Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Greitens: Metal Detectors Not Me!

Governor Eric Greitens issued a statement on Facebook distancing himself from the new metal detectors in the capitol… “When I was a Navy SEAL…. In the past few weeks, there have been some confusing reports about the rights of gun owners in our state capitol. Before we took office, the previous administration funded and launched new security measures in the capitol. If you visit today, you'll see metal detectors and security at each entrance. Some in the media reported—falsely—that our administration had been pushing these changes... We disagreed with that policy. After reviewing the law, and talking with security professionals, lawmakers, and people who visit the capitol to see their government in action, we modified it. Under my administration, valid Concealed Carry Weapon permit holders are able to exercise their lawful rights here...”


“This is just his political team overthinking things and believing the NRA would be upset about security.  Making sure no one can get farther to the right of him and his machine gun…”

Reason to Permit

Note Missouri is now constitutional carry.  So while there’s no reason you need to concealed carry permit for everyday life like going to the record store, you will want to get that permit if you’re planning a visit to the capitol.  It’s your ticket to carry inside the building.


Looks like Greitens’ “good friend” Veep Mike Pence had similar restrictions to Indiana’s capitol.


On media’s false reporting… The News Tribune’s source was an on-the-record quote from the chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Capitol Security, Sen. Jeannie Riddle“Our new governor asked for these machines. They're in place, but I don't know yet when we will begin using them.”

While Springfield News Leader’s Will Schmitt blames the governor’s office unwillingness to respond to press questions for the “confusion.”  See his tweet here.


Senate Perfects SB43

Sen. Gary Romine’s SB43 which modifies the existing discrimination law was perfected early this morning after hours of debate.  Sen. Jill Schupp had offered language to include sexual orientation.  Similar language had passed a few years ago, but this time the amendment was rejected soundly with only 10 votes in favor.  Sens. Caleb Rowden and Ryan Silvey were the only Republicans supporting it.

With no end to a filibuster in sight, Romine negotiated with Sen. Scott Sifton and Democrats to reach a compromise, and he introduced a Senate Substitute which was perfected.  You can find the new language by clicking through here.


Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Missouri ruled in favor of St. Louis City’s minimum wage law. See the Post-Dispatch story here.

Pull Quote: St. Louis will be able to raise its minimum wage to $11 by 2018, after the Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the city acted within its charter authority when it approved the hike… The court found that the St. Louis increase didn’t conflict with the wage set by state law… Lawmakers also sought to prevent local increases in 2015, when they tacked on a minimum wage provision to a bill prohibiting municipal bans on plastic bags… A clause in the bill, HB 722, said it would not pre-empt local ordinances passed by Aug. 28, 2015 — the day the St. Louis minimum wage ordinance took effect. The court found that St. Louis passed its increase before HB 722 became law, and therefore could not be pre-empted.


I think the other story – certainly for the legislature – is that Hammerschmidt was once again in play here. They need to be very careful on keeping bills to one subject lest they give opponents a way to invalidate their work. See the court’s ruling here.


Mayoral candidate Lewis Reed immediately hailed the ruling and drew a distinction between himself and his opponents: President Reed played a key leadership role in the fight to increase the minimum wage.  After numerous meetings and hours of session, Reed called everyone back from recess for two additional special Board of Aldermen sessions to help pass the bill prior to the state deadline - despite Alderman Antonio French voting against the minimum wage increase and Alderman Lyda Krewson skipping the vote completely - the bill passed.


The Blunt Look

Tweet from Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: Roy Blunt looks more like a politician than any politician that has ever politicianed…  See it here.

Is this the pic?


Bush Around Tomorrow

Public Radio’s Marshall Griffintweets that .@JebBush to meet w/ #moleg members & @MissouriChamber at Mo. Capitol Thursday to talk school choice & education policy.

One MOScouter says that Jack Oliver is expected to accompany Bush.


MEDC for SB190

There hasn’t been a lot of noise about the big utility plan to overhaul the regulatory framework and invest in the grid, SB190.  But here’s something to show that they are still working it… “The Missouri Economic Development Council (MEDC) announced their formal support of SB 190. With their endorsement they join over 150 Missouri businesses and organizations including the MO Chamber, KC Chamber, GE, Emerson, Doe Run Company, Centene, Alberici, Burns and McDonnell and more. MEDC represents over 350 economic development professionals and community leaders from rural, suburban and metropolitan areas throughout the State of Missouri. Reliable and affordable energy is one of the top five site considerations for consultants and business owners alike. MEDC understands that without SB 190 and a shift to a grid modernization plan, Missouri will continue to fall behind competing states in attracting and retaining business…”



Today is Ash Wednesday.  Catholics note St. Peter’s mid-day Mass times: 12:03PM, and 1:30PM.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Missouri Healthcare Assn. Lobby Day


Lobbyists Registrations

Richard Moore added Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

Anne Gassel added Missouri Eagle Forum.

Ryan Irsik added Wal-mart Stores Inc.

Joel Poole added University of Missouri.

David Shorr added City of Trenton Missouri; and deleted City of Liberty Missouri, and Central Missouri Development Council.

Steven Tilley and Shawn Rigger deleted Online Lenders Alliance, and One3led.

Steven Tilley deleted Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP.

Deborah Mary Howland deleted Cornerstones of Care – KC Child Abuse Roundtable Coalition.

Steven Glorioso deleted Republic Services, and American Traffic Solutions.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $10,000 from St. Louis Cardinals LLC.



Happy birthday to Harry Gallagher.