Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Schmitt Introductory Ad

Sen. Eric Schmitt introduces himself to general election voters by talking about his son Stephen and the impact he’s had on Schmitt’s life.  It’s a 60-second spot.  See it here.

“My son, Stephen, was my inspiration to make a difference, to be an advocate.  He was born with a rare genetic condition, tuberous sclerosis, which causes epilepsy and he is on the autism spectrum.  Stephen has seizures nearly every day and to this day he is almost completely nonverbal.  I get my passion and resolve to better the lives of all Missourians, especially the most vulnerable, from him…”


See a Schmitt ad contract here.  I haven’t seen any contracts for his Democratic rival, Judy Baker, yet.


New Koster Ad: 100 Years

“For the first time in a hundred years the National Rifle Association and the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsed a Missouri Democrat, Chris Koster, for Governor… His values are our values…”  See it here.

It’s the latest Koster ad, but returns to the familiar themes he’s been hitting since August.


Anti-3 Ad

It’s a pretty clever anti-Amendment 3 TV ad.  SPOLIER ALERT: It features Camel Joe.  The message is that it’s just another big tobacco scheme.  See it here. “We know how easily politicians turn promises into lies. Vote No…”

One big question: is there enough gun-powder behind the ad to penetrate what is shaping up to be a very crowded cycle?


Greitens Denies Violating Law

AP reports that it looks like Eric Greitens used The Mission Continues fundraising list for his gubernatorial campaign.  He denies it.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Missouri gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens has capitalized on the connections he made as the founder of a charity for military veterans to help finance his Republican campaign, but denies he used a charity donor list for political purposes in potential violation of federal laws. Financial records analyzed by The Associated Press show Greitens has received nearly $2 million from donors who previously gave significant amounts to The Mission Continues — an overlap that was especially beneficial during the crucial startup of his campaign.

A separate Excel spreadsheet obtained by The Associated Press suggests that correlation is no coincidence. The spreadsheet, labeled "All donors $1K total and up — as of 5-7-14," shows the names, email addresses and phone numbers of people who gave at least $1,000 to The Mission Continues. Its properties show it was created by a Mission Continues employee May 6, 2014, shortly before Greitens stepped down as CEO, and was last saved March 24, 2015, by Michael Hafner, who had been working for Greitens' gubernatorial exploratory committee…  The Internal Revenue Service has ruled charities cannot give donor lists to politicians but can rent them at fair market value if made available to all candidates…


McGaugh on the Beauty of the Secret Ballot in Leadership Races

The Secret Ballot (Confidential--FOR CAUCUS ONLY)

From:         "Joe Don McGaugh" <mcgaughlaw@gmail.com>


*We all know about political retribution after taking tough votes*. Not so long go in the Missouri House a former Speaker removed members from their committees for the way they voted on his priorities. We have also seen outside interests brand fellow members as the "Flimsy 15" for their stand on an issue several years ago. *We should condemn this type of leadership

not condone it.*

Our caucus leadership races have always been decided by secret ballot—and understandably so. I understand that it has been frustrating for many of you to encounter unwanted outside influences in the race for Speaker Pro Tem. Registered lobbyists, paid political consultants, the media, and even some higher ranking members in our caucus pressuring you to vote a certain way.

*But the beauty of a secret ballot is that the decision is yours and yours alone--there can be no political retribution--just your choice for who you believe will take the caucus forward for the betterment of the State of Missouri and your constituents.*

During the time that I have talked to you about my effort to be your next Speaker Pro Tem I have pressured no one and have not sought outside influences from Jefferson City to push you towards my support. It has been me and the concrete ideas to move us forward: increased communications, engagement and retention of our members….


Early October Filings

The October Quarter filing deadline isn’t until next Monday, the 17th.  But some folks have filed early.

In House 150, Rep. Andrew McDaniel raised $43,215 and now has $41,543 on-hand.  His Democratic challenger, Lena Samford, raised $4,490 and has $13,241 on-hand.

In Senate 17 J. Ranen Bechthold, the Democratic challenger to Sen. Ryan Silvey, showed a little over $1K cash on-hand.  His biggest expense of the quarter – about $4K – was for legal, perhaps related to the drawn out lawsuit over his residency.

In Senate 27 incumbent Republican Sen. Wayne Wallingford raised $40,250 and has $84,515 on-hand.  His Democratic challenger has an “exemption” committee, meaning he won’t rasie or spend more than $500.

Dems Not Running for Anything With Cash in the Bank

Mike Sanders - $466K on-hand.

Clint Zweifel - $113K on-hand.

Genise Montecillo - $32K on-hand.

Those Big Committees

Carpenters Help in Political Process (CHIPP), the powerhouse Carpenters’ PAC, showed $591K raised, and only $55K in expenditures.   But they made political contributions of over $1.6 million and finished with $434K.

David Humphreys’ Committee For Accountable Government In Missouri is sitting on $2 million as we head into the final month before the General Election.


Vote for MYMCPL is a campaign to increase a tax to support Mid-Continent Public Library.

The campaign is being run by Patrick Shami’s TJP Strategies.  On its October quarter showed $61K raised; $13K spent and $49K on-hand.


RCP: Suburban Women Hold Key

A MOScout reader gives the run-down of a RealClear Politics pre-debate panel.  They interviewed Congressman Lacy Clay, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler. Then had Roy Temple and John Hancock. And then some press people.

Big topic was Donald Trump. Hancock described recent event as hitting as iceberg but that a small leak doesn’t always sink the ship. Temple said he didn’t really see how underwater the ship was because he was sitting on the stage and was four feet higher that everyone else.

Hartzler said what Trump said was bad but quickly pivoted and summed it up with “Well you have to vote for someone”

Basically everyone agreed that the election was in the hands of white suburban women



Goguen Lawsuit Continues

On Casenet (1611-CC00673) it looks like the defamation suit that Eric Greitens’ donor, Michael Goguen, brought against John Brunner continues to move forward.  On October 5 Brunner’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss, and October 6 it looks like they asked to depose Greitens.



Governing Magazine reports on the on-going fight over RTW (now whether to add it to the constitution) in two states.  See it here.


PROMO responds to Sen. Ed Emery’s views on homosexuality.  See it here.


Folks wondering what the “smart grid” is all about, and whether it worth the infrastructure upgrades can see a video that Florida Power and Light produced to explain it in under 3 minutes here.


eMailbag: McDaniels’ Facebook Post

Nice to see Andrew McDaniel auditioning to be the next Nieves… He's certainly got the misspellings, exclamation points, and mangled syntax ‎down, though he needs to WORK ON THE CAPS!


Changes in Lobbyist Registrations

Dwight Scharnhorst added Rodlin Enterprises Inc., and A&A Towing Services LLC.

Dale Schulte deleted Lake of The Ozarks Community Bridge Transportation Development District, and White Goss, a Professional Corporation.

Rick Bryant deleted ACT Inc.

Terry Wilson deleted Stellar Strategies LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

People for Lester Turilli Jr. - $20,000 from Lester Turilli.

Baker for Missouri - $7,000 from William Danforth.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Jeanne Kirkton, Kenny Rothman, Jamala Rogers, and Jay Hardenbrook.



To John and Monica Combest who are infanticipating, January 2017.