Friday, January 6, 2017

More Greitens Transition Rumors

In a follow-up to yesterday’s bits, one hallway source says that Dustin Backes will likely be the OA’s legislative liaison.  (Of course we’re still waiting on hearing who’s running OA…)

Jeffrey Earl also rumored to be tapped for another liaison position. He played that role for Tom Schweich and got good reviews.

Finally, the well-liked Todd Scott is rumored to become assistant general counsel for Greitens.

These are all building denizens who will help the Greitens outsiders move their agenda.


Senate Committees

As of this morning, the Senate Committees haven’t been listed on the website yet. So I’m thrown them into a spreadsheet if you want to see.  It’s here.

The big news coming of the assignments was that Sen. Dan Brown got Appropriations instead of Sen. Ryan Silvey.  Silvey is still Vice-Chair, and got the Commerce Committee which is the usual venue for utility legislation, so he’s not exactly out in the cold.  But KCStar reports that he was told he was passed over as retribution for his pro-labor votes.  See that story here“Sen. Richard told me directly,” Silvey said, “that it was because of my votes on right to work and paycheck protection.”


More on House Committees

See the updated House Committees here.

Two things to note – some Democratic appointments have been made.  I’ve “ranking minority members” below where they’ve been made.  Also note the appointment of a Special Committee presumably to handle tort reform legislation.  I’ve listed that committee below also.

Consent and House Procedure: Kip Kendrick, Ranking Minority Member.

Crime Prevention and Public Safety: Bruce Franks, Ranking Minority Member.

Economic Development: Doug Beck, Ranking Minority Member.

General Laws: Jon Carpenter, Ranking Minority Member.

Professional Registration and Licensing: Jon Carpenter, Ranking Minority Member.

Special Committee on Litigation Reform

Bill Lant, Chair; Bill White, Vice-Chair; Members: Kevin Corlew, Robert Cornejo, Bruce DeGroot, Mark Ellebracht, Elijah Haahr, Justin Hill, Joe Don McGaugh, Gina Mitten, Don Phillips, Holly Rehder, and Steven Roberts.


Fitzy Launches Modernize MO

The press release:  Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick, R-Shell Knob, today announced his initiative to cultivate new and exciting ideas that will cut out the inefficiencies of state bureaucracy and bring 21st century innovations to Missouri’s government. Modernize Missouri will serve as a forum for Missouri’s citizens to communicate their ideas on how to make state government work better…

See the website here.

Am I becoming an old-timer because I remember the previous incarnation of this?… Charlie Shield’s Reboot Missouri, which I think did yield some ideas for discussion like not printing the Blue Book, and going to a single car license plate.


Jami Out for Mayor

Filing for St. Louis mayor closes today.  Sen. Jamilah Nasheed won’t be filing.  From her email blast… I wanted you to be one of the first to know that, after much deliberation and consultation, I have decided to remove my name from consideration as the next mayor of St. Louis.

Instead, I will continue to serve our city and its next mayor at the state level as a needed voice in the Missouri Senate. More than ever in our state's history we are beset with extreme right wing forces that seek to undermine the will and the rights of the people…


Jay Nixon Park

The press release: Missouri’s newest state park offers an outstanding backpacking experience in the heart of the rugged St. Francois Mountains. Missouri State Parks has announced the opening of Jay Nixon State Park, 1,230 acres  of wooded, rugged terrain that includes opportunities for backpacking with a connection to the Ozark Trail.

Located in Reynolds County, the park’s rugged landscape serves as a backcountry access to the Ozark Trail, which links Taum Sauk Mountain and Johnson’s Shut-Ins state parks. The park features rugged terrain and unblazed trails, making it perfect for those familiar with wilderness travel and seeking a true backcountry experience. The park also includes a rare mountaintop lake, which is home to bluegill and largemouth bass.

The property was purchased in 2015 with funds received from a Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration settlement with the American Smelting and Refining Company LLC (ASARCO). The Missouri Trustee Council, which includes the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, reviewed the proposed purchase at a public meeting on Dec. 18, 2014 at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.

Currently, there are no facilities at the state park, which can only be accessed from the Ozark Trail. In the future, basic services such as campsites, water and restroom facilities may be added…


Senate Staff Changes

According to the Senate website: Marybeth Bruns is joining Sen. Denny Hoskin’s office; Nick Haynes is joining Sen. Ryan Silvey’s office; Stuart Murray is joining Sen. Caleb Rowden’s office; and Anne Herschel formerly with David Pearce will staff District 28 (Parson) office.


Jones to Pastor, Keep Opp Research Firm

Willis Jones – staffer with Peter Kinder – announced on Facebook his next move… “I accepted the offer of becoming pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church outside Tuscumbia, MO. The vote was unanimous Sunday morning, and after prayer, I accepted this call the Lord gave me… This church I have become a pastor of has hired me as a bi-vocational pastor, so I will still be running my opposition research company Capitol City Research and continuing its growth as we work with campaigns and organizations here in Missouri and around the country to many victories in 2017, 2018 and beyond. Business for Capitol City Research in 2016 quadrupled from its level in 2014, and I am thankful the Lord has blessed me in this manner and continues to do so…”


Destefano to Trump

Another Missourian is heading to the Trump White House.  John DeStefano will become the director of presidential personnel. He’s a native of Kansas City and graduate of SLU. His father ran for the state senate against Rob Schaff in 2010, and his sister, Melissa, staffed Scott Rupp in the Senate, and is now married to Centene lobbyist Shawn Furey.


eMailbag on New Capitol Security

The new security measures at the Capitol, and the policy position undergirding their justification, is the most egregious display of paternalistic hypocrisy I have ever seen!   Just so I understand, we enacted Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground because guns make the world safer, and gun-free zones are soft targets for mass shooters…unless you're an elected official who needs to be safe from the gun wielding hordes of irresponsible Missourians. In which case we will screen everyone else, and ban their guns, but still allow ourselves to pack heat if we want.

These guys should be embarrassed! Note to the General Assembly: If you really believe in your own rhetoric, dispense with the metal detectors. Or keep them and allow arms in the Capitol…


Lobbyists Registrations

There are a lot of lobbyist terminations in my scraper this morning.  Terminations from folks who are a regular presence in the hallway like Jim Farrell, Ed DeSoignie, Andy Zellers, William Shoehigh, Cheryl Dozier, Jeff Davis, and I’m thinking these were accidental or some snafu.  So I’m not listing deletions this morning because I think it could cause a lot of confusion until I’ve sorted it out.  Here are the client additions…

Mark Schwartz, Noel Torpey, Angela Schulte, Jay Reichard, and Andy Blunt added Developing Potential Inc.

Noel Torpey, Andy Blunt and Jay Reichard added John Bardgett & Associates.

Noel Torpey added Ameren Missouri.

Jeff Brooks, William Gamble, Sarah Topp, Cynthia Gamble and Kathryn Gamble added National Restaurant Association.

Jerry Burch added Jobs for America’s Graduates Missouri.

Rose Marie Hopkins added The Doctors Company.

David McCraken, Franc Flotron, and Richard McIntosh added Thompson Center For Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders.


$5K+ Contributions

Progress KC PAC - $10,000 from JE Dunn Construction Company.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Bob Onder, Rep. Rob Vescovo (the big 4-0), former Reps. Genise Monecillo and Mike Daus, and Stacy Morse.

Saturday: Janson Thomas, and Gentry Trotter.

Sunday: Sen. Mike Cunningham (the big 7-0).