Friday, November 4, 2016

Rallo Hits KC Chamber on Amendment 3 Claims

The following is a statement from Raise Your Hand for Kids co-founder Linda Rallo:

“In a recent message to members, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City erroneously asserted that Amendment 3 includes a ban on stem cell research, a ban on smoking research, and a ban on additional limitations on tobacco.  This is 100% false.  None of these so-called bans are in the Amendment, and the Chamber should know better than to make such a baseless, intellectually dishonest statement.

The Chamber’s ostensible purpose for the email was to better inform their members, but instead they outright lied to them, providing talking points that have come straight out of misleading documents issued by groups aligned with and funded by the manufacturers of cheap cigarettes…. There is a difference between not allowing Amendment 3 money to be spent on other, unrelated items and outright banning these items. Unfortunately, this is a distinction that the opposition has refused to make because it is politically beneficial for them to allege ‘bans’ that simply don’t exist.  This is simply inexcusable, and I hope that the Chamber will retract their inaccurate remarks.”


Amendment 3 Advocate Jane Dueker tweets that Washington University’s opposition to the proposal is motivated by whether they could receive funds from it.  See her tweet here.


Here’s Wash U’s statement: Washington University strongly supports physicians and scientists as they pursue research into therapies and cures for life-threatening diseases. Therefore, the university opposes Amendment 3 because it contains language that conflicts with state constitutional protections for stem cell research and threatens progress to fight disease.


eMailbag on Amendment 3 Hyperbole: I have zero involvement with either side of Amendment 3, but your commentary on some of the blatant misrepresentations is spot on.  I know the usual hyperbole and rhetoric of a campaign is to be expected, but it is coming from well established institutions that normally lament such tactics.  The debate around this bill is so far from what the plain language states…


Humane Society’s Legislative Fund Spends 6 Figures Against Koster

Humane Society Legislative Fund spent $36K on mail production to help Russ Carnahan, and $37K to help Teresa HensleySee it here.

But another report shows spending $132K against Chris KosterSee it here.

The Human Society Legislative Fund is an affiliate PAC of the Humane Society of the U.S. and is in no way affiliated with the Humane Society of Missouri or any other animal welfare organization in the state.


Greitens Mission Continues Questions

KMBC’s Mike Mahoney wonders if Eric Greitens’ salary at Mission Continues should have been lower since he earned an estimated $500K - $1M off his book sales.  See it here.


Jason Hancock reports on a Missouri Ethics Commission investigation into whether the Mission Continues donor list should have been listed as an in-kind contribution to the Greitens campaign.  See it here.


Dalton to Lead ATGS

We are proud to announce the launch of AT Government Strategies LLC, a subsidiary of Armstrong Teasdale LLP.  Our public affairs, lobbying and consulting group provides full-service government relations and strategic counsel to advance the business objectives of companies, industry associations and other professional entities…..  Jon Dalton will lead the new group and serve as president and CEO. Sherry Doctorian will serve as vice president, and Matt Kitzi will serve as director of regulatory affairs. Shanon Hawk will serve as the director of legislative affairs...


Engemann Leaving MOSoy

Dan Engemann is leaving Missouri Soybean Association to pursue other opportunities.  He’s their Director of Policy.


Hawley Complaint Dismissed

The Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against Josh Hawley that he engaged in a series of transactions to conceal the identity of contributors.  Hawley signed an affidavit denying involvement in the transactions.  See it here.


Corrections Looking for Cremation Burial Service Provider

The Missouri Department of Corrections operates twenty-two correctional facilities at various locations throughout the State of Missouri and incarcerates over thirty-two thousand offenders.  As the offender population ages, the expense associated with offender deaths increases.  If the offender’s family does not claim the remains and make arrangements for the offender, the offender becomes the responsibility of the state.  In fiscal year 2015, there were one hundred and four (104) offender deaths statewide.  Of the one hundred and four (104) offender deaths, the remains of fifty-five (55) of the offenders were not claimed by the family.  Therefore, the disposition of the offender became the responsibility of the state.

Currently, no contract exists for cremation and burial services through the Division of Purchasing.  Each correctional facility of the Missouri Department of Corrections has been obtaining services directly by contacting local funeral homes. 



Judy Baker’s email blast yesterday included a “Throwback Thursday” photo of her from high school.  Says one recipient: One way to cut through the last week of campaign blitz clutter is to include a HS photo of yourself… I guess. It got me to open the email, not sure it motivates much more than that…


Former Speaker Rod Jetton gives his take on the ballot questions.  See it here.


And Bob Priddy talks about “corrupt career politicians.”  See it here.


New Committees and Amended Committees

Natalie Vowell started a committee to run for St. Louis City School Board.  See it here.

Justin Toenges started a committee to run for Mayor of St. Louis City as a Democrat.  See it here.

Jeff Helscher started a committee to run for Commissioner Eastern Cole County.  See it here.

Joy Elliot, running as an Independent in House 86 (against Rep. Joe Adams) filed an exemption committee.

Rick Stream changed his committee to “debt service.”  See it here.

Alexus Walter is now treasurer of Stand Up Northland.  See it here.

Quintin Lucas is now the treasurer of his committee.  See it here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Joseph Thomas added J&J Ventures of Missouri LLC, HUB Inc, and Redbird Carriers Inc; and deleted UGas Inc, and D.C. Inc.

Charles Gatschenberger deleted VVG Investments LLC, and Ozark Investments LLC.

Jennifer Battson Warren and Tom Draper deleted Missouri Department of Conservation.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $150,000 from Xcaliber International.

RSLC Missouri PAC - $150,000 from Republican State Leadership Committee.

Parson for Missouri - $150,000 from RLC Missouri PAC.

Koster for Missouri - $74,846 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Greitens for Missouri - $50,000 from Carson America Inc.

Campaign for Children, Youth and Families - $27,000 from Public Progress.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $25,000 from Democratic Attorneys General Association Missouri. - $24,670 from Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee.

Missouri Energy Development Association Political Action Committee - $19,700 from Missourians for Affordable Renewable Energy.

Koster for Missouri - $19,220 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Scott Sifton for Missouri - $18,893 from Missouri State Democratic Committee.

Citizens for a Safer Jackson County - $15,000 from Saint Luke’s Health System.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $15,000 from Sarah Unsicker for State Representative.

Teresa Hensley for Missouri - $12,500 from Planned Parenthood Votes St Louis.

Committee to Elect Mary Hill - $12,403 from Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee.

Campaign for Children, Youth and Families - $11,388 from powerful performance llc.

Campaign for Children, Youth and Families - $11,322 from powerful performance llc.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Gerard Cook Jr.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Brian Hogan.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from David Hogan.

Missouri Corn Growers Association State Political Action Committee - $10,000 from Missouri Corn Growers Association.

Vote for MYMCPL - $10,000 from The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.

Schmitt for Missouri - $10,000 from Sterling Bank.

Greitens for Missouri - $7,000 from Carl Hogan.

Rucker for Missouri - $6,426 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Koster for Missouri - $5,765 from Working America Coalition-AFL-CIO.

Citizens to Elect gray - $5,500 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Jeff Roe.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Keith English , Amy Gunn, Tony Messenger, Mike Allen and Patrick Hamacher.