Friday, May 20, 2016

Humphreys Funds Silvey Opponent?

On a fundraising site, it appears that Republican donor David Humphreys gave $25,000 to Sen. Ryan Silvey’s Democratic opponent, J. Ranen Bechthold. See it here.

No such contribution has been reported to the Missouri Ethics Commission as required.

While Humphreys is likely not a fan of Silvey’s pro-labor positions, one wonders how other Senate Republicans will react this.  Funding a Democrat is different than picking sides in a Republican primary.  For example, Bechtold’s positions on the minimum wage, expanding Medicaid, and social issues are likely in-line with the Dem mainstream.


SJR 39 Debate Continues

Lots of MOScout readers disagreed with the observer yesterday saying the SJR 39 episode was all well and good for the Senate.  Here are some from lobbyists, and business folks…

Reader 1: SJR39 good for Senate? Nonsense.  The Senate took an unnecessary, divisive, issue and made it a priority. A clear case of rhetoric over substance. Meanwhile Missouri ranks 45 out of 50 in GDP growth.

Reader 2: Although you are generally accurate with your analysis you are way in terms of how the statewide business community feels about the legislature in general and SJR 39 in particular. This did significant damage. If they were tracking on education, infrastructure and economic development your premise might be correct but they are not. This hasn't played all the way out yet. Reader 3: Your observer inadvertently points out the dysfunction of the Senate.   I do not doubt that the observer offers an accurate depiction of the Republican Super-majority's mentality. However, the Senate is supposed to represent the people of Missouri not "the base."

Reader 4: Business community relationship is not as good as ever with senate leadership. Whomever said that clearly does not represent them.

Reader 5: Holy cow does that 39 explanation just defy rational logic.


Messer Deletes MFN Registration

In the lobbyists’ registration changes below, Abram Messer deleted Missouri Family Network.  He’s worked the halls with his father, Kerry Messer on Missouri Family Network since 2005.  Kerry Messer still is representing MFN, and Abram Messer is still a registered lobbyist, albeit one without any clients right now.


McGhee Starts Committee

Former Rep. Mike McGhee finally established a campaign committee for his Senate 21 bid.  See it here.  His primary race against Rep. Denny Hoskins.  The primary race is about ten weeks away.

Hoskins had $122,065 on-hand as of his last quarterly filing. McGhee’s late organizing is another sign that Hoskins is the favorite.


Carter Responds

The St. Louis American has former Rep. Chris Carter’s response to news stories about the allegations of domestic abuse and subsequent calls for his resignation from his aldermatic seat.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Carter said [Latosha Carter]  recanted her claims while he was locked up on May 10. He said he has never struck his wife or any other woman, and his wife will not press charges or testify against him… News of Carter’s arrest spurred a call on May 12 for his resignation by Pamela Boyd, a committeewoman in the 27th Ward and Carter’s former opponent for alderman. Her call was immediately seconded by U.S. Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay… Carter said he and his wife have been separated for three months, but he has lived in the city the entire time. He accused Clay of manufacturing the residency claim in an attempt to hurt him politically when he was in the news for the arrest.  “Lacy wants to hurt me because I am the only one who will stand up to him,” Carter said. “I have no problem putting him in his place.”



Consumers Council of Missouri announced that St. Louis alderwoman Cara Spencer is its new executive director, succeeding former Sen. Joan Bray.


NYTimes poll on the state of the presidential race.  High unfavorable etc.  See it here.


Losing our edge?  See it here.  Pull Quote: It is by now well documented that start-up activity has been slowing down in the United States for about three decades, dropping sharply over the past 10 years….  The Kauffman Foundation reports that the percentage of adults owning a business has been declining since the 1990s, when the foundation first began to track that number… Young people today dress like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, consume technology voraciously and talk about disruptive innovation. But they want to work at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and Google. They are earnest, intelligent, accomplished — and risk-averse.


Lobbyists Registrations

Scott Marrs added City of Purdy.

Joe Lotus added UCB Inc.

Kelvin Simmons, Brian Grace and Rodney Boyd added Centene Corporation.

Brian Bernskoetter deleted American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Inc., Colin Bailey, McDonalds Corporation, South Central Cement Promotion Association, and American Progressive Bag Alliance.

Abram Chess Messer deleted Missouri Family Network.


$5K+ Contributions

Lewis & Clark Ozarks Mountain Forum - $15,000 from William Darr.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Kansas City Southern Rail State PAC.



Happy birthday to former Rep. Jim Guest.

Saturday: Jessica Pabst, and Mo McCullough.

Sunday: Rep. Travis Fitzwater.