Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kraus to Tax Commission

Rumors, rumors, kind of sort of true….. Will Kraus did resign, but not to go work for Donald Trump.  Rather he was appointed by Governor Eric Greitens to the Tax Commission.

See KCStar’s Jason Hancock’s article here.

Pull Quote:  “Being an advocate for smaller government and lower taxes has been the cornerstone of my legislative career,” Kraus said in a prepared statement. “Accordingly, I am honored to accept the governor’s appointment and look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the taxpayers of the great state of Missouri.”  Members of the tax commission earn roughly $106,000 a year in salary. The campaign to replace Kraus will begin almost immediately.


PD’s Kurt Erickson adds: Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced Monday two other special elections to be held Nov. 7.  Rep. Tila Hubrecht, R-Dexter, resigned her post earlier this summer to return to nursing, she said. A Kansas City Democrat, Rep. Randy Dunn, also announced his resignation in May.


Other Appointments

Kraus’ appointment was just one of several that Governor Eric Greitens made yesterday.  See the full list here.

The most significant were appointments to the State Board of Education – which included a woman for the first time in a long time – and to the University of Missouri Curators.

Melissa Gelner, former Sen. Delbert Scott, and Southeast GOP powerbroker Eddy Justice were the Education board appointees.


DESE Issues RFI for Adult High Schools

With the governor’s signing of HB93, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is starting the process to create adult high schools.  Yesterday it issued an RFI (request for information).

From the RFI: [T]he Division of Purchasing and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education are in the process of preparing a Request for Proposal related to the Adult High Schools and are requesting your assistance in this endeavor.  The purpose of this Request for Information is to allow the opportunity for qualified vendors to provide us with ideas, suggestions, and other information related to the attached information and questions on the Adult High Schools.  Your input would be greatly appreciated…

These High Schools will provide services including industry certifications and job placement services to adults 21 years of age or older who’s educational and training opportunities have been limited by educational disadvantages, disabilities, homelessness, criminal history, or similar circumstances.

Any vendor is encourage to provide feedback on the following questions: Recommend a fee structure for the adult high schools.  The vendor may recommend the classes that an individual attending the adult high school may be have to take to achieve a diploma in accordance with the Missouri Graduation Requirements.  The vendor should identify if fees would be different by geographic location, grade level, online vs. in person vs. self-guided… Provide any other recommendations you may have regarding the RFP for adult high schools.  Such recommendations should include an explanation as to WHY such suggestions would be beneficial to the State to take into consideration, and how the suggestion aligns with HB 93.


AECOM Hires Blunt

In the lobbyists registrations below wee that Andy Blunt and Noel Torpey of Statehouse Strategies have been hired by AECOM.  AECOM, “the largest airport design firm in the U.S.,” is bidding on building the new terminal at KCI.  See it here.


Former Rep. Jeremy LaFaver is not a fan.  He’s posted a take-down on Tumblr pointing to a jail project in Detroit they were involved in.  See it here.


In case you’re wondering (I was) it’s not clear that LaFaver has a real dog in this fight.  He’s not a lobbyist for the other bidder, Burns McDonnell.  Their Jeff City lobbyists are: Mike Talboy, Sammy Panettiere, Fred Dreiling, and Axiom’s Aaron Baker and Kristian Starner.


Wagner Senate Comments = NothingBurger?

One person familiar with Congresswoman Ann Wagner thinks that her tweeting support for Rep. Paul Curtman is that latest in much ado about nothing.

This person says it just her playing her usual role as a party leader.  She’s spoken to Austin Petersen, Tony Monetti and Marsha Haefner as well, and if Attorney General Josh Hawley makes his intentions on the Senate race clear, she’ll likely encourage him too.


Colona, Pelopidas Involved in New PAC

Last week Missourians For Patient Care was formed as a political action committee.  Its treasurer is former Rep. Mike Colona, but the address and phone number on the committee are that of Pelopidas LLC.


Auditor: Crawford County Overtaxing

The press release: Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has released a regularly scheduled audit of Crawford County. The audit found the county continues to overcharge citizens on property taxes, a concern that has been raised in multiple prior audit reports… State law allows voters to approve a county sales tax, but requires property taxes be reduced by a certain percentage, based on the total revenue generated by the sales tax increase. Crawford county residents approved a sales tax increase in 1985 with a property tax reduction of 50%. The county has consistently failed to reduce property taxes by the correct amount. Between 2012 and 2016 alone, the county has collected $44,537 in excess property taxes, which should be returned to taxpayers.

See the audit here.

Crawford County is represented by Sen. Dan Brown, and Reps. Jason Chipman and Tom Hurst.


Hancock Grumbles on Greitens Stonewall

On Twitter, Jason Hancock grumbles about a sunshine request of the Greitens administration which seems to be moving very very very slowly…. “I've only been waiting 8 months and 3 days for records requested from @EricGreitens' transition….”



Press release: Senator Ryan Silvey announces Hannah Beers as his new chief of staff. Beers, formerly Silvey’s communications director, will transition into the new role immediately.


Press release: The Missouri Judiciary received a “Top 10 Court Technology Solutions Award” during the National Association for Court Management’s (NACM) annual conference, held in partnership with the International Association for Court Administration, in Washington, D.C., in July. The awards were presented to recognize the best use of technology to improve court services and access to the public in 2017.


eMailbag on Kraus to Tax Commission

Republican #1: Nice to see the Governor "doing different" by appointing a termed out Senator to a cushy job so a termed out Rep can take his seat in a special election. The kind of move only an outsider would come up with.


Republican #2: Irony of Kraus being appointed to the tax commission when his [messed] up, poorly drafted tax bill is part of the reason we are in the latest budget hole…


Help Wanted

Diversity Awareness Partnership seeks Executive Director.  “Oversees the day-to-day operations of the Organization, including strategic fund development and communications plans, maintains financial accounts and provides leadership to staff and coordination function to board….”  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Noel Torpey and Andy Blunt added AECOM.

Jacob Otto added Leo Frederick & Associates LLC, and Otto Framing LLC.

Michael Bennett added FCA US LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

CLEAN Missouri - $10,000 from Langdon & Emison LLC.

We Are Missouri - $5,673 from Teamsters Local #245.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $5,001 from Committee To Elect Jean Evans.



Happy birthdays to Shannon Weber, and Rep. Bill Reiboldt.