Friday, December 30, 2016

Chambers Talks to Press

On a conference call with Missouri reporters yesterday, Austin Chambers – senior advisor to Governor-elect Eric Greitens – laid out a timeline for several upcoming events.  He said there would be announcements next about the director of the Department of Public Safety, as well as the director of the Office of Administration, as the new “COO” position.

The COO will be someone with a “successful” career in business who does not have political experience and will help the department heads find efficiencies in state government.  This person may donate their time and work for no (or nominal) compensation.

Other tidbits

Chambers made a clear statement that Greitens’ opposition to public funds for the soccer stadium was not about the details of the deal.  It’s a “principled stand” against public money for a stadium.  We’ll see if that principle extends to other public subsidies for economic development or if it’s really stadiums that are the problem.

Greitens is looking at executive orders of Governor Jay Nixon’s that he could rescind.  No specifics were given.

Greitens’ State of the State address has the potential to be a non-event, as they will not be releasing the budget until later.  Instead it will focus on the “new direction” for Missouri and his legislative priorities – presumably non-budget related priorities.

And the governor-elect and the legislative budget leaders have reached a consensus revenue number for the upcoming fiscal year – something that Nixon hasn’t done in recent years.  No specifics were given on what that number is.


Reporters asked about the rumor that Greitens has considered moving the inauguration to Columbia.  Chambers didn’t confirm it or deny it, simply said he wasn’t going to talk about things that aren’t happening.

And a reporter asked about Greitens’ use of “gag orders.”  Chambers said he couldn’t comprehend the question, and therefore couldn’t formulate an answer.

The Gag Orders

I think the gag orders bug reporters because it hints at what’s to come… potential a long four-year fight to get information.

Greitens never came clean with the source of the millions of dollars of his campaign; he never released his tax returns; he hasn’t taken questions from reporters since he refused to answer Mike Mahoney about the details of his book deal.

Folks hated the tight lid Nixon kept on his folks.  Greitens could take it to a whole new level.

We’ll see….


Falk to Senior Director Spot

According to LinkedIn, Jarad Falk has been promoted to Sr. Director of Government Affairs of Charter Communications.  Once upon a time, Falk staffed then Senate Floor Leader Kevin Engler.


Readers’ Poll Results: Lobbyists

Most Underrated Lobbyist (Contract): Kristian Starner (31.82%).

Most Underrated Lobbyist (In-House): Mark Coulter (38.74%)

Best Lobbyist To Kill A Bill: Sammy Panettiere (41.03%)

Best Firm to QB a Bill Issue: Gamble & Schlemeier  (49.54%)

Biggest Hire of the Year: Kate Casas to Dentons (43.59%)

Biggest Lobbying Accomplishment 2016: Business groups kill SJR 39 (71.55%).  (Readers’ Honorable Mentions: Statehouse Strategies not allowing Mizzou to get a big cut despite legislator disdain after Fall 2015 protests.  Catalyst / Dentons passing DraftKings / FanDuel sports betting legislation.)



Vote here on the MOScout Readers’ Legislative Poll 2016.


eMailbag on Greitens Thank You Tour

You think after Greitens is inaugurated we don’t have to head the words Navy SEAL every time we hear his name?  We get it… you were a Navy SEAL.


New Tax Credits

$1,026 in Alternative Fuel Infrastructure credits to William Nelson in Senate 24 / House 88.

$1,500 in Alternative Fuel Infrastructure credits to Michael Steinmann in Senate 14 / House 73.

$67,500 in MDFB Tax Credit for Contribution to City of Springfield MDFB Infrastructure for Ozarks Food Harvest in Senate 30 / House 132.

$747,190 in MDFB Tax Credit for Contribution to Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority St. Louis for Forest Park  Forever in Senate 5 / House 78.


Upcoming Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Gray & Mosley & Gray New Year’s Eve Party – Sheraton Clayton Hotel – 8PM-1AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

David Hill added United Healthcare Services Inc.

Jan Schumacher and Josh Campbell added Missouri Energy Initiative, and Show Me Pace Clean Energy District.

Michele Baumer deleted Missouri Department of Conservation.


$5K+ Contributions

Lyda Krewson for Mayor - $5,001 from St Louis Police Officers Association PAC.



Happy birthdays to Irl Scissors and Jared Brown.

Saturday: AG-elect Josh Hawley, Rep. Mike Moon, Ashley Jost, Carol Kemna, Chris Krehmeyer, and Kate Meiners.

Sunday: Pat Contreras, Clint Tracy, and Bill Otto.

Monday Rep. Lyle Rowland and Brittany Burke.


MOScout News

And it’s the time of year to take-off again… No MOScout Weekly Summary and “Who Won the Week.”  Off on Monday, see you all Tuesday…