Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Complaint Filed Against Patriots for America

PoliticoPro has an article about ethics complaints filed against Patriots for America.  This is the anti-Grietens group that has not filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Pull Quote: A super PAC created to attack Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens has been hit with two campaign finance complaints for failing to report its activities. The super PAC, Patriots for America, was formed last year by Adam McLain, a former staffer for John Brunner, one of Greitens' rivals in the Republican primary. A website created by the PAC so enraged Greitens that he phoned Brunner and called him a "weasel" on a taped call that was later leaked to the press. The complaints, filed by a Greitens supporter, allege that the Patriots for America broke federal and state election law by filing false reports to the Federal Election Commission and by not reporting its activities to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Super PACs routinely take steps to obfuscate their activities, but few have gone as far as Patriots for America in concealing both the sources of its funds and how it has spent the money. The complaints make it more likely that Patriots for America will be one of the few super PACs to face significant legal trouble this cycle….

See the FEC complaint here.

See the MEC complaint here.


Johns Appeal

Democrat Rachel Johns is appealing her disqualification in House 76.  She’s trying to unseat incumbent Rep. Josh Peters.

The Missouri Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in her appeal on Thursday at 9AM.

See John’s brief here.  See Peters’ brief here.  And the ACLU filed an amicus brief on behalf of Johns.  See it here.


Senate Grades

Thanks to my readers for giving me their insights into this most important task… grades!

Ron Richard / Mike Kehoe – C+ – Unlike previous Pro Tem / Floor Leader teams there’s not much light between the two and it’s hard to separate out who gets the credit/blame between these two.  Ultimately this leadership team has to take the hit for letting SJR 39 become the defining issue the session when it wasn’t a priority for Republicans.  After the ill-advised mid-session PQ, they rebounded well in the second half.  But is the gun bill really the session’s big accomplishment?  For two business-friendly guys there’s not much to point to: stalled electric reform bill, the stalled transportation funding tax, the missed paycheck protection override, and the expert witness bill which probably won’t survive a gubernatorial veto.


Joe Keaveny / Dave Pearce – A – They leave the building as well-liked and well-respected senators who consistenyl took the high road and were able to disagree with colleagues and never succumbing to personal attacks or questioning of others’ movitations.


Will Kraus – B – On the one hand, he did get a “Voter ID” bill passed.  On the other, the bill was so watered down, it might actually make voter fraud easier now than it was before.


Brian Munzlinger – A- – Passed the biggest Senate bill of the year on the last day of session which helped buoy Republicans spirits after the paycheck override failure.


Jamilah Nasheed – B+ – With the Voter ID bill not as noxious as it could be, and her expungement bill likely to be signed into law, Nasheed balanced her offense and defense efforts well this session.


Bob Onder – B – The fallout from SJR39 dinged him with the business community a bit as some worried it signaled a Missouri Republican Party unable to escape Akinism.  Still Onder was consistently one of his caucus’ most reliable floor voices, and his path to a higher leadership post appears intact.


Dave Schatz – C+ – Schatz is becoming a formidable force on the floor, but the fact that he’ll probably be best remembered this session for doing his part to kill a lobbyist gift ban shows he doesn’t exactly have his pulse on the sentiments of ordinary Missourians.


Eric Schmitt – B+ – Shepherded SB5 II and the AB cooler bill through the numerous landmines in the process while staying far enough to the right to get his primary opponent to drop out.


Scott Sifton – B – Voice of reason within his caucus and the Senate.  Businesses and organizations that might normally support his Republican opponent will likely sit the race out or back Sifton, making a tough re-election a little bit easier.


Gina Walsh – A – Holding the floor for hours on the paycheck override won her praises from labor, but her decision not to force the Republicans into a PQ situation brought her respect from her own caucus that worried about the fall-out from that possibility.  She was vindicated in the call by the failure of the Republicans to muster to necessary votes for an override.  As one lobbyist writes, “If she's the new minority leader the Dems will be in excellent hands.  Well respected and liked by colleagues on both sides.  Received a well-deserved standing ovation outside her office for how she handled paycheck…”


Paul Wieland – C – Wins points with his caucus for his vote on paycheck but flipping in the building is usually not a good long-term move, and he could now have a tough re-election in his labor-heavy district.


Gaming Group Ask for Nixon Veto

Post-Dispatch reports that smaller fantasy sports owners are unhappy with the legislation passed this session and are asking Governor Jay Nixon to veto it.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Under the plan, fantasy sports websites would pay an annual registration fee of $10,000 or 10 percent of entry fees, as well as an annual administration fee of 11.5 percent of revenue. It limits daily fantasy sports to those at least 18 years old and would give the state Gaming Commission oversight.  But Alex Kaganovsky, co-founder of the Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports Trade Association, said the proposed law would decimate dozens of smaller fantasy sports businesses.


eMailbag: on MOScout Poll

From Arnie "AC" Dienoff:  I heard the mention the Results of a "Poll." Well, you failed and forgot to mention me.   My name is Arnie "AC" Dienoff, I am Running to be Missouri's 47th Lieutenant Governor/President of the State Senate. I am First on the Ballot and have more smarts, education and am prepared to be Lieutenant Governor by standing-up for ALL Missourians and doing what is right, responsible and ethical by instilling honesty, accountability and fight for what is right. I will clean-up Jefferson City, the State Capitol Building and State Government as a whole! Please do not disenfranchise Voters and Citizens of Missouri by not including me nor mentioning my name. I am the right man for the Position of Lieutenant Governor! This is NOT a game and this is a real race that we are speaking about. Please be fair to all Candidates regardless of money and funding from "Uncle Rex!"


Today’s Events

Powered by Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Senate 5 candidate Dylan Hassinger – Meet and Greet – Tick Tock Tavern, St. Louis – 5PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Elizabeth Casey and Emma Davidson Tribbs added Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund.

Ashley Gibson added The College Board.

Lewis Mills added Bryan Cave LLP, Missouri Industrial Energy Consumers (MIEC), and Summit Utilities Inc.

Larry Rohrbach deleted Fireeye Inc.

Jeff Stack deleted Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Caleb Rowden - $10,000 from Richard Miller.

Missouri Democratic State Committee - $25,000 from UAW Region Midwest States C.A.P. Council.

Hannegan for State Representative - $25,000 from Tom Hannegan.



Happy birthday to former Rep. Doug Funderburk (the big 6-0).