Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Senate 30: Enter Sonya Anderson?

Rumor is that Rep. Sonya Anderson is moving into Senate 30, and will run in that Republican primary.

One observer says that her farm is just a mile or so outside the district so it’s not a huge move, but he says Caleb Arthur also is a newcomer to the district, so if it’s just them running it’s a non-issue.

The Anderson rumors comes just days after Rep. Kevin Austin announced that he would not be seeking the office.

Anderson has a strong conservative record from her time in the House, but one question is whether she can raise the sums of money needed to take on Arthur who appears to be willing to self-fund his race.


It’s early enough others could jump in as well….


Greitens Keeps an Eye on YouTube Views

Governor Eric Greitens gave an interview to Site Selection Magazine, touting the business friendly environment in Missouri and his administration’s efforts to lure new investments.  Most striking is how he knows his YouTube numbers.  See it here.

Pull Quotes: I sat down with the leadership of Smith & Wesson, which just made a major investment in Missouri, and I wanted to make sure they knew they’d be welcomed as a wonderful corporate leader in Missouri. Instead of a traditional announcement, I went out to the range, we put a few rounds down range, and after shooting, I turned to the camera and said, “We’re really excited to welcome Smith & Wesson, and all of the quality jobs they’re going to create here.” That video had over a million views...


I signed a bill to make sure Uber and Lyft can operate freely here. I hailed a Lyft driver, she picked me up, I asked her what it meant to her family, I had her take me to a Taco Bell, I ordered a chalupa, and we signed the bill there in the parking lot. That video has something like 600,000 views…


When I was a Navy SEAL…


More on Missourians for Patient Care

I wrote yesterday about a new PAC, Missourians for Patient Care, with the odd pairing of former Democratic Rep. Mike Colona as treasurer and the committee address being Travis Brown’s Pelopidas LLC.

A little nosing around leads me to believe that this is a vehicle for another medical marijuana initiative petition.

The PAC was formed on July 27.  That’s the same day Lowell Pearson submitted an IP to the Secretary of State’s office.  See it here.

One observer notes that Pearson is the real deal when it comes to IPs; this one may have some juice behind it.


House 50 Heats Up in Homestretch

Rudi Keller writes about the massive amount of mailers hitting homes in House 50. See it here. It’s the special election to replace Caleb Jones who went to work for the governor.

Pull Quote: The final push is on for Tuesday’s election. Direct mail will consume most of the spending in a race where turnout is expected to be low. It is the most effective way to reach voters in such a race and the images being used give clues to what polling shows voters either like or dislike. The Missouri Republican Party put out one direct mail piece promoting Walsh with a picture of President Donald Trump filling one side. Skelton uses photos of Walsh with Greitens in her attack pieces.


One MOScouter thinks the Missouri Republican Party’s decision to use Trump explains a bit about how they’re viewing this race: that turn-out is critical.

“Incredible independent expenditure mailer by the Missouri Republican Party, which apparently thinks linking HD50 GOP nominee Sara Walsh to "The Trump Team" will help in BOONE COUNTY, where Hillary Clinton beat Trump 49%-43%, making Planet Boone an anomaly in otherwise Trump-loving Missouri. South Columbia and Boone County is where most of the votes are in HD50. So is the MRP so worried about getting out the hard-core base in an August special election with perhaps 12% turnout that they take the risk of linking their nominee to Trump, whose Missouri approval numbers have shriveled to about 50%?”


Senate 24 Start

Sen. Jill Schupp will have her re-election kick-off on September 19, but that won’t stop her canvassers from starting earlier.  They’ll be hitting the district doors later this month…


eMailbag on AECOM Hiring Blunt

Really interesting hire considering that Senator Roy Blunt’s office made calls to KC Council members in support of the hometown team of Burns & McDonnell, Americo, and JEDunn.


Lobbyists Registrations

Leslie Wilson deleted KC Healthy Kids.

Ashley Gibson deleted The College Board.

Alexandra Klaus and Steven Berry deleted Van Matre, Harrison, Hollis, Taylor and Elliott PC.

Carol Iles deleted Bryan Cave LLP.


$5K+ Contributions

Raise Up Missouri - $24,000 from Give Missourians A Raise.

Liberty Alliance - $100,000 from Herzog Railroad Services Inc.



Happy birthdays to Dawn Nicklas, Starsky Wilson, and former Reps. Mike Talboy, Tom Todd, Jim Viebrock, and Kimberly Gardner.