just smells of bored consultants and a client demanding someone do something about negative headlines.  Also is there nothing more typical than a politician running a TV ad? Sometimes the medium is the message.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable calendar:

Rep. Rick Francis Golf – Perryville Country Club – Perryville – 11AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Edens Davis, Bo Moore, and Philip Simon added NRDC Action Fund Inc.

Scott Marrs added Wireless Infrastructure Association c/o Multistate Associates, Inc; and deleted Applus+ Technologies, Inc. C/o Multistate Associates Inc., City Of Monett, and City Of Purdy.

Jeremy LaFaver added Foster Adopt Connect, Alliance for Childhood Education, and Missouri Budget Project


$5K+ Contributions

CLEAN Missouri - $7,065 from Fight For Reform – Missouri.



Happy birthday to David Winton.

Saturday: Alderwoman Dionne Flowers, and Adriane Crouse.

Sunday: John Sondag and former Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford.