November 9 - Second Update

First Look: Greitens Team

Today the Greitens team will be over at Office of Administration to begin the very first steps of a transition.  Today’s business is likely getting keys, parking passes, having some office space set-up for the transition team to get to work.


Previously – during the campaign – the Nixon administration had invited both the Koster campaign and the Greitens campaign for a sit-down to go through the budget and the budget forecast.  One hallmark of Nixon’s tenure has been a hawk-like attention to state revenues and a perhaps a little trigger-happy on the withholds.  Fiscal conservatism is popular among the state’s voters and Nixon can point to the state’s credit rating as proof he has been vigilant.


One source says that the Greitens team sent former state treasurer Sarah Steelman as their representative.  The move could signal a role for Steelman in the incoming administration, or could be a symptom of a relatively shallow bench, in terms of governing experience, within the Greitens campaign.  Or both.


In addition to Steelman, other politicos advising Greitens have been Steelman’s husband, former Rep. David Steelman, Springfield financial advisor Jeff Layman, and former Sen. John Lamping.


Others who worked the campaign and might be finding spots on staff in the Greitens administration: Austin Chambers, Bryan Reed, Will Scharf, Nicole Goetz, Meredith Gibbons (daughter of former Senate Pro Tem Mike  Gibbons), Parker Briden, Dallas Ernst, Ellie Ferrell, Dylan Johnson, and Chad Alder.


Union Hail Mary?

Labor organizations are facing a difficult prospect with Republican legislative majorities that have passed anti-labor bills in the past, and an incoming Republican governor who only mentioned a few policy positions, but one of them was right to work.  Governor Greitens will be looking for some early victories and Senate Pro Tem Ron Richard will be more than happy to give him this one.

With PQs in the House and Senate a seeming certainty, labor doesn’t have many options.  One half-crazy idea: IP it.

It would cost millions of dollars, but take the issue to the voters to unwrite in 2018 the laws one assumes the legislature will write in their 2017 session…



St. Louis Alderman Antonio French – candidate for mayor – started his latest email blast with: President Trump. Dear God. Help us all.


Dentons’ lobbyist Brian Grace and Kate Casas blog their overview of Missouri’s election results here“That sound you hear is the Republican tidal wave crashing over nearly every Democrat candidate standing in its way.”


eMailbag: Telling Drebes Why Things Aren’t So Dire For Dems

Wait until the midterm, my friend. Wait until the midterm….