Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nixon Appointments DOA?

Yesterday Governor Jay Nixon made board appointments to the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, the Educational Commission of the States, and the Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents.

When the Senate reconvenes to approve these appointments, Nixon will no longer be governor. So we’ll see whether the Senate even takes them up.

One veteran explains that the tradition is “mild good faith with stronger good faith for the less significant ones.”  In other words the less powerful commissions might get a courtesy pass, but some of the more powerful ones might be rejected to let the new governor have his say on the appointments.

And, whether the Senate gives deference to the out-going governor or the new governor may depend on how Eric Greitens is perceived in the next couple of months.  If the legislative leaders find him arrogant or aloof, they might have some motivation to assert some “institutional” muscle, and this would provide an opportunity.


Follow-Up on Greitens Administration Talk

Richard Fordyce is out!” Says a tipster.  “When they were interviewing for the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsement, Chris Koster wasn’t even planning to pledge to keep Fordyce until Eric Greitens got on stage and started talking about a new Director…  If nothing else, Greitens should [ditch] Fordyce just because the MFB likes him…”  That’d be payback for giving their endorsement to Koster.

Meanwhile another reader wonders if “Greitens could look at Wes Shoemyer or Joe Maxwell as head of Ag wince they both endorsed him and have the background for it….”


Lieutenant Governor-elect Mike Parson met with representatives from Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Dairy Association, Missouri Dairy Industry Alliance, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Missouri Pork Association, and Missouri Soybean Association.

Is it possible that Governor-elect Greitens is not all that interested in ag issues and will cede some of the policy oversight in this arena to the LG?


And other Greitens Rumors

Even though Rex Sinquefield sat out the general election, he may not be as frozen out as one would imagine… Rumor has Show-Me Institute’s Brenda Talent among those being quietly asked by the Greitens administration to give input into policy proposals.


One rumor on the move…. Former House Budget chair Rick Stream for budget director under Greitens… We’ll see….


Meanwhile over at SOS

Folks assume that Jay Ashcroft will be taking some of his campaign people into the secretary of state’s office.  That’d include Clinton Maxey and Steele Shippy.  But Ashcroft also had deeper Republican contacts than some of the other new statewides due to his dad’s long presence in Missouri politics, so you might see a veteran or two among the young set.


The Other Missouri Connection to Trump White House

One MOScout reader mentions another possible Missouri connection to the Trump White House… Brian Marriott.  Marriott “served as main liaison between Missouri field staff, elected officials, and campaign volunteers for Donald J. Trump for President Inc. Directed logistical planning for the national campaign and outreach for community leaders, local officials and media in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina during the GOP Primary season.”

Previously he’d worked for Sam Graves and Peter Kinder.


MO Dem Establishment Worry: Bernie Folks

One byproduct of the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign was leftie progressives meeting each other and organizing.  Some more establishment Missouri Democrats worry that these newly energized activists will seek to win control of the state committee.

The problem is that “Bernie people can’t raise money and don’t know anything,” and Senator Claire McCaskill is likely to have a tough re-election coming in 2018.  She’ll not want neophytes running the state committee.


Rare Rift Among Educational Groups

One of the hallmarks of the education lobby in Jefferson City has been their ability to all stick together.  When reformers threatened on part of their coalition they all circled the wagons.  And they have been largely successful in the halls of the capitol.  But the RYH4K’s proposal (Amendment 3) brought a rare rift among the groups.  And here’s the stinging rebuke aimed at one defecting organization… “One of the biggest losers of credibility in the public education community is the Missouri School Boards Association. MSBA has long advocated for early childhood education. But by throwing in with the final version of Amendment 3, MSBA sold out its even longer-standing hard line against diverting public funds for private and religious…”  We’ll see if feelings are mended by January when the educational groups may once again find themselves fighting off new proposals.


STL Mayor Races Shapes Up

Yesterday Sen. Jamilah Nasheed started a campaign committee to run for St. Louis City mayor, and immediately seeded it with $300K from her current campaign committee.

Right now – with Nasheed in and Police chief Sam Dotson out – the field looks like this: Collector of Revenues Gregg Daly, Alderman Antonio French, Alderwoman Lyda Krewson, City Treasurer Tishaura Jones, Nasheed, and President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed.

In the racial calculations that often times predict St. Louis City vote outcomes, there are now four African American candidates and two white candidates.

And recently Eric Vickers – aide to Nasheed – inqured of Virvus Jones – pop to Tishaura – over Twitter about the possibility of efforts to farther tilt the landscape…

@EricEVickers: @VirvusJ Heard anything bout city's white power structure about to cajole Daly out of mayor's race as it coerced Dotson to unite white vote?


In thinking about that race, one consideration is the current unpopularity of Rex Sinquefield.  It shows up in Democratic circles again and again.  Most recently Alderwoman Megan-Ellyia Green’s upcoming fundraiser included this: “Megan is up for re-election in March of 2017… Megan has stood up for us, now we need to stand with her. Megan is being challenged by a Rex Sinquefield supported candidate. We must keep St. Louis moving forward….”


Most Will Abide By Limits

Yesterday I mentioned Travis Brown quoted in the Post-Dispatch saying that big money would go dark and find ways around the new constitutional restrictions.  But one representative of a large Missouri company explained to me that while there might be a few mega donors deliberately skirting the law, it will change the behavior of a lot of current donors – including many businesses.  “Does anyone believe MO corporations in mass will be setting up shell PACs/etc to circumvent the law's intentions?...”


Auditor Action

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has released a report of the government of Mississippi County, located in Southeast Missouri. The report identifies a number of concerns, including a lack of oversight and review in the county collector's office, which increases the likelihood for

errors going undetected. See it here.

Mississippi County is represented by Sen. Doug Libla and Rep. Don Rone.

And Galloway released an audit of the government of Ripley County, located in Southeast Missouri. The audit identifies areas for improvements in the county collector's office, and

raises concerns about the county's use of public equipment to make improvements to

personal property.  See it here.  Ripley County is represented by Sen. Mike Cunningham and Rep. Steve Cookson.



Mayor Francis Slay over Twitter declares: “No Trump Hotel. Development team has confirmed that the shuttered Jefferson Arms will NOT be a Trump Hotel. #fgs”


Sean Soendker Nicholson filed eight initiative petitions that included various ethics reforms in See them here.

Last week the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus elected its leadership.  Rep. Alan Green is the new chair; Rep. Shamed Dogan is vice chair; Rep.-elect Steven Roberts Jr. is treasurer; and Rep.-elect Bruce Franks Jr. is secretary.  See it here.


According to the Senate website, John Shelby has joined the staff of District 8 (Sen. Will Kraus), and John Grana has joined research.


eMailbag on Sinquefield and Amendment 4

Rex's favored PAC for his shenanigans is Let Voters Decide. Voters Decided.


Help Wanted

ASPCA seeks State Legislative Director.  “The State Legislative Director for the Central Region will be responsible for developing and advocating for the implementation of priority policy issues in Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas, with a focus on Missouri. The central regional director will accomplish this by working with the Vice President of State Affairs to determine opportunities to advance priority issues at both the state and local level as well as working with the state legislative team to identify and implement strategies to achieve goals. In addition to working with fellow Government Relations colleagues, the position requires collaboration with internal resources as well as external partners to proactively achieve established policy goals as well as assist in facilitating policy solutions to resolve issues the ASPCA encounters while delivering direct care in the central region. A strong ability to build and maintain relationships with legislators, their staff and other stakeholders important to the passage of identified policy initiatives is also required….”


New Committees

Give Missourians a Raise – Treasurer: Lew Prince.

Jobs with Justice Ballot Fund – Treasurer: Audrey Hollis.

Regional Progress PAC – Treasurer: Patrick Lynn.

1st Ward Democratic Organization – Treasurer: James Brown.

10th Ward Democratic Club (St. Louis) – Treasurer: Carolyn Stelzer.

Dee Brown for 11th Ward Alderwoman – Treasurer: Shirley Morrison.


Lobbyists Registrations

Scott Penman, David Winton, and Kaycee Nail added Missouri Occupational Therapy Association.

Michael Michelson added GW Pharmaeuticals PLC.

Jacqui Moore deleted Mid-America Regional Council.

Ken Hussey deleted Missouri Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics.


$5K+ Contributions

Jamilah Nasheed for Mayor - $300,000 from Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed.

Regional Progress PAC - $10,000 from Show Me Victories.



Happy birthday to Rea Kleeman.