Wednesday, November 16, 2016


MO Budget Blues

I wrote earlier this week that Governor-elect Eric Greitens faced budget hole of hundreds of millions of dollars.  KC Star’s Jason Hancock puts some meat on the bones of that story.  See it here.

Pull Quote: [Rep. Scott] Fitzpatrick puts the budget shortfall that Greitens could inherit at $200 million. Traci Gleason, director of communications at the liberal think tank Missouri Budget Project, says it’s more likely closer to $300 million.

Greitens, a Republican who has never held elected office, offered few specifics on his budget plans during the campaign. He didn’t respond to requests for comment by The Star.

The causes for the budget troubles are many.

Corporate income tax collections were down more than $90 million last year, and are down $35 million so far this year. The decline is partially attributable to lawmakers voting in 2011 to phase out the corporate franchise tax.

Adding to the dramatic drop in corporate income tax collections was a spike in tax refunds in June, just before the 2016 fiscal year ended.

The $27 billion budget for fiscal year 2016 was based on state tax collections growing by roughly 3 percent. But tax refunds and the decline in corporate taxes resulted in only 0.9 percent growth.

That meant the 2017 fiscal year that began July 1 started out in a hole, Fitzpatrick said. In order to keep the budget balanced, revenue needed to grow by twice what lawmakers originally expected when they passed the budget earlier this year….


On Twitter, House Budget Chair Scott Fitzpatrick adds, “Important to point out that the problem is less about revenue than it is about the growth in entitlement programs… the budget was about $24 billion my first year. Is now $27 billion. Majority of growth is social services.”


Prepping for Limits?

I think it’s unclear when the campaign contribution limits will actually take effect.  It could be as soon as the secretary of state certifies the election results.  But there is the expectation of litigation, and a judge might delay its implementation while the court deals with legal objections.

But it’s possible we’ll see some stuffing of candidate committees – those thinking of higher office – before the limits are set.  This might be particularly true of St. Louis mayoral candidates…


Local Control on Guns

Post-Dispatch reports that mayoral candidate, Alderwoman Lyda Krewson, “filed a bill that would ban so-called assault weapons inside the city limits… [and] also introduced a companion bill requiring that all guns left in unattended vehicles be stored in secure lock boxes permanently attached to the vehicle.  She called the two bills a response to the Missouri Legislature's September vote allowing anyone 18 and over to carry a concealed gun without a permit, background check or any training….”   See it here.


Dillon for Senate 16

Ryan Dillon formed a committee to run as Democrat in Senate 16.  The current senator, Sen. Dan Brown is termed in 2018, and his son has started a committee to run for his seat.

Dillon has worked for Congressmen Ike Skelton and Russ Carnahan and at the state department under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Shawan for House 153

Jeff Shawan started a committee to run for House 153 as a Republican. The current Rep. Steve Cookson is termed in 2018.  Shawan gave himself $60K.  Amendment 2 doesn’t restrict a candidate from giving themselves unlimited amounts of money, so his early funding is less likely an attempt to work around the new limits as a declaration of intention.

Southeast powerbroker Eddy Justice is also expected to run for the seat.


Renovate-Rockwood Battle Coming?

We’re still a couple weeks away from pre-filing, so it might be a little early to forecast the big battle of the upcoming session, but…. If lobbyists registrations are any indication, there may be a major battle brewing between Renovate America and Rockwood Management.

Though I’m sure we will all learn a lot about the various nuances and angles of the issue, it appears the fight will be over something as old as humans: turf.

Renovate America is the statewide partner of the Missouri Clean Energy District to provide their brand of PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), called HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity).  Meanwhile Rockwood is partnering with smaller political divisions within the state set up their own Clean Energy Development Boards to administer their brand of PACE.

Renovates’ lobbyists: David Sweeney, Lou Hamilton, Sarah Vatterott, Chris Kelly, Michael Yaki, Julie Padilla, Brian Handshy,          Cynthia Gamble, Kathryn Gamble, Tom Dempsey, John Maslowski, Jorgen Schlemeier, William A Gamble, Sarah Topp, David Jackson, Jeffery N Brooks, Ari Matusiak, Deanna L. Hemphill, and Dave Berry.

Rockwood’s lobbyists: John E Bardgett Jr, Jacqueline M Bardgett, Sam Wiles, Andrew B Blunt, Angela Schulte, Jay Reichard, Mark Schwartz, Chris Moody, Jeff Rainford, Scott A Zajac, Ed Rhode, Megan Shackelford, Michael R Gibbons, John R Parris, Tricia Workman, Erika Leonard, Chris Roepe, Bradley J Ketcher, Claude Brown, Jarrod Forbes, Mandi Chancellor, Zachary Brunnert, Richard A McIntosh, Francis E. Flotron, Bill Stouffer and David McCracken.


Supreme Court Hears

The Missouri Supreme Court will hear challenges to SB5, municipal reform bill from a few years ago.  See it here.

Pull Quote: If the ruling stands, St. Louis County municipalities would not be required to meet several minimum standards, such as having accredited police departments within six years.

An appeal filed the Missouri attorney general says that the law was not a special law because any county that could grow larger than 950,000 people — such as Jackson County, which has about 680,000 — would then be subject to the law.

And St. Louis County could opt out of the law by changing its form of government, the appeal says.


Another MO Zika Case

The press release: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services confirmed a case of Zika virus found in man who traveled to Jamaica. This case brings the total number of travel-related cases found in Missouri to 33….



In Michael Goguen’s defamation lawsuit against John Brunner, Judge Daniel Pelikan has recused himself.


Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder poses with an 8-point deer he felled.  See it here.


Boeing announced it was relocating 500 jobs to St. Louis.  See it here.



Byron DeLear who ran in House 70 to replace Rep. Bill Otto, announced on Facebook that he and former Rep. Vicki Englund were wed…. It’s been about a week since the election – but life goes on, and it goes on in amazing ways. This election cycle produced a lot of disappointment for so many, but it also produced a most unexpected thing - something life-altering and profound. Vicki Lorenz Englund and I fell in love; and in a small private ceremony at my dad’s home in Springfield, we decided to make our commitment to each other before our family, heaven and earth. It was so precious to have my dad and mom Walter and Daisy, my best man Tom Appelbaum, my sister Gillian De Lear and her girlfriend Sandra, Vicki’s mom Nancy and Vicki’s children Ellie and Peter, and the rest of the Springfield clan there to witness to our vows to one another. We expedited the timing on our nuptial plans to allow my father who is in hospice to be with us at our wedding. Vicki and I are very happy and looking forward to our lives together and greeting you all soon!


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Sue Allen Veterans Event – Sunset Country Club – South STL County – 5:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

C McKinley Franklin added Bi-State Development Agency.

Kevin Ahlbrand deleted Missouri State Fraternal Order of Police.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $250,000 from Missouri Association of REALTORS.

Friends of Jeff Shawan - $60,000 from Jeff Shawan.



Happy birthdays to Rep-elect Cheri Toalson Reisch, former Rep. Jeff Grisamore, and Penny Rector.