Thursday, March 2, 2017

Richardson Creates Two Dem-Chaired Subcommittees

Speaker Todd Richardson created three new subcommittees.  Two of them are headed by Democrats.

Rep. Randy Dunn will chair the Subcommittee on Urban Community Economic Development.  It will report to the Committee on Economic Development.  Reps. Randy Pietzman, Dean Plocher, Derek Grier, Rocky Miller, and Rory Rowland will also serve on the committee.

Rep. Bruce Franks will chair the Subcommittee on Police/Community Relations, which will report to the Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety.   Other members of that committee are Reps. Jay Barnes, Shamed Dogan, Tom Hannegan, and Jeanie Lauer.

And Allen Andrews will chair the Subcommittee on Student Debt Relief, which will report to the Committee on Higher Education.   Rounding out that committee are Reps. Elaine Gannon, Curtis Trent, Dean Dohrman, Kip Kendrick, and Gretchen Bangert.


House Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling

Yesterday – on the last day of filing regular bills – a number of bills were filed which appear to take aim at the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing the minimum wage in St. Louis.

Rep. Dan Shaul refiled his plastic bag bill, and separately a bill prohibiting political subdivisions from raising their minimum wage above the state’s.  See that bill here.

MOScout tipster says that the House will fast-track the minimum wage bill, assigning it immediately to committee.


In the continuing quest to pry a little information out of Governor Eric Greitens about who’s footing his bills – be they campaign, inaugural or travel – Rep. Greg Razer filed HB1171 requiring statewide officeholders to make disclosures for their out-of-state travel.


More on Supreme Court’s Hammer

Super-Attorney Chuck Hatfield sent a note to clients yesterday outlining the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision…

From: Hatfield, Charles

Subject: Stop, Hammer(schmidt) time! Break it down.


In a 6-0 decision yesterday, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down a Missouri statute prohibiting local entities from enacting their own minimum wage.

Two take-aways for the discerning lobbyist:

Hammerschmidt analysis is alive and well. The Court said the statute was unconstitutionally included in an unrelated bill; the Court said the inclusion violated BOTH the original purpose requirement (look at the title and original substance) and the single  subject requirement. This decision makes clear that the extreme deference to the legislature of the 90's and 00's has come to an end.

Hammerschmidt never really dies. Although there is a five year statute of limitations on challenging procedural defects, the Court pointed out that the limitation only has to do with BRINGING an action. Hammerschmidt can be raised as a DEFENSE to an action at any time.


If you want your statutory change to survive, make sure it is not added to a bill whose original purpose would not support your revision (go back to the "as introduced" version and figure out the original purpose by looking at the title and the substance) nor is it added to a bill in a way that would violate the single subject requirement (look at the bill as amended, does the title as amended and the substance fairly relate to all one subject).


The Other Supreme Court Ruling

There was another hand-down on Tuesday from the Missouri Supreme Court that one MOScouter says was “far and away the most important decision the Supreme Court handed down.”  That was Norfolk Southern Railway Company Vs Colleen Dolan. It puts an end to the out-of-state plaintiff with out-of-state injury cases.  In other words, it eliminated the stated reason behind some of the tort reform bills in the legislature this session.


Supreme Court Panel

From the Supreme Court press release: Patricia Breckenridge, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and chair of the Appellate Judicial Commission, announces that the commission today submitted to Governor Eric Greitens its panel of nominees to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of Missouri. This vacancy exists due to the November 2016 death of Judge Richard B. Teitelman.

The commission unanimously supports the three nominees. After approximately 10 hours of public interviews, more than 3.5 hours of deliberations and seven rounds of balloting, the nominees – each of whom received seven votes – are: Lisa White Hardwick, Benjamin A. Lipman and W. Brent Powell

The Talk

Both Hardwick and Powell look like Republicans – they both worked for Kit Bond.  But Powell is married to Obama-appointed us attorney Beth Phillips so that might hurt.

Lipman, on the other hand, is clearly a Democrat.  His political giving has included contributions to Jean Carnahan, Claire McCaskill, Joe Lieberman, Clint Zweifel, Margaret Donnelly and Francis Slay.  But one resident of Rumorville says “[Greitens] wants Lipman, some sort of family relationship…” So who knows?


Rural Missouri puts up huge GOP numbers and gets shut out of judge nominees…


February Revenues Benefit From Lower Refunds

State tax revenues were 25% higher in February 2017 than they were in February 2016.  But that strong bottom-line number was driven by a decrease in the amount of refunds during the month.  Sales and use tax revenue actually declined 3.77% year-over-year for the month while individual income tax receipts were up 6.99%.  It was the “refund expenditure” category – declining about 26% - which drove the net revenue figure higher.

Perhaps the Budget Office will give guidance concerning why refunds were so much lower, and whether its positive impact will be reversed next month.

Year-to-date state revenues are now up 4.93% over 2016.


Dentons Bringing Bush

Dentons is bringing Jeb Bush to Jeff City today. His education reform non-profit, Excellence in Education, is one of their clients. Kate Casas, a leading education reform lobbyist in Missouri, put this day together.


Coalition Reacts to SB43

Press release: Representatives of NAACP, Empower Missouri, labor unions, and Missouri Faith Voices joined today to denounce first round approval of Senate Bill 43 by the Missouri Senate at around 3 a.m. after a period of extended debate on multiple days. "Senate Bill 43 flies in the face of our faith and traditional American values of equality and justice for all," said Nimrod Chapel, Jr., president of NAACP in Missouri. "Hard-working Missourians deserve to know that the state of Missouri has their back when they have been discriminated against."

Chapel called for Missouri senators to reconsider the issue and to vote down Senate Bill 43 when the roll call vote is taken. "Do you want history to record that you voted for a giant step backwards in civil rights, after the decades of struggle that were needed to secure protections in housing, employment and public accommodation? Please say no to SB 43."


Patterson in House 30

Jon Patterson announced for House 30, currently held by term-limited Floor Leader Mike Cierpiot.  Patterson is a Republican.

“Patterson is a 1998 graduate of Blue Springs High School.  After earning his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Missouri - Columbia, he returned to Lee’s Summit and completed surgical residency at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City, MO.

Patterson is currently a general and trauma surgeon with United Surgical Associates of Kansas City, a private surgical practice serving Independence, Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit. Patterson currently resides in the Lakewood subdivision of Lee’s Summit.  He is married to Dr. Jennifer Patterson.  They have two children, Leah (6), and Andrew (2).”

His website is here


Schmitt Bit

Press release: Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt announced the activation of a disaster relief program for Perry County farmers and small businesses affected by severe weather on February 28.

The Harmed-area Emergency Loan Priority system, or HELP, authorizes 24-hour approval of low-interest loans for farming operations and other businesses damaged by the storm. HELP is administered through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program


Victory Enterprises Adds Staff

Press release: Victory Enterprises (VE), a national political, technology and communications firm, is announcing a series of hires and promotions within the organization…

The changes include:

Emilee Lakin has joined VE as the Director of Business Development.

Charlie Puyear has been promoted to *Director of Client Strategy for Victory Enterprises' digital division.

Barry Bennett has joined VE as a Digital Campaign Manager.

Rob Krosley has joined VE as a Digital Campaign Manager.


Follow-Up on Capitol Security

Someone close to the matter says that Sen. Jeanie Riddle was misquoted in the Jefferson City News Tribune, and that “Nixon has the security in the works for a while.”


Lobbyists Registrations

Sam Wiles and Richard Wiles added Ameresco.

Sam Wiles added Gori Julian & Associates PC.

Jonathan Dalton added Missouri United School Insurance Council.

Jewell Patek added Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association, Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care, and Cedarhurst of Blue Springs Real Estate LLC; and deleted Columbia/Wegman O’Fallon LLC.

Brent Hemphill and Sarah Juergensmeyer added GED Testing Service LLC.

Thomas Voss and Michael Middleton deleted University of Missouri Board of Curators.

Brian Griffith deleted MFA Incorporated.

John Ballinger deleted Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce, and Moberly Chamber of Commerce.

Greg John deleted Missourians for Right to Work Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Progress KC PAC - $100,000 from Heavy Constructors Association Industry Advancement Fund.



Happy birthday to Rob Monsees, Titus Bond, Buddy Hardin, and Greg Harrison.