Thursday, January 5, 2017

Auditor Hires Nelson, Gummels

State Auditor Nicole Galloway is hiring some top Democratic talent.  Doug Nelson – current director of OA – will become a senior advisor in the Auditor’s Office.  And Joan Gummels – who was at the Attorney General’s Office – will lead their legislative affairs.


Greitens Transition Rumors

Talk on the first day of session…. Sarah Steelman is again being mentioned as the leading contender to run the Office of Administration.  It’s unclear WHY she wants the job which is a nuts-and-bolts, trains-running-on-time position.

With the exit of Rick Stream from consideration, it’s possible that Dan Haug, the acting budget director, will be asked to stay on.

MOChamber’s Brad Green is rumored to be heading to the Greitens administrations.

As is Dustin Backes – now with the Speaker’s staff.  Backes has a wealth of strong House relationships, which would complement Green’s Senate experience.


House Committees

You can find the Republican members’ House committee assignments on the House website here.  Look for the Dems to make their assignments today.

Budget and Fiscal Review

Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick gets a stronger Budget Committee that is has all the sub-Appropriation members on it. Rep. Justin Alferman as Vice Chair of Budget becomes the presumptive heir to that seat when Fitzpatrick moves on. Plus, Alferman stays on Fiscal Review.

Rep. Marsha Haefner chairs Fiscal Review and that committee will have power over all House bills with Senate Amendments as well as conference reports.

Flights and Rules

The committees will be divided into two “flights.” One flight will meet Monday and Wednesday; the other will meet Tuesday and Thursday.  Their bills will report to the two Rules Committees.  Rep. Jay Barnes’ Rules Committee will get the Monday/Wednesday flight.  Rep. Shawn Rhoads’ Rules will get the Tuesday/Thursday flight.  Astute observers will probably notice that some bills will be put into a certain committee so their passage or death is easier to predict based on the Rules Committee.  For example, one would guess that Rhoads’ Rules will get the tort reform legislature so that Barnes can’t kill it at the Rules level.

Other Thoughts

There’s no “Education” Committee.  Instead it’s been divided into Elementary and Secondary, and Higher Ed.

Rep. Robert Cornejo gets General Laws which is often a power committee and has been a stepping stone for future leadership positions.

Rep. Rocky Miller as Chair of Utilities is a net positive for something being done on modernizing the grid

Freshmen on the Move

Freshmen getting Vice Chairmanships: Tom Hannegan (Local Government), Steve Helms (Professional Registration and Licensing), and Mark Matthiesen (Government Efficiency).

Freshmen on Budget Committee: Reps. Rusty Black, Phil Christofanelli, David Gregory, Cody Smith, and Curtis Trent.



Administration and Accounts: Bernskoetter, Chair; Hurst, Vice Chair.

Agricultural Policy: Houghton, Chair; Rone Vice Chair.

Budget: Fitzpatrick, Chair; Alferman, Vice Chair

Children and Families: Franklin, Chair; Neely Vice Chair.

Consent and House Procedures: Pfautsch, Chair; Muntzel, Vice-Chair.

Conservation and Natural Resources: Anderson, Chair; Remole Vice Chair.

Corrections and Public Institutions: Fitzwater, Chair; Roden Vice Chair.

Crime Prevention and Public Safety: Phillips, Chair; Hill Vice Chair.

Economic Development: Rehder, Chair; Vescovo Vice Chair.

Elections: Lindell Chair; Shaul Vice Chair.

Elementary and Secondary: Swan, Chair; Roeber Vice Chair.

Ethics: Cierpiot, Chair; Haefner, Vice Chair.

Financial Institutions: Crawford, Chair; Fraker Vice Chair.

Fiscal Review: Haefner, Chair; Vescovo, Vice Chair.

General Laws: Cornejo, Chair; Mathews, Vice Chair.

Government Efficiency: Johnson, Chair; Matthiesen, Vice Chair

Health and Mental Health Policy: Frederick, Chair; Morris, Vice Chair.

Higher Education: Lichtenegger, Chair; Dohrman, Vice Chair.

Insurance Policy: Engler, Chair; Wiemann, Vice Chair.

Judiciary: McGaugh, Chair; Corlew, Vice Chair.

Local Government: Fraker, Chair; Hannegan, Vice Chair.

Pensions: Walker, Chair; Pike, Vice Chair.

Professional Registrations and Licensing: Ross, Chair; Helms, Vice Chair.

Rules – Administration Oversight: Barnes, Chair; Sommer, Vice Chair.

Rules – Legislative Oversight: Rhoads, Chair; Dogan, Vice Chair.

Transportation: Reiboldt, Chair; Ruth, Vice Chair.

Utilities: Miller, Chair; Plocher, Vice Chair.

Veterans: Davis, Chair; Wilson, Vice Chair

Ways and Means: Curtman, Chair; Eggleston, Vice Chair.

Workforce Development: Lauer, Chair; Fitzwater Vice Chair.


Senate Committees

The Senate announced committees – but not assignments yet.

Among the difference between this session’s committees and last session: Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government was split into a new large (11 members) Committee on Economic Development and a Local Government and Elections Committee; Government Accountability and Fiscal Oversight was split up into Fiscal Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee; Small Business Committee loses Insurance as that becomes its own committee; there’s a new Health and Pensions Committee; and a Committee on Professional Registration.

Initial Assignments

Administration: Richard, Chair; Kehoe, Vice-chair.  Members: Curls, Riddle and Walsh.

Gubernatorial Appointments: Richard, Chair; Kehoe, Vice-chair; Members: Curls, Emery< Hegeman, Munzlinger, Nasheed, Riddle, Schatz, Walsh, and Wasson.

Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics: Kehoe, Chair; Richard, Vice-chair.  Members: Dixon, Eigel, Hegeman, Holsman, and Walsh.


New Capitol Security

As rumored, “Beginning January 10, 2017 visitors entering the Missouri Capitol will be subject to search.  X-ray conveyors and walk through magnetometers will be operated by law enforcement officers and security personnel to ensure firearms and other dangerous items do not enter the building.  The following protocols will be in place: Visitors will be required to enter the Capitol Building through a searched entrance.  These entrance points are located at the first floor South Carriage Tunnel and the first floor West entrance. This requirement also applies to contract employees, special guests, members of the media and lobbyists…

State Employees: Employees assigned to the Capitol and those with regular business in the Capitol will be vetted by state department directors, and issued appropriate electronic key card credentials for unsearched entry into the East First Floor, (Battleship) door; the West Basement, (cafeteria) door and the Southwest First Floor Carriage door….

Category / others allowed to carry: State, federal and local law enforcement officers, peace officers, probation and parole officers, wardens and superintendents of prisons or penitentiaries, members of the Armed Forces and National Guard, persons vested with judicial authority by the state or federal courts must use searched entries, but credentials would be verified by a

law enforcement officer.  Those not fitting the previous category, wishing to enter the Capitol Building and legally in possession of a firearm will be asked to return the firearm to a secure location in their vehicle prior to entering.  A concealed carry permit does not make an allowance for a firearm to be brought into the Capitol….”



Former Keaveny staffer Stacy Morse reports on Facebook that she has started working at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
According to the Senate website, Denise Cantrell has joined the staff of District 22 (Wieland).


December state tax receipts were sluggish again.  The fiscal year-to-date number is only 2.2% ahead of last year…


Lobbyists Registrations

Samuel Klarich added City of Eureka, Millsap and Singer LLC, Missouri Court Reporters Association, Fox Associates, Citizens For Policy Reform LLC, Sequel LLC, Riezman Berger PC, Mechanical Contractors Association Of Kansas City, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Cheyenne International LLC, Missouri Circuit Judges' Association, Southlaw PC, Mechanical Contractors Association-eastern Missouri, Metro West Fire Protection District, Missouri Association Of Naturopathic Physicians, CCA Global Partners, Missouri Association Of Trial Attorneys, Family Covenant Ministries, Missouri Midwives Association, and David J Klarich.

Lynne Schlosser added Beleaf; and deleted City of Bridgeton.

Andrew Linhares added Renew Missouri Advocates.

Michael Winter added Conduent and its affiliates, and Bayer U.S. LLC.

Michael Gibbons added Associated General Contractors of Missouri.

William Gamble, Jeffrey Brooks, Sarah Topp, Kathryn Gamble, and Cynthia Gamble added RAI Services Company.

Christopher Moody added U.S. Cellular, St. Louis Composting, Composting and Organics Association Of Missouri, Missouri County Collectors Association, St. Louis Apartment Association, Exelon Generation Company, and Mednax,

Mark Schwartz added Alkermes Inc., George K Baum, Public School Retirement System, Jackson County Legislature, and Mednax; and deleted General Motors.

Noel Torpey added Missouri Marine Dealers Association, Mednax, St. Louis Blues, Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation, Diamond Game, Kiel Center Partners/Scottrade Center, Barkley Inc, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association, Missouri Coalition Of Community Mental Health Centers, Integrity Home Care, AGP, Missouri County Collectors Association, Altria Client Services LLC, Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association, and Statehouse Strategies LLC; and deleted MIEC, Happy Bottoms, Fair Trade Missouri, Missourians For Compassionate Care, and Jackson County Legislature.

Angela Schulte added Composting And Organics Association Of Missouri, Missouri Trucking Association, Tri County Lodging Association, Missouri Coalition Of Community Mental Health Centers, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association, St. Louis Composting, and U.S. Cellular; and deleted Tri County Lodging, and Missouri Coalition of Community Behavioral Healthcare.

Andrew Blunt added Mednax, George K Baum, St. Louis Apartment Association, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association, Missouri County Collectors Association

Jay Reichard added Mednax.

Mark Schwartz, Chris Moody, Jay Reichard, Angela Schulte and Andy Blunt deleted Valued Pharmacy Services, National Popular Vote, Pediatrix, Evicore, and Yoga Alliance.

John Parris deleted Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP.

Elizabeth Zerr, and John Gaskin III deleted Missouri Secretary of State.

Kyle Allen Olmstead deleted Office of the State Treasurer.

William Gamble, David Jackson, Kathryn Gamble, Sarah Topp, Cynthia Gamble, Jorgen Schlemeier, and Jeffrey Brooks deleted Fair Trade Missouri.

Sue Curran deleted Fiam Holdings Corp.

Yancy Williams deleted North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission, Centerpointe Hospital, and Fair Trade Missouri.

Harvey Tettlebaum deleted Missouri Health Care Association, Kansas City Southern Railway Company, and Missouri Republican Party.

Richard Martin deleted Dewey Square Group LLC.

Mandy Studer deleted Carl Bearden, United for Missouri, MLS Associates, and Mandy Studer.

Floyd Gilzow deleted Missouri Association of Municipal Untilties.

John Godar deleted Anheuser-Busch Companies.


$5K+ Contributions

Emily’s List Missouri - $9,900 from Emily’s List.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Joe Adams, former Rep. Sara Lampe, and Emilee Lakin.